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  1. Thats pretty handy! Do you have a link for where you got it?
  2. The way she sits right now.
  3. Planning a full detail in the spring, tires will be getting done too.....or they will be getting swapped for All Terrains lol
  4. Lol, I'm sure he does this on 5.3 threads as well. Some people just have a need to justify their own choices by putting down others. A bigger is better kind of mentality. On another note, I'd like to reiterate how much I love my 4.3 as it was the best choice for ME and my lifestyle. I drive a 2018 5.3 for work and I honestly wouldn't trade if I had the choice. The difference is minimal to me in day to day driving.
  5. Love it man, super low profile. I've been debating taking my current steps off for a cleaner look but I don't want to lose the functionality. Glad I have another option now.
  6. Nice job on the install. I'd be interested to see the photos. Can you also post a pic of the steps tucked in?
  7. Red tow hooks. It was a real pain getting these out. Had to cut the bolt on one side and put a new one in.
  8. Tonneau cover and lightly tinted tail lights and third brake light
  9. Figured I'd start this thread as a place holder for now. Will add mods as I go. My truck is a 2016 4.3 Chevrolet Silverado regular cab standard box 4x4. Purchased in June of 2019. Since then, I have added: -Folding tonneau cover -catch can -tinted windows -removed lower portion of valance -black plastidip lettering -red tow hooks -painted mirror caps -light smoke on tail lights -aftermarket air filter Future plans include: -2 inch level -33 inch tires -Black bear tune -Colour matched bumpers/handles -Airaid MIT -Tint front turn signals -Throttle controller -Rear wheel well liners -Upgrade to 8 inch oem stereo -D5S 35w Hids How it sat when I got it:
  10. Nice! I didn't know they made them for the reg. cab. Gonna have to look into this.
  11. Can't be too careful nowadays with so many trucks being stolen, curious if anyone has used this as well.
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