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  1. A $0.02 review of my 2019 RST

    How so? That was my impression as well. Lots of your negatives are features offered on higher trims. They are literally how GM differentiates the different trim levels. 3. No power passenger seat. Got it. 4. No built-in nav. Got it. 6. No color-matched mirror covers. Got it. 7. Lacking LED lights. Got it. 8. Dashboard. Got it. 9. Power down windows. You mean auto-down? Got it for passenger too, but not rear. 14. Interior color options. Got it.. different options for HC. So is the complaint that the RST isn't a higher level trim? Or is the complaint that RST and higher level trims are over priced or under-equipped for the price? Or is the complaint that GM doesn't offer something like "BMW Individual" where you can go crazy specifying just about anything they offer on any vehicle? I don't get it. It seems to me you wanted something more or different then what you were willing to pay for. I have a High Country and most of your "missing" features are in mine. It's great. It cost more too though. I was willing to pay more and I got more. I was pretty interested in the RST when it was first announced, and was surprised it didn't have the 6.2 even as an option. I picked the High Country largely because I'm also not very interested in chrome everywhere. You seem to be complaining that you can't have it all. That's the forest I'm seeing from these here trees lol.
  2. Build quality by plant?

    By your logic GM wouldn't build anything at all in Ft. Wayne. GM builds cars and trucks where it creates the most profit. Quality helps that, no doubt, but is not the primary driver. Congrats on your good luck with your Mexican GMC, but "the plural of anecdote is not evidence".
  3. 2.7 Turbo 4 Fan Club

    I think it's not that complicated really. The computer knows how much fuel it's using, and the car generally knows how many miles it has traveled with some margin of error (turns and tire size/inflation introduce variance there). With more sophisticated fuel-injection systems comes tighter control over fuel and the ability to count it. So the car is just as capable of doing the miles/gallon math as you are. Whether the car achieves the advertised mileage according to the sticker is another issue entirely from whether the number the DIC gives you is real-world-accurate.
  4. Yeah, crew cab and double cab have similar doors, double cab is just smaller in the rear and will have a standard length bed instead of the short one crew cabs typically get. Front doors are the same I believe. I have a 2003 Denali extended cab also and it's got the two rear suicide doors hinged at the rear. Not sure which generation they changed away from suicide rear doors on the extended cabs.. Maybe when they started calling them double cabs instead.
  5. I checked out the 2nd one, a pacific blue. Definitely a double cab. They got more legroom in the rear set this generation, so maybe they look more like last-gen's crew cabs? -Dave
  6. Shocks can slow down bottoming out, they are supposed to reduce the bounciness/"shock" of the springs working. If you are fully bottomed-out and not just bouncing off the bump stops occasionally then you need stronger or taller springs, not different shocks. If you are just bouncing off the stops then stronger shocks might be enough to slow/stop that. Shocks don't hold the truck up, springs do. Airbags are spring alternatives not shock alternatives so that sounds like a good choice.
  7. Loose Gearshift Handle

    This has come up in other threads recently. Mine definitely does not have this kind of play in it... very solid. Others chimed in similarly. So I assume it's not supposed to.
  8. You can hardwire a Homelink remote into your headliner. It's pricy, but better looking/function than the battery remote clipped to the visor. https://smile.amazon.com/HomeLink-60-HMLKV5BLK-Wireless-Control-Headliner/dp/B00A79G9FY Another option might be an auto-dimming/Homelink center mirror replacement, something like this: https://smile.amazon.com/Gentex-Frameless-Auto-Dimming-Homelink-50-genk80a/dp/B00PXGZESO
  9. Power tail gate removable?

    It's not just a different size but also a different shape, and the latches are probably in different locations, and, and... it's a different gate designed for a different vehicle. Your objective is a "power-operated gate on a 2018", right? The objective is not really "make a 2019 gate fit on a 2018"? You would likely be better off trying to rip the guts out of the '19 gate (or buy the parts) and retrofit them into a 2018 gate than trying to make the 2019 gate fit on a 2018. Stick with solving the electrical and mechanical problems, don't add bodywork into the mix. Just my $0.02.
  10. Careful there, because it's just as easy to dismiss the opinions of others as somehow "biased" or blinded when you don't agree with them. Maybe some of us are not pretending, maybe we genuinely like the way our trucks look. Possible, yeah? Maybe, just maybe, your own view is not the arbiter of good taste for all. Really odd that you threw in that judgemental statement in ruining the rest of your post that seemed fairly reasonable and non-judgemental, but I guess that's your own bias rearing its godawful ugly head lol.
  11. Right, and for a good amount of the launch period so far only the higher trims were available. So of course average transaction prices were higher. It'll be a lot more interesting to compare 2020 average prices to 2018s after the full range is readily available for the full year.
  12. In 1986 I'm pretty sure the GMC version was also named Suburban. "Yukon" came about in the 90s, and Suburban got "Yukon XL" in the early 2000s.
  13. GM Financing - Early refinance

    If you plan to refinance elsewhere, then you should subtract the interest cost from the alternative bank to find out the "extra" cost of GM financing over that 6 months. If you planned to pay cash but finance just to get that incentive then your math is solid.
  14. I get it periodically... sometimes more often than others. Lately not so much. I'm also stuck on v507 with no updates available, I wonder if that has anything to do with it.
  15. I used to have an E46 M3 with the SMG transmission. When you unlocked the car the hydraulic system for the SMG would prime up to something like 1000psi. Pretty unnerving sound for new passengers that weren't used to the car making noise like that.

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