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  1. $7000 off msrp

    Meh, the post you were replying to wasn't political, so why this political diatribe in response? Relax bro. None of the noise about refund or withholding matters. Talking about taxes on those terms is like negotiating the monthly payment on a car with a dealer lol. The bottom line isn't withholding, and it's not refund size. It's "tax due". Many American returns have higher tax due this year due to Trump's tax break that primarily benefits the wealthy and large corporations. They are getting smaller refunds as a result if they haven't changed their withholding. There are penalties for under withholding. Smart people pay a bit extra in to avoid penalties. The real trick is not paying too much extra, and sometimes that's complicated when you have multiple jobs, or investments, or side businesses on ebay/etsy/whathaveyou. Many Americans are in at least one of these more complicated situations.
  2. RST?

    Right? Especially given that RST is how you get the 6.2 available on the Tahoe. I had high hopes when the RST was first announced, confusion and doubt when engine options were announced. Oh well. I'd still consider swapping grilles some day too.
  3. On higher trims the 2019s have larger tires than your 2014, so 22s on '19s are more similar to 20s on your '14. You would need 24s on a '19 to have the same sidewall as 22s on your '14. It's a different experience entirely.
  4. 2019 Silverado 3.5" lift

    It's ok that you feel that way. You probably shouldn't lift your truck then.
  5. ONLY a level

    Unusable how? My lowered AWD Denali can still tow, and still has the same payload capacity with the same leafs in place. It still gets great snow and ice traction with winter tires. Same applies to any 4WD truck. What was I supposed to be doing with it that I can't do anymore since I lowered it?
  6. RCSB sighting

    Thank you for clarifying what we should and should not find fun and what we ought to be doing with our trucks. Now I know exactly where I've gone so wrong with my life. I shall struggle to start correcting myself immediately.
  7. Marketing and advertising is about getting interest, not always about directly getting sales. If you don't know something even exists then you're not going to do the research for more information to buy.
  8. Denali Grill

    That's funnny, the Denali grille was a huge turn-off for me.. too much bling. I ended up buying a Silverado HC instead partly because of that. While I was at the GMC/Chevy dealer buying it I saw a blue AT4 there and realized I hadn't considered or even looked at them at all really. If I had seriously looked at an AT4 I might be driving a Denali with an AT4 grille today instead.
  9. Looks pretty good, I wonder if it's latched into the tracks at that location or if you can slide it all the way forward. Having mine forward lets me use the bottom for hat/gloves int he winter without removing the tray to get them in or out and doesn't block the light as much. Got a stubby Samsung Fit USB drive for Music that doesn't stick out and lets the tray go all the way forward.
  10. Not new for these engines either. It's not a cobbled kit, Magnuson makes a clean bolt-on setup with a shrink-wrapped tune and solid instructions. It's about as dead-simple to get right for our trucks as anything. I was even able to install one myself on my LQ4 and remove/reinstall one on an LM7 before that.
  11. Rim search

    FWIW on my GMT800 The 2005-2006 CK805 Denali wheels fit fine over my Z06 brake setup, but the 2007-2013 Denali wheels needed a spacer. On this '19 the CK805s went on just fine with the stock brakes (no Performance Parts BBK yet), but I'd probably need the same spacer if I tried the 2007-2013 Denali wheels. It really does come down to the spoke shape/profile.
  12. QC in general?

    They're also raising complexity beyond their ability to support and maintain, let alone training dealer techs to do the same. Combined with shorter product cycles, there's just no time to refine or train to perfection like with the square body generation lasting more than 20 years. Things are different now. Trucks are more software and firmware than hardware.
  13. Just sayin... https://www.washingtonpost.com/business/2019/02/12/record-million-americans-are-months-behind-their-car-payments-red-flag-economy/?utm_term=.061c12929138
  14. My first car was a Typhoon... I still have my Maggie Supercharged Quadrasteer Denali. It's got similar power to the L86/L87 '19, but a lot less interesting to drive. A double-edged sword. The main reason I'd rather it had 4WD though is the 9mpg city, 13mpg highway.

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