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  1. Genuine OE GM GMC Mud Flaps Splash Guards for GMC Yukon. I bought them for Yukon that was traded in for Tahoe. I assumed they would fit Tahoe but they do not. So assume they are for GMC Yukon only. Year 2015-2020. Please note that I had peeled red cover tape from one guards to see if the guard fits and tape was reapplied. For that I am significantly discounting these. They retail for $50 plus shipping. Selling for $20 plus actual shipping. My loss is your gain. Help protect your vehicle from mud, gravel and road splash with GMC Accessories Splash Guards.
  2. I am with @Grumpy Bear and @Bob2C - ATF change is a good way to keep the transmission running cooler. Since even labs cannot tell Amsoil from GM-approved Dexron VI fluids then Amsoil is a good fluid to flush with and then do partial changes every 30K miles. I did change ATF in my 2018 Yukon with AC Delco Full Synthetic at 12K miles and it did not seem to help with somewhat roughER downshifts. I am sure that AC Delco fluid is perfectly useable but as @Bob2C mentioned with Amsoil his transmission shifts noticeably smoother.
  3. Is it correct that oil analysis shops cannot determine if fluid is Dexron VI or not based on specific additive presence? If this is true than this is game-changing for entire aftermarket fluids. My dealer said they can easily determine Dexron VI vs III and Dexos or not. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  4. Yes, warranties - I would not bring it up, it is impossible to get warranty enacted by an average owner once Amsoil fluid is in the truck as it is prohibitively expensive (lawyers and tech experts on your dime) to argue with GM when transmission fails, GM will do oil sample, determine it is not Dexron VI, the warranty is void, and they can't care less about M-M law and Amsoil ATF is not actually under M-M law since it is not specified fluid, M-M law is long dead anyway, ask the Lemon Attorneys, they will confirm. I lived through that on 2018 Yukon and learned first-hand that M-M is dead and manufacturer's warranty is really there for catastrophic failure on a fully stock vehicle. Getting Amsoil warranty to pay for a new transmission - they will push the burden on you to prove that fluid caused the failure and the same cost challenge, you would need an attorney and tech expert to certify that fluid indeed caused the failure. Basically neither OEM warranty nor Amsoil warranty should be considered once you put Amsoil in.
  5. Interesting topic. I would go back to that transmission shop and probe more about specific concerns. I know of 2 people that use Amsoil ATF in Dexron VI-specified transmission and no issue, but none of them are over 50K miles on it. Older transmissions are very forgiving, but 2016+ GM ones are quite prima donnas. I always felt generalized one-for-all approach to ATF is interesting but then again I do not know what makes Dexron VI specification. There could be special additives for electronics protection. Someone on BITOG made a point that Dexron VI is different from Mercon V and ATF+4 and they are not interchangeable. There is truth to the fact that they are marketing certs but I am sure they are not exactly the same additive packages.
  6. dvzzz


    SOLD Factory sealed. I bought it for my 2020 Tahoe but I do not have time to install it, so I have decided to sell it. It is $1059 on GM Accessories site and $1150 at my dealer. Please confirm with GM but I understand it fits most Fits Yukon Yukon XL Suburban Tahoe Year: 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 Again please confirm that this part # fits your truck. Genuine OEM accessory part # 19355507 that integrates with factory radio without any vehicle modifications. Factory sealed. I bought it for my 2020 Tahoe but I do not have time to install it, so I have decided to sell it. It is $1059 on GM Accessories site and $1150 at my dealer. I am selling for $490 shipped in cont. USA. My loss is your gain. Makes great holiday gift. Please confirm with GM but I understand it fits most 2016-2020 Tahoes, Suburbans. Again please confirm that this part # fits your truck. Amp adds big-bass 200-watt powered subwoofer in a small space, along with 200-watt high-efficiency, low power-draw amplifiers and a unique signature sound from the multichannel 32-bit DSP amp Combined kit “kicks out” 400 watts of power Seamlessly integrates with factory radio Cosmetically integrated for original factory look Kit includes a 200-watt powered KICKER multichannel 32-bit DSP amplifier paired with a 200-watt powered KICKER subwoofer, wiring harness, all installation hardware and installation instructions Not compatible with Premium Audio Systems or underseat storage
  7. This is a very good suggestion @Russ Swift Thank you. Harbor freight has one.
  8. Great find, not the noise that I have but I have checked and all screws are tight there. Mine is more of a squeak, creak less of rattle. Real puzzle it comes only when truck was driven for 30+ minutes with AC on and sun hitting the dash and windshield. Once it starts it continues for the duration of the drive no matter how long. I know it could be myriad of things, and unfortunately the dealer does not know how to find the source of it.
  9. Folks, I have been dealing with endless loud rattle problems in this 1.5months old 2020 Tahoe coming from the driver side dashboard. Particular condition is that this rattle comes after 30-40 mins of driving in normal summer weather of North Carolina when temperatures are 95-98 degrees. It is a puzzle, as I cannot understand what causes the rattle to start after 30 mins of driving but never at the very start of the drive. HVAC ductwork expansion/contraction? Dashboard is heated by the sun, ductwork is cooled by AC? How do I troubleshoot? Dealer is no help as they have no idea what is wrong, replaced door panels but noise is there and very loud. You can hear it in this video https://www.dropbox.com/sh/mmyl8x9o2igkmyy/AACTlAqIH75blb9hsbcqlOE4a?dl=0 I had 2018 Yukon and it was the quietest vehicle I ever had, but 2020 is rattle box that even dealer cannot fix...
  10. @Grumpy Bear that is why I come to this forums. Thank you. When I spoke to Amsoil they were pushing LSPI is a problem with GM's 5.3, I guess they were selling me. They said that even their OE oil is zero LSPI while Dexos allow for up to 4 events.
  11. I am trying to buy 100% synthetic vs. full synthetic. This topic has been beaten to death on 100s of threads, but all I concluded that 100% synthetic is quite good for LSPI. I do not think Amsoil's other XL and OE oils are much worse than their Signature as they are 100% Synthetic even OE. Just change the oil on OEM 5000 miles intervals with Amsoil OE and AC Delco filter or Pennzoil Ultra Platinum and your 5.3 GDI will like it. Amsoil OE is not that much more than PUP with a Preferred discount.
  12. I spent a lot of time reading. UPR single port catch is well made can but when mounted there is idle hesitation and no hesitation when removed. Double-checked all quick connects and drain valves, I cannot hear any hissing. Replugged at least twice. It is brand new so quick connects seem working correctly. I see that can exit hose has a check valve inline but from my knowledge there is no need for a check valve on the naturally-aspirated engines, they typically do not harm but my simple test (I get it is non-scientific) I blew through the UPR hose with check valve and same length fuel line of a same ID and I feel some resistance in the UPR hose and none at all in the regular Gates Barricade piece. Happy Friday.
  13. Had a conversation with a GM dealer about it as my Previous 2018 Yukon had rough idle. I wanted to ask if they recommend anything against intake valve build up. Story on this is basic, they will void power train warranty immediately via GM If they see a can, then good luck taking to litigation on Magnuson Moss basis at your own dime, people misunderstand the law, this law is basically dead now, but even if it had power you as an owner are responsible for proving that your catch can did not cause engine power train issue. To prove on your own dime again you need to hire independent accredited expert to prove it vs. GM putting an army of engineers. GM engines are calculated to last up to 60K miles without catastrophic warranty issues, those minor issues with rough idle, etc. they dismiss as “within spec” until you are out of warranty and then serve you a bill that you need major repair urgently. How to check - call your catch can manufacturer, SEMA, FTC and ask them to take your case to court for you on their dime initially on hope of winning the case. Nobody will support the owner when warranty is cancelled by GM. As GM customer service once told me when I was trying to get idle issue fixed, try the court and our lawyers will drown you in the paperwork, they have proven power of their lawyers in the Arbitration process via BBB. So morale is - Magnuson Moss is dead for catch can case.
  14. OK, now I get it, so this is stock filter with Airaid MIT but there used to be with K&N drop-in. Now I understand.
  15. From BB study and per the conversation with them, Airaid MIT (now Jr) there is no discernible difference with stock unless I am misreading the data Data from BlackBearPerformance.com site.
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