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  1. Resurrecting the thread a bit. My question is if the first oil that is installed by the factory is not regular off-the-shelf oil. I know first filter on my two 5.3d were different from store or dealer sold filters. I am thinking if the factory fill contains anything that helps with the break-in. Has anyone done any oil analysis on the 3.0 factory fills to see if they use regular oil or not? If break-in oil is in, I would guess it is beneficial to let it run longer.
  2. These are 1 month old all-weather liners from the 2020 Tahoe in black color. Genuine GM OEM products offer precise fit and high quality finish. We have traded the car for 22 and did not get to use the liners. They cover first and second row. I was told they fit 2015-2020 Tahoes and Yukons and even Escalades First row- GM part # 84185470 Second row - GM part # 23237406 My price is $90 + actual shipping. I have paid $260 for them. My loss is your gain. Tahoe, Suburban, Yukon
  3. yes, still for sale. PayPal but only F&F. You can see my feedback on eBay, my id is dvzzz. I am not there to scam anyone.
  4. @Grumpy Bear thank you. I found one interesting fact today while trying to troubleshoot. I just went for a long drive and logged again. While logs shows few KR events, up to 4 degrees. There was no audible pinging, same tank of fuel, same load, same route. What was different - the outside temperature, it is finally cold in NC, outside temp was ~42. I could not hear a single pinging event, before it was very audible almost all the time. What sensors might be to blame here? I thought maybe active shutters on Tahoe do not open fully but temp gauge does not show overheating ever. Is MAF also a temp sensor?
  5. Good time of day- the graph below shows both spark timing advance and total knock retards. Are these timing advances normal?
  6. Good points and: 1) catch can from day 1 and it does catch but not water or milky stuff but oil with some fuel in it 2) plugs look OK 3) it consumes with Mobil 1 EP but not more than 1/3 of a quart over 4500 miles and zero consumption with Rotella Gas Truck 4) CRC Intake Valve cleaner was run through the intake 4) did not check the compression
  7. SOLD The kit includes our billet aluminum check valves. If you are generating more then 12# of boost, you should opt for our high performance check valve. You will only need one to go on the intake manifold side of the system. The other side will still utilize the standard check valve. The Standard hose is Gates Push-Lok. This is a high quality hoses cut to fit Tahoes, Yukons, etc. You can replace hoses for $10 to get different lengths. https://rxcatchcans.com/ols/products/tracy-lewis-signature-series/v/TLP202
  8. Indeed, I can hear it, I pay attention to my truck, in fact too much attention, I baby this machine, perhaps better to gun it down and drive like a maniac that will keep the plugs clean, IVD burnt off and oil pressure up. It is very irrational that I like GM products, my Yukon was a Lemon, this one it generally OK, some rattles and pinging. These full size trucks do drive nicely on highways and they are SO quiet that I can hear pinging very clearly.
  9. Understood. The most annoying part that it happens at the exact crusing RPM and if I tip in to maintain speed it happens almost all the time, to avoid it I have to press harder to downshift breaking the cruising.
  10. No codes ever, not even short-term. What concerns me that it pings even on 89 sometimes.
  11. Hope someone can help me troubleshoot it. 2020 Tahoe LS with 5.3, 6-speed, 31K miles. I have tried Exxon, Mobil, BP, Shell 87 gas. On 87 and often on 89 truck pings on highway trips, I am cruising 65-70 MPH, engine is always hovering around 1800-2000 and when I am trying to maintain the speed or add just a bit of throttle uphill it pings for 1-2 secs and then it downshifts and no pinging in the lower gear but once again at 70 MPH crusing around 1900 RPMs, if I am to touch the throttle it would ping/lug. With 89 it happens less, with 93 no pinging. I run Mobil 1 EP, Shell Gas Truck, Valvoline Modern Engine oil with the AC Delco filter. Change oil every 4500 miles. Dealer, of course, " cannot reproduce the issue". This truck is designed to run 87 fine and many many on these forum run 87 with zero knock issues, in my case, unless I run 93 it pings. Pinging is bad, thus what can I do to get the dealer/GM to accept the issue and fix it? With gas prices at $4.50 for 93 grade, it is now very noticeable to fill up as Regular vs. Premium is $1+ spread. Appreciate thoughts. Here are the logs from September for Knock ****** events. The CSV file is here as well Driving Logs with Knock events
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