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  1. I spent a lot of time reading. UPR single port catch is well made can but when mounted there is idle hesitation and no hesitation when removed. Double-checked all quick connects and drain valves, I cannot hear any hissing. Replugged at least twice. It is brand new so quick connects seem working correctly. I see that can exit hose has a check valve inline but from my knowledge there is no need for a check valve on the naturally-aspirated engines, they typically do not harm but my simple test (I get it is non-scientific) I blew through the UPR hose with check valve and same length fuel line of a same ID and I feel some resistance in the UPR hose and none at all in the regular Gates Barricade piece. Happy Friday.
  2. Had a conversation with a GM dealer about it as my Previous 2018 Yukon had rough idle. I wanted to ask if they recommend anything against intake valve build up. Story on this is basic, they will void power train warranty immediately via GM If they see a can, then good luck taking to litigation on Magnuson Moss basis at your own dime, people misunderstand the law, this law is basically dead now, but even if it had power you as an owner are responsible for proving that your catch can did not cause engine power train issue. To prove on your own dime again you need to hire independent accredited expert to prove it vs. GM putting an army of engineers. GM engines are calculated to last up to 60K miles without catastrophic warranty issues, those minor issues with rough idle, etc. they dismiss as “within spec” until you are out of warranty and then serve you a bill that you need major repair urgently. How to check - call your catch can manufacturer, SEMA, FTC and ask them to take your case to court for you on their dime initially on hope of winning the case. Nobody will support the owner when warranty is cancelled by GM. As GM customer service once told me when I was trying to get idle issue fixed, try the court and our lawyers will drown you in the paperwork, they have proven power of their lawyers in the Arbitration process via BBB. So morale is - Magnuson Moss is dead for catch can case.
  3. OK, now I get it, so this is stock filter with Airaid MIT but there used to be with K&N drop-in. Now I understand.
  4. From BB study and per the conversation with them, Airaid MIT (now Jr) there is no discernible difference with stock unless I am misreading the data Data from BlackBearPerformance.com site.
  5. Thanks. Do you have a link to the results? I have been looking for data everywhere, I heard that it was good but Blackbear Performance told me that that Airaid Jr had zero impact on performance during their dyno tests of CAIs.
  6. My subjective (purely by feel) experience with this GM Performance drop-in after 20 miles is the following: 1) Absolutely no tangible improvement in throttle, does not feel any different than stock. 2) Idle with this drop-in got "rougher", with stock air filter it was butter smooth, perhaps needs time to re-learn the new air flow. 3) Sound has not changed at all Stock filter that came on my truck is Air Filter ACDelco A3218C and it is a very good filter. My previous Yukon came with A1618C What is important to note that GM Performance filter part #84520923 and OEM stock #2334985 are manufactured in Canada, lettering print and construction speak to to the fact that both filters are made at the same factory. While part #25332443 is made in USA but quality of the 2334985 seems better. My initial conclusion: it is not worth the $125. If you really need improvements, I suspect full GM OEM Performance CAI is needed but nobody yet put GM's Performance CAI on dyno.
  7. Another misinformation is cleared thanks to @newdude We are concluding that neither stock CAI nor this GM Performance drop-in Performance Air Filter require the re-tuning. Now, do they do anything ?
  8. He called it VCI, not sure what it stands for but he says that even if I install the kit myself, reprogramming of the ECU is included and it is free because the box has that VCI code. He said it is one of the reasons why buying from a dealer is better as sometimes online sellers do not include VCI. However, I reached out to GMPartsDirect.com and they did say that VCI code is included.
  9. This is very good to know. Great install step-by-step by the way. Very interested your findings after you drive with the GM CAI. The dealer has shown me a special printout coupon inside the box of the part # 84794978 that states a special labor code to pay for re-programming. He said that it is needed for all Tahoes including 2020. Dealers are really not the good source of knowledge these days, most of the time they are out there to get you. He did not share the manual with me, would be kind to post the install manual?
  10. I spoke to a dealer about the third question "Do you need to tune the truck for this filter?" Answer is definite "No". Up to 10% change is something that ECM is capable of learning and adjusting without tuning. When you install GM OEM Performance full CAI then "Yes" GM installs a special tune as airflow increase is up to 15%.
  11. Part # from GM site 84520923. Could not find answers to the questions about this Performance part from GM. So I am paying back to this forum with an unboxing of the filter to answer some of the questions. Is it a disposable filter? How often do you change it? Do you need to tune the truck to take advantage of this filter? Still to be answered in use: Are there any improvement (subjectively by feel and by mileage)? Will it improve anything including idle smoothness? Slightest change to the sound of the intake? 10X more expensive than stock filter is being put to test. I get that nobody in the right frame of mind would spend 10x on the drop-in filter but I did use my GM points. Let's see... Paper manual that came with GM Performance Air Filter
  12. I cannot find any review on the GM drop in filter 84520923 other than it is outrageously expensive. Ok to assume that GM is just pricing because they can, and there are no tangible benefits to this drop in filter? My understanding it is disposable under regular intervals, not washable or extended run? Has anyone tried to measure this filter. I am very curious in OEM accy's as my prior experience with GMC dealers was abysmal to say the least and that if you do not want to take CAI and filters off the truck every time for service, you choice is to pay GM prices while truck is in warranty. 10% increase at 99.5% efficiency is easily beat by almost any other aftermarket intakes and filters. I have searched but cannot locate good analysis on this filter. Thanks for pointers!
  13. Definitely, SLT is a regular bulb but must be an upgraded version in 2019 because 2016-18 users of non-premium trims complaint about the poor light output. HIDs are dimmer at start but no comparison once warmed up, especially in 4300K temperatures. I had Philips HIDs on my previous truck and difference is just startling.
  14. Denali is HID from what I read and SLE is regular bulb.
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