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  1. Ok, you're right. No Denali owners near me are selling OEM 22s. I just provided an example of a complete set of bolt on GMC wheels & tires for sale near me. I'm anxiously awaiting your proof of what astronomical value you think used used Denali wheels are worth. Based on your contributions thus far, we're all ears for your next pearl of wisdom.
  2. Totally off-topic here, but maybe some of you or your children may enjoy this. Here goes: I never had the privilege or honor to participate in a pinewood derby as a kid. I just wasn't in scouts. Fast forward to adulthood, I work for an engineering company with a bunch of other nerds. Someone had the idea of holding our own derby and there was a lot of interest. So I built a car the last two years, learning about all the little tricks on youtube to make a fast car. I came in 3rd of 20 entries this past year. Now this year, instead of (in addition to) speed, I want to focus on my car design. so I decided to make a replica of my 1998 K1500. (I plan to even make a detachable plow): Step 1 was to get some dimensions of the truck, scale it down to the wood block and make a sketch: Then I took a standard pinewood derby block and some 1/4" basswood to add some extra body to the sides and top for a cab. I also cut out the bed, a tailgate and some wheel wells. Now I have the rough shape assembled, here's what it looks like so far: The next steps would be to do some additional shaping to get the curvature of the sides and cab. I need to decide if i want to cut the bumpers out of the wood block, or glue something else on. If anyone has any bright ideas of how to get a realistic looking grill, decals, bumpers, etc, I'd love to hear it. I will update with more photos once I make more progress. This is kind of a side project that I started early this year, so I can enjoy working in the garage in the summer instead of February when our race is held. Also if any of you have any cool pinewood derby cars you or your kids made, feel free to share! I love getting ideas anywhere i can. Have a good day.
  3. That's exactly the difference between your trucking business and gas stations: If I'm not happy with your price, I have other options, some of which might offer a worse service for cheaper price. It's my choice to pay you more for your excellent service and reliability. You are not price gouging because I can shop around. But there is really no alternative for gas. They all charge almost the same price in a given region, I have no other options. there is no competition. They all sell the same gas, No one offers a lesser product for a lower price that I can choose to purchase. The consumers see it as price gouging.
  4. Its also affected by the threat or possibility of an event, whether or not it actually happens or affects oil production. I was too young to witness the gas shortages & rationing in the 80s, but I clearly remember one day in 2005 when I was working at Fleet Farm (supply store with attached gas station). When hurricane Katrina was approaching the gulf, all the gas prices shot up $0.25 in one day. They were anticipating a disruption and shortage in gas and preemptively raised the price. Its comical how arbitrary the gas price really is. They charge whatever they can get away with.
  5. Also, for your reading pleasure, do a forum search for "4 auto" and you can read hundreds of posts arguing about when you can and should use it. Ultimately its up to you, do whatever makes you happy. its your truck.
  6. Every spring the price jumps when they switch to summer blend. According to gas buddy, the average US price has gone up about 12 cents in the past 2 weeks.
  7. Building a replica of my 1998 Silverado 1500 for pinewood derby
  8. you have two options: 1) go for the more fun, more power, more expensive choice 2) get an engine that is more than adequate for what you need, for a better price. Only you can decide how valuable your money is to you. That's really the only question here.
  9. Here in WI, I think we only get the good summer gas for about 4 months a year. (from mid-May to mid-September). I don't know if that schedule is nationwide or differs locally. But the summer gas is also more expensive, so you could argue that your fuel cost per mile isn't that different seasonally.....
  10. To hit that far forward on the door, there was no way he was getting the truck into the stall either. (The rear tire would end up on the curb at best) I would never even consider letting someone like that drive my truck.
  11. This is one of the cheaper mods you can do. It is a necessity to keep your tools and emergency supplies protected.
  12. You must not ever park at any stores or restaurants with painted lines. I'm glad I learned years ago to always back into parking stalls, because backing out is [email protected] near impossible. I came from a regular cab. Now to me, turning this CC around in a parking lot is like steering a yacht.
  13. Yea, one of my coworkers has one also, but I don't know anyone else with one. I was going to buy 2 if i needed, but I actually fit all my necessities in one. It sticks out a little past the wheel well. So the only downside is, if you frequently haul 4' wide sheets, it gets in the way for that. But it can be removed very easily. I just pull it out when I need the full width. It does have about 1" clear below it, so you can stick a sheet or two under it without moving it. The cover overlaps all around with a rubber seal, so it is totally waterproof. the lock is covered, but I don't lock mine. I keep my tonneau cover closed unless I have big things in back. Here's a better photo: http://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/topic/172029-undercover-swing-case/?p=1616821
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