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  1. Rides the same - I did order mine - well worth the wait ........... Only way color combo and all was to be had - that coco dune interior shows dirt too easily - found them but they always had the coco dune.......
  2. They rent trailers - still rent when it takes something specific - such as enclosed trailer for moving furniture etc........
  3. Could have made two trips comes to mind - or used a trailer - glad I have a good trailer now.... Normal and tongue heavy loads of rock behind 6.2L Max Trailering.....
  4. Dave Smith Motors, Idaho.............
  5. Wow this thread sure went into the weeds - people love to complain don't they........ I got it for the better headlights - switch off what I don't like - perfect world...........
  6. Got the Max Trailering for the mirrors as much as anything else - coming form a 2500 knew I would miss the mirrors - those blind spot mirrors really work. Consider an equalizer hitch - I am towing the same weights as you - even with the Max package getting some porpoising over bridge embuttments etc.
  7. Flapper valve

    See thread linked in my sig..........
  8. 2019 GMC Sierra

    Transformer tailgate - Carbon fiber bed - Krazy............ Trailer camera function and trailer functions on the screen over the top..........
  9. Still liking the mild sound of the FlowMaster 50 Series muffler swap ..... 9,000 miles on her now - would not have it any other way........... I do put her in manual mode M7 often when driving around town - especially on cold start-ups - figure is also helps the engine warm up quicker. Not to mention getting to hear all 8 cylinders all the time thru the Flowmaster 50.........
  10. Went from a 2007 LMM 2500 to a 2017 NHT - Both daily drivers. Pulling that weight seldom U will be plenty happy with the NHT - add equalizer hitch of you like. The 6.2L is a little hot rod - compared to the lugging power of the Duramax - Love my max trailering more and more every day........... 9,000 miles on her so far....... Here's a pic loaded way too much tongue heavy standard hitch - handled it like a champ..........
  11. Read thru my thread before you jump all over straight piping it. Muffler work done professionally is well worth the cost - like many things in life.
  12. Run around town in M7 will keep it out of V4............
  13. I would change to a better muffler - unless you like LOUD. See the link in my sig for options.....
  14. Simple and effective solution: https://www.ebay.com/itm/382009468868?ssPageName=STRK:MESOX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1559.l2649
  15. 2018 Option question

    Think I find it more annoying than anything - too many false alarms - have learned to accept the seat vibrator as a butt massage. Do reach down and turn off the park assist often...............

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