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  1. No matter what its the GM mark up. Every part down to floor matts and mud flaps has a huge markup. For the CAI it might be worth the $200 extra for the tune and warranty.
  2. What a rip off... I want a GM tune for mine.
  3. You don't buy a CAI for the Z28. It comes from the factory with the K&N. Says K&N all over it. I have no idea on the lower model Camaro's. Was just using it as comparison that perhaps GM uses one vender for all CAI. But I noticed the one your looking at has nothing in common with a K&N. Mentioned that originally. I would have never guessed GM was selling that one.
  4. Any tune can and likely will void the warranty. I have spoken to a friend who owns a GM dealership in length about this. The Diablo tune killed mine. GM can see if it has ever been tuned and typically rejects claims on all tunes. Yes people on Facebook claim otherwise but I am going to believe the flesh and blood owner of a GM dealership that happens to be a friend. On the Z28 GM used a K&N CAI however that looks nothing like the K&N on my 2018 Sierra. I am very happy with mine and saw no real difference but it sounds cool. I have seen several cars before and after dyno results. The CAI likely ads 8 hp as stated but it supports other mods. Its a huge improvement if you had a super charger. It is pretty much a requirement if your going to heads, cam, and exhaust at some point. If your going super charger wait as a different one will come with that. You do not need a tune for one. I ran the CAI and nothing else for a year with no tune.
  5. I put bed covers on them. That way suitcases, bags tools and whatever fit in the bed. Not for everyone but works great for me. Ben driving RCSBs for 20+ years. I'm just use to it.
  6. The paint has not faded in 2 years. I have done this on 20 yr old cars. Just get out some wax and start polishing.
  7. Only issue is I dont have a tubing bender.... trying to find a shop that will do that part. The rest I can do. I'm more into suspension stuff like 4 link, full air ride rather then accent stuff. I will update with some pictures. My V8 Swapped B2200, GM 10 bolt, 10 shot, Gear Vender Over drive, TH350 full air ride on parallel bars.
  8. I think it will be noticeably cheaper to just make a roll bar then replace the $1200 bed cover. Plus, I really like this roll up hard cover. That roll bar is only 2 tubes with 8 bends. You could remove 2 of the bends and just angle cut the base of the rear bars. The flat plates are very easy. Worse case I would have to notch and gusset the bars to fit around the cover.
  9. you can get them out with vice grips. Most likely you need a set of the proper wrenches. I used a 6 point socket to losen them the first time on new cars.
  10. I could do the swap myself. I strongly considered it. I am going to super charge the 5.3 instead and not spend the money. if GM built it I could finance it. If I have to built it, it takes cash.
  11. I will not spend anything on a 4 door. I had no issues dropping $44,000 for my RCSB Sierra with the options I required. I would have dropped $55,000 if they would have made me a RCSB Denali. Heck, I would have spent $70,000 for a 6.2L 4x4 Denail RCSB. I will not buy any new truck that isn't a RCSB the minute they stop making them is the minute I never buy another new truck. Thats just me... I hate 4 door trucks. I dont need and dont want 4 doors. Your search included V6 long beds.... find loaded ones. Typically one in a 500 mile radius.
  12. Thats not actually true. I have 3 brand new RCSB trucks loaded as high as I could get them. There are 0 rebates on the regular cabs. Because there are so few of them GM doesn't need to offer rebates to move them and likely makes more profit on the ones they do make. I have paid close to sticker on each of them and had to travel close to a thousand miles to find one. It is possible if dealers stocked more, more might sell. About once a month someone says to me they didn't know GM even made RCSB any more.
  13. I forgot about the headlights. The headlights on my 2010 were better then the ones on my 15
  14. hmm... to bad I already have the hard cover. I have gone with the Truxedo soft on other truck and decided to go for the hard cover. it rolls up into a can type thing and thus sits on the edge of the rails to support the weight. It does not sit inside. Would need to double check but I say its about half an inch onto the rails.
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