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  1. Curious. Did you not like the s&b or did you somewhat make your own?
  2. For sure. I mean a lot of guys run the amazon one and works just as well as a elite supposedly. I may actually order one today. I did however see a few guys say that it voided the warranty by doing that. If I wasn't moving from my dealership I wouldn't be worried about it. I guess I could just take it off before it goes in.
  3. I feel that the catch can is a whole can of worms itself. A lot of guys run one and seen that catch quite a bit while others have caught very lil or none at all. I have a buddy with a 2020 Silverado 6.2 ltz and said he hasn't caught anything with it. I'm sure my 2017 would be a different story. I haven't ordered a intake for mine 6.2 yet and I was going to do a dry filter since I live in Oklahoma and it's more of a drier/dusty area. As for a catch can, I haven't added one but I'm debating on getting a amazon one with upgraded fuel lines.
  4. Have you contacted Range and let them know? That's something I would get ahold with them and see what the issue is.
  5. Chrome gets them home. Still need to do a really big deep clean on them, but got rain chances all week so gonna have to wait.
  6. I've got a front and back golden bowties, but the back one is a lil warped from me putting the heat gun on it a lil too long. Front one is perfect.
  7. Back when I had 22s and 33" Toyo at2s on a 3.5 rc knuckle kit. Some days I miss this set up, but I think how high I sit, it needs 35s to fill in the fenders. These are probably the best looking OEM 22s you can put on a k2xx. Imo. I thought about putting the centennial 22s on, but I've never seen a set on a high country and not sure how it would look.
  8. I bought one awhile back used. Worked wonders on my 6.2 17. No more shutters coming and leaving complete stops from v4 to v8 and I don't have the heli chop when it switches with my Corsa sport. I actually had to send it in to have it updated and I've been a week with out it. The truck just isn't as fun to drive without a range or a full dod delete. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. I'm in no way trying to take away that you were the one who made it engraved, but is there anyway you could add the Chevy logo on it or even the high country logo engraved into it? I'm interested either way. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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