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  1. Service brake booster?

    I paid $1400 for the truck. A tranny from a junk yard is $800 + more for shipping for a 2007. Its a one year only transmission. I can install it. Did two last week. I will buy every 2007 you can find me that kinda runs and drives for $1,000. Book is $7000. I will sell it for around $6000 with a new tranny. Its very much worth fixing. Please... find me a couple dozen 2007 Chevy trucks for $100 each. I will gladdly pick them up pretty much anywhere in America, fix them and make $6000 a truck. No one ever mentioned thousands for a trans. Its only $1200 full warranty with stronger then factory parts and my guy is taking it out and putting it in. Freeing me up to work on something else. That puts me in the truck for $2700. Low trade in is $3200. Around $2500 profit for a days work.
  2. Service brake booster?

    Turns out the transmission is shot. The message was gone until I got on the highway and truck tried to go into 4th. Its trashed. Seems clutches in 3rd and 4th are no good. I am keeping my fingers crossed that rebuilding the tranny will make the message go away. Not likely but hopefully.
  3. Service brake booster?

    Yes. Over night. Message went away and came right back.
  4. Service brake booster?

    nope. Hose coming off the back of the engine to the booster like most gm trucks. It a know issue when power steering is low, or the cluster has been changed. There are several service bulletins about different things causing this issue. From spending a few hours in google its pretty much a guarantee its not the booster.
  5. Service brake booster?

    Except if you google the issue. Everyone says that "Service Brake Booster" will never be triggered by the brake booster. I have no issues replacing it if it fixes the problem. From everything I read there is nothing in the system to actually check the brake booster. The message is porely written and points to other issues.
  6. Service brake booster?

    All fluids are good. I spent a couple hours googling the issue. Nothing helped. Nothing clear. I learned that pretty much everything but a bad brake booster will cause this message.
  7. 2007 Silverado 1500 W/T 4.8 automatic regular cab long bed. Just bought this 2007 from an auction. 170k miles. Trucks runs and drive great but the service brake booster message comes on and stays on when you start the truck. I tried pulling codes with my reader and there are none. This must take the TechII ready that pretty much no one can afford. I dont want to run out and replace the brake booster if that not the issue. Any ideas?
  8. Say Hello To The Silverado's New 2.7L Turbo Four

    integrated exhaust manifold, umm..... I have a feeing that is really going to suck for the aftermarket world. Kinda hard to make a header for better flow with a bigger turbo.
  9. might need to do some fab work. I would make my own bracket to replace what was cut off. My lowering kit and firestone bags are sitting in the boxes next to my truck. I figure I will have to cut that bracket and make a new one to mount the bags. Its really not hard if you can weld. If you don't want to weld you can drill and bolt a new bracket on. There is no simple solution to your problem. Perhaps cut the brackets off a salvage truck and weld them back in place. I know, I know.... never weld a frame.... whatever... Been doing it for 20 years.
  10. Post Pics of Your 2014+

    Love the wheels, I greatly prefer the red truck.
  11. Did everyone miss that the new truck has 3,000 miles. Its a demo. Isn't that like $5,000 off these days? I doubt the dealer is really trying to screw you. If the terms are what your use to and you love the truck go for it. But I find out what you are paying for a slightly used new truck.
  12. Chevy Legend

    They are cloth.... they are about $7 to ship. Not $100 and Amazon can ship them for free. You cannot get much cheaper to ship. You totally missed that GM marked up the shipping to make extra money. Its a very common sales practice. $100 my ass. GM sold me a truck for $42,000 I think they could charge me actually shipping rates.
  13. Its been years... something with the ground and the tail light if I remember correctly. I have not found anything about it online but this was before the internet. I have had an issue with almost every trailer my dad owned. LOL. About 10 years ago I bought a truck in Oregon drove it to CO and hooked up my trailer. That truck was wired like my dad did them. So some generation had some odd way of wiring a trailer. It happened a few other times in my life.
  14. 2014+ Lowering / Drop Kits

    Thats kind of one of those "well duh" moments.

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