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  1. Congratulations on everything you *did* get for your money. I spent more on my High Country and I got more features. It's probably not just a coincidence.
  2. Same for me. Cover has a gasket that allows the gate to open and close even when the cover is latched, and I've never had a problem with the gate opening when I ask it to. Really sounds like something is wrong with your gate. Make them fix it! Good luck! -Daver
  3. Similar experience here. My 2003 Sierra Denali AWD/Supercharger gets about 13mpg freeway, 10 around town, on premium gas no less. The 2019 High Country 6.2L is getting me around 15mpg around town, 25mpg freeway. The 2003 is still more fun to drive tho. -Dave
  4. I don't understand why people refuse to understand. :-) I hope you simply disagree, not that you truly don't understand if you have read and watched as many reviews as you suggest. It has been a fairly well articulated and discussed topic. Compared to the K2, it's just not a great leap forward. The competition has made greater strides forward, and their reviews reflect that. Yes, it's solid. Yes, it's good. No, it's not great. Good enough for me, but that doesn't make it a world-killer. "I've had better" as they say.
  5. lol you just identified probably the primary reason for their popularity.. their resemblance to smoothies. Especially when you've got a retromod.. older truck with bigger brakes, high performance tires, etc. Being steel they can be trivially painted any color you like and drilled for mounting vintage/replica/etc hubcaps on. I was tempted to put a set of these on my lowered GMT800 Denali but all the dealer guys I talked to were lazy and didn't want to help a guy out. My issue with modern black wheels is that they have so little character IMO. Mainly the glossy black. I'm still sad my own matte black wheels didn't fit this winter.. they're too small (16") for the new brakes. -Dave
  6. Thanks for sharing.
  7. With the software version mine has loaded it took a few tries to get the setting change to stick. Even after that the seat heater didn't appear to be coming on with remote start in the winter. At some mysterious and magical point later the automatic heater was working, and automatic cooling has been working fine as well. So if anything I would suspect a software bug if yours isnt working like it's supposed to.
  8. LOL, so you are saying you are uniquely qualified to handle a trailer with mirrors, and you're holding everyone else to your standard? Lame. What about everyone who doesn't have millions of miles in a semi? Should everyone wanting to tow have to do that first? -Daver
  9. There are bugs that will cause this regardless. Workaround is to go to the camera views and turn the lines back on.
  10. OEM rims

    Yeah, don't listen to those saying none of them will work. It's not a fact. It entirely depends on the design of the wheel. Offset and bolt patterns are all compatible, but spoke design may not be. My CK805 (2005-6 Denali 20") rims worked fine for this last winter without spacers.
  11. Listing it on their website for sale is your opening for negotiation. If they aren't treating it like it's your truck, then there's no need for you too either. Thing is though, I assume you ordered it because you don't want any other truck? They'll know that and negotiation will be tougher. -Daver
  12. CORSA/MagnaFlow Exhaust Sale! - Ends June 30th

    I don't see any products from either brand available for any of the several 2019 configs I've tried so far, I'm not sure why this was even posted to this forum.
  13. Satin Graphite Gold GM Rims

    Bit of a retro appeal to them like the old Firebird snowflakes. The gold is pretty understated though, so I wonder "why bother?". Instead of a proper accent gold it just looks a bit off to me. I don't dislike it.. but I think they wasted a lot of potential.
  14. If you like using cruise control and drive in states like Connecticut you'll learn to like it real fast. Hilly freeways. The natives slow down uphill and speed downhill. Trying to use cruise there suuuuuucks. Their idea of cruise control is a steady foot not a steady speed. Adaptive cruise is perfect for that. It's not slamming the brakes on when traffic gradually slows, it's gradually slowing with traffic. If you're using cruise in congestion where slamming the brakes might be necessary well then good luck to ya. -Daver
  15. What size antenna gets us just above the high point of the truck? I chopped down the antenna on my old truck some, but left it 1" taller than the truck as a clearance gauge. I'd like the same for this one, and that 22" AntennaMastsRus is interesting. Still too tall though? EDIT: Oh hmm... no wind breaking spiral on the stainless. Rules that one out I think. -Daver

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