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  1. Daverado


    Did you stop to learn and understand why or just jump straight to moral outrage?
  2. Daverado


    There's a big difference between providing hope, and providing false hope. Calling this a hoax, saying we have it all under control when it was obviously not.. that's not what a strong leader does in a crisis. If you can't admit you have a problem, you can't start working on fixing it. You can't rally support to solve a problem that doesn't exist in people's minds. We were the best prepared nation in the world for handling a pandemic. We had the resources, we had the plans, we had the supplies. We dropped the ball, big time. It's time to get serious and get back in the game. But so much damage is already done. Too many still believe it's just a hoax or a non-problem, holding onto that false hope they were initially misled by. It was pretty easy to put two-and-two together and see things were clearly not under control. We banned travel from China. For a worldwide problem. With a two-week incubation period. How many people travel worldwide in the span of two weeks? How many infected were already in the country by the time the travel ban started? What were we doing to track them down and quarantine them? What were we doing about testing everyone they were in contact with since they arrived? What about building up our defense? Getting test capability built up, getting medical capacity increased, getting supply levels up? Fumbling is how the better team loses the game.
  3. Daverado


    Right, I remember that "Mission Accomplished" moment. And then what?
  4. Daverado


    Except... we actually have evidence that proves otherwise. Taiwan, South Korea and Singapore took it more seriously and have all been far more successful in containing it as a result.
  5. Daverado


    Yeah, the problem with that point of view really is that it works the other way around as well. If people die because of poverty/the economy/insolvency, then they were probably going to die anyway. So that point of view really just simplifies to not bothering to ever help anyone ever. Which is inhumane, or just psychotic.
  6. Daverado


    I keep seeing people say things like this, then the statistics exceed what they expected pretty consistently. You don't know how many will have died until its done. So the value you put on that loss of life is meaningless. It's also true that I don't know how many will die as a result of the economic disaster. But part of being human is and has always been that we save the people we can save when we can. Thankfully the "let them all die" folks are usually ignored.
  7. Daverado


    Sure, sure "there are fine people on both sides". But there's only one guy in charge and it matters what he says the most. It's not dirty politics, it's the responsibility of the position. Take it or leave it.
  8. Daverado


    Lol you must be joking.
  9. Daverado


    What difference does China make right now? We need to be worried about saving American lives not pointing fingers at China. By mid-January we had it in this country. It took two months from there before Trump took it seriously. Our own American leadership is failing us when we need it most and you're worried about CHINA? Please. We need to stop trying to save face ourselves first. Be part of the solution.
  10. Daverado


    See there's the rub. You accuse me of name-calling, but I never have. You make all kinds of assumptions about "my side", and you denigrate "libs". You try to paint yourself as objective because "you listen to everything", but spoil it all with comments like "your side". You seem very invested in being on your own side, and you don't seem interested in being exposed to more credible sources. Get over yourself. People are dying from this virus, and it's still ramping up. Lol you said that before.
  11. Daverado


    You lost me bro. Not sure what you're trying to say there, but seems pretty childish. https://www.politifact.com/personalities/rush-limbaugh/ You could watch cartoons all day and be better informed than listening to Rush just by not being exposed to his misinformation. What else do you use for being "informed"? Give us some more credible news sources so we can take what you share more seriously.
  12. Daverado


    Sure he gets good ratings. How does that relate to delivering intelligent and accurate information? You're a daily listener, huh? It's worse than I thought. Success in business and intelligence aren't the same thing right? Come on, this is basic.
  13. Even if they came with sensors installed for the 2018 truck they will not work with your 2019. If you want the sensors to work you need to buy new sensors and have them installed replacing the sensors in your new wheels, then you have to program the truck to listen to them.
  14. Daverado


    Listening and reading everything isn't really the best approach to learning or being accurately informed. You have to filter and choose intelligent and accurate sources if you intend to become more intelligent yourself. If you don't filter your inputs then you're just opening yourself up to worthless noise and missing out on real opportunities to learn and improve. Because there are far more good sources than you would ever have time to experience in your life even if you never slept. Rush Limbaugh... seriously? You can do better.
  15. Because it's not in every case that you are trying to drive over an obstacle when you just want more traction. Why do cars have AWD?
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