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  1. Say Hello To The Silverado's New 2.7L Turbo Four

    integrated exhaust manifold, umm..... I have a feeing that is really going to suck for the aftermarket world. Kinda hard to make a header for better flow with a bigger turbo.
  2. might need to do some fab work. I would make my own bracket to replace what was cut off. My lowering kit and firestone bags are sitting in the boxes next to my truck. I figure I will have to cut that bracket and make a new one to mount the bags. Its really not hard if you can weld. If you don't want to weld you can drill and bolt a new bracket on. There is no simple solution to your problem. Perhaps cut the brackets off a salvage truck and weld them back in place. I know, I know.... never weld a frame.... whatever... Been doing it for 20 years.
  3. Love the wheels, I greatly prefer the red truck.
  4. Did everyone miss that the new truck has 3,000 miles. Its a demo. Isn't that like $5,000 off these days? I doubt the dealer is really trying to screw you. If the terms are what your use to and you love the truck go for it. But I find out what you are paying for a slightly used new truck.
  5. They are cloth.... they are about $7 to ship. Not $100 and Amazon can ship them for free. You cannot get much cheaper to ship. You totally missed that GM marked up the shipping to make extra money. Its a very common sales practice. $100 my ass. GM sold me a truck for $42,000 I think they could charge me actually shipping rates.
  6. Its been years... something with the ground and the tail light if I remember correctly. I have not found anything about it online but this was before the internet. I have had an issue with almost every trailer my dad owned. LOL. About 10 years ago I bought a truck in Oregon drove it to CO and hooked up my trailer. That truck was wired like my dad did them. So some generation had some odd way of wiring a trailer. It happened a few other times in my life.
  7. Thats kind of one of those "well duh" moments.
  8. If your truck is not fun to drive... perhaps you bought the wrong truck. There is nothing fun to me about a giant 4 door Duramax. I would rather buy a Mac truck. That doesn't mean all trucks are not fun to drive. Thankfully GM makes lots of different options. A RCSB is a lot of fun. Will spin the tires at will. Fits in parking lots corners very well if dropped a little. They are light weight and power full. I have no clue why people all buy the 4 door tanks. If your not into street performance lift the truck add some mud terrain tires and hit the trails. There is nothing comparable between a minivan and a real truck.
  9. I almost want a Chevy to run those.
  10. When you have less then 40 miles left it say low. I have run my 2015 out of gas. Its pretty close to accurate and I typically run it a while after the light comes knowing I have about 40 miles. The one time . Iran it out of gas I simply forgot to check it. We were out in the middle of no where and used way more feul then I expected. Made it back to town and less then a mile from the gas station when it ran out.
  11. I ran Goodyear Wrangler DuraTrac on my 15. I sure don't remember noticing them. They are really not very aggressive. I love the tires. I will get them again on any lifted truck or when I want the aggressive tire. Work very well in the mud. Nice on the highway even at 90 mph. I think the truck moved with the road a little more then the stock tires and with the window down there was more sound. But I sure don't remember feeling those tires. There not swampers. My guess is your just overly aware as the rest of us have likely used that type of tire for many years.
  12. I flipped out on a survey about that recently. GM Legends gave me 20% off anything from GM. I went to buy wheel well covers and of course they were a little over priced but the coupon brought them to $109. So I went to pay for them and they want an additional $100 for shipping. They would deliver to select dealers for free. The closest select dealer was 4 hours away. I bought them on Amazon with free next day shipping for $97. This was 2 days after paying $42,500 for a new truck. I made sure I told GM how I felt on Facebook, there survey and the dealers survey. Onstar is the same way.
  13. Try getting it for 90 days then call to cancel. Onstar has a habit of offering at at half price when you cancel.
  14. I don't care for there service, but I live the ap. They should just give you the app for as long as your the original owner and sell you the app if you buy it used.

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