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  1. Lol. Way off-topic now but that's a common thread in the bicycling world with huge riders spending huge sums cutting grams of weight off their components on their 15lb bike to go faster.
  2. So... education helps the driver, and technology helps the educated driver. So, right then. Both are good. Let's have both. -Daver
  3. I'm pretty sure diet and exercise are why there are so many fat people in America honestly. Both of which are still entirely possible regardless of whether everything is done for them or not. The issue is culture and discipline. Plenty of other first-world countries have just as many freedoms (even more, really) and conveniences in life and do not have America's obesity problem.
  4. Uhhh it's not that complicated really. There is a toggle button at the end of the left stalk to enable/disable the feature. As long as the low-beams are in auto-on mode and the left stalk is in neutral position (not forward or back), then the auto-highs will work. -Daver
  5. They are DOT approved. So yes, they are DOT road worthy.
  6. Not the working person, the lazy one with casual disregard for the safety of others.
  7. I imagine it's because a lot of tires these days are directional tread. Both sides have to look the same since each side will face out depending which side you put them on.
  8. 4WD can't help you brake and steer on ice like proper winter tires can.
  9. Sure. They don't "warp", but they do end up with a non-uniform surface. Which is what everyone means when they say "warped", and which is a problem, and which is all reasonable people really care about. Simply saying "rotors don't warp" is ignoring the issue and not addressing the problem. So yeah, it's douchey to point that out instead of saying something productive.
  10. It's not the 1970s anymore. 99+% of cars on the road don't have metal/chrome front-ends now. It's not a problem unique to this truck. I'm not sure what you're really afraid of... why would 80% of customers complain when the same thing that happens to every other car happens to this one?
  11. Wow, lots to unravel there but I guess right from the top it'll be off-topic. Ok, salesmen are clueless, your a$$ and brain disagree, tires are a problem. You can't handle understeer, and you think a heavier front end will fix that? Do you even physics bro? Still not sure what you're trying to say about the engine here. It's hard to find one? Lots of doom-saying with comparisons to the V4/6/8, and other unrelated issues. Really just a bunch of rambling FUD here. Great technology implemented, BUT OMG it was designed by the same company that has designed both amazing and terrible engines in the past. Don't buy this engine because something might go wrong with it and then you're stuck with it! LOL. If your concerns were actually based on something substantial... anything at all really, it would be so much easier to take you seriously. Who are you preaching to anyway? You're in the wrong thread bro. You come across like the kind of guy that walks into a friends house and criticizes their decor until they ask you to leave and not be friends anymore.
  12. Just be prepared for all of the responses that don't understand what "fan club" means lol.
  13. I had this problem on my last truck and chopped down the antenna a few inches. On this one the truck itself will hit the door frame if I try, so I haven't bothered chopping the antenna. I took it off completely though since I don't use radio lol.
  14. I used to run 16"/33" BFG AT/KOs year-round on a Tahoe, but then I got a lowered Sierra and ran 20" Hankook Ventus RH06 summer and 20" Blizzak DM V1s in the winter. Pretty good combination for handling year-round. On this one I still have the crap no-season 22" Alenzas I run in summer, but I got a set of 275/60R20 Duratracs for winter. They do well. The Alenzas would probably do ok in 4-auto full-time, but I didn't want to run the bigger rims in winter either.
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