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  1. Interesting concern, and i have an NHT 3.73 silverado that I just bought though have not driven in heavy snow. I have had a 3.73 4.3l sierra with 2wd that I had zero issues with in the snow. I really doubt my new configuration will create any issues in snow as compared to a more standard rear end ratio but Im interested to see how it actually performs once the winter weather hits. I should add, I do suspect the concerns you have would go away with a dedicated set of winter tires.
  2. I finally got around to swapping my overhead console. Here are some pictures comparing the 2014-17 overhead console to the 2018-19 console. As you can see, the sunglasses compartment is considerably larger. But the best part of this swap is now I have homelink.
  3. Thanks for your input. When you say you like the flat ones better are you speaking from a design perspective, or the function?
  4. Good point regarding stopping road debris from hitting the paint. How do you find the function of the flat assist steps? My girlfriend is a bit on the shorter side and has trouble getting into the truck so they will definitely need to be functional as well as look good. the reason I ask is I have heard a few complaints as to how well they actually work as an assist step.
  5. I was quoted about 900$ installed from the local dealer for either style. Everything is ridiculously expensive here in Canada. I suspect OEM would be better quality than most aftermarket styles. With all the salt they throw on the roads I often see aftermarket parts like this rusting away in only a few short years. Oh and thanks for the compliment on the truck. With a baby on the way I wanted to upgrade my old ext cab to a crew cab but didnt want to sacrifice bed space. I didnt even know GM had 1/2 tonne crew cab reg box trucks so when I saw this one I jumped on it. I havent seen many si
  6. That is the second time I have heard someone say they dislike their OEM flat 6” running board. Seems every 2014-2018 truck i see in town has this style running board in either chrome or black. Rarely do I see the round chrome ones on any 2014-18s .
  7. I am looking to add assist steps on my new-to-me 2017 Silverado Crew Cab Regular Box. Im stuck between the GM 4” chrome round, or the GM 6” chrome step. I am leaning towards the round style but wondering what others think.
  8. Please keep us updated on how you like it. My camera is just as blurry as yours, cleaning made no difference.
  9. oh yes. lots of salt in Ontario. but this varies by province. Also, my memory was mistaken, the test was not on "vehicles" but rather on boats that were out at sea.
  10. The Canadian Military did a test a while back and found a product called “corrosion free formula 3000” was the best at limiting rust on vehicles. Krowns product is good though did not come up first in the militaries study. However, application centers for “corrosion 3000” are limited and the places that do use their product dont always apply it thoroughly. The people at Krown application centers do a very thorough job in my experience and this is why I would suggest Krown.
  11. Is this the part # you are confused about? 84456893?https://www.gmpartsxperts.com/oem-parts/gm-console-assembly-84456893
  12. I have 2018-19 console on order (1-2 week delivery from the GM dealer) and will verify once it comes in. Part number 84456893. The details show it will only fit 2018-2019 1500s but hopefully it works in my 2017 as pgamboa suggests.
  13. I will likely order mine this week now that I know it will fit. I will take pictures and post them in this thread.
  14. As is my understanding. I want to add homelink and figured i might as well change the whole thing so i can actually use the sunglass holder
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