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  1. Finally drove it after a month of it sitting in the garage. Forgot how much fun a 6.2 is
  2. I'll go ahead and ask here, but I think it's probably the oring. I have an 06 6.0 vmax with 257k with a new jasper motor put in around 180k. In the mornings I'll start it, it'll climb to 40 psi then slowly drop to 1-10 psi. Sometimes it'll set off the "oil pressure low" before I even move, but no knock. I'll jump in and start driving with the psi going up around 25-35 and anytime I come to a stop, the psi drops the "oil pressure low" will start going off. When I've been driving for maybe 5 mins or warms up a lil the oil will be sitting at 40-43 psi going 70 mph down the interstate and won't lose psi after it warms up. At idle it'll stay around 30-35 psi. I've changed the sending unit behind the intake with a brand new one from the Chevy house and I've changed the oil. No oil has been burnt and still full on the dip stick along with no engine codes. Ive narrowed it down to the oring on the pick up tube being bad or maybe a crack on the tube itself. Anyone have this issue happen to them or somewhat similar?
  3. Did you buy it used? Is it updated to the latest firmware?
  4. Is this the Bose compatible one or non bose one?
  5. Little brother meet big brother. Vmax will take over work truck responsibilities and the HC is gonna get a long over due bath.
  6. So I found a 06 vmax, 250k miles, damn near immaculate gray lt3 package with a sunroof. 4wd, 4:10 gears and a new motor dropped in 70k ago. I drove it last night and drove awesome. No slipping, all the power and everything works. Now comes the catch. It was a WI truck before it got brought down south. The bed above the wheels are rusting out and they spray painted it, the cab corner on the passenger side is gone from the bed/cab til half way the hatch door. Surface rust on the frame but still solid. I'm just needing a truck to get to and from work. Keep the miles off my high country and not tear it up. Yes I could get a 5.3 with cloth but everyone wants 6500-8000 with the same mileage and more dents. Guy is wanting 5k for it so take the plung or pass? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Anyone have an issue with the steering wheel popping when you turn? Doesn't do it while driving, but when parking or low speeds I'll hear it pop or click as I'm turning either way. I bought it with it clicking when I had the stock 22s on. I dunno if the 3.5 lift had something to do with it, but have been noticing it more and more. I uploaded a video of it.
  8. Posted up with moms HC 6.2. Do like HC badges they have.
  9. Absolutely. I use the wheel/tire cleaning kit from Shine Supply. 10000% would recommend it. Never have it sling and doesn't do an extreme shine. A perfect mix of just black with a lil shine. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Finally changed the oil and upgraded the charging pad to a 2018+
  11. Great shipper, fast replies, got the tracking info as he dropped it off and a good guy to do business with. Thanks for the charger and may have to get that cluster now lol. Would do business again. Thanks again! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. it's all factory. I've thought about swapping all the chrome except the window trim to CM, but it's what makes the high country the high country. I don't like to think it's lifted since it's a 3.5" kit
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