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  1. nope didnt say why it happened. Not sure how often it goes into v4 mode. A gm rep came out tuesday and rode with me. Said hes gonna put a set of new michelins on it and it should tAke care of 80% of my problem. I said what about the other 20%. He told me its the characteristic of the truck. I said ur kidding me right?!.... Anyways ill see how it rides with the new tires. Still gotta get them to fix the vibration on hard accell from a dead stop. They said that was Normal too.. ****ing gm... Excuse my language.. Im just fed up with them insulting my intelligence.. Tires had nothing to do with the failed lifyers right?
  2. I assumed the previous tires are 265? How's the rim flange on the stock wheels after you put the 275? Fits snugly? Not too tight? Need some input. Will buy a new set of tires soon. Thanks
  3. Any issues with the rim flange of the stock wheels when you upgraded from 265 to 275? Just need some input. Thanks
  4. Any problems with the rim flange on the stock wheels? 10mm difference wouldn't hurt it? 265 to 275. Will upgrade my tires but will retain my stock wheels. Just need some input.
  5. Any issues on the rim flange of this stock wheels? It has a 265/65/18 tire right? Before upgrading to 275? Just curious on the 10mm difference on width. Upgrading my truck soon
  6. Thank you for the infos. I'm good to go then on my duratracs
  7. By the way, will it fit my stock rims? Since it's a little wider.
  8. Yeah I got a 3.42 rear axle ratio. Thank you for the info Nasty and michigan2500hd.
  9. I will be replacing my tires this end of summer, I have my eyes on a wrangler duratrac. My stock is a P265/65r18 planning to replace it with LT275/65r18 since I will be planning to pull a travel trailer next year. My question is, will it have an effect on my abs and speedometer? Has anyone tried it before? I have a 2014 silverado ltz z71 1500. Thanks in advance for any input/advise I will be getting.
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