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  1. Have you owned an ecotec 4.3? I currently own one, I've had 3 s10s with the vortec 4.3, and I drive a 5.3 for work. When I started driving my work truck, I obviously noticed the difference but not enough to say I bought the wrong truck. My 4.3 does everything I ask of it in daily driving situations and is capable of much more than that. The vortec 4.3 you're talking about is not the same as the ecotec 4.3 and those comparisons need to be put to bed. Apples to oranges.
  2. X2 on that. I have yet to see someone pull it off but it would be badass. I'll be looking into it when I'm reading to pull the trigger on the swap in my regular cab.
  3. Dipped the the chrome on the front and rear bowties. Front:
  4. Had this 2 inch leveling kit sitting on the shelf for months! Finally got it installed. Getting front end alignment in a few days Before: After:
  5. Added colour matched door handle and tailgate handle covers. May still paint the actual handles down the road, but I'm happy with the covers for now.
  6. Tried out turtle wax's new hybrid solutions ceramic polish and wax yesterday. Applied it with a da polisher. It looks great as a wax and I noticed that it did remove a lot of the light swirl marks in the paint, which was a nice bonus. I didnt test any of the hydrophobic properties as it says 24 hrs to cure. We got a bit of rain today. I drove the truck to get some things in town and I noticed that all the water on the truck was beading up nicely and there was no sheeting on any flat surfaces. Thats a win in my books. Gonna apply a second coat when I get a chance.
  7. Just got this done the other day. Ran a full bottle through the throttle body similar to the pic above. Had the wife keep the RPMs at 2k and sprayed it in 1 second bursts and then had her blip the throttle up to 3500 RPMs 3 times and shut the engine off. Took it for a drive an hour later. Throttle definitely felt smoother during the 20 minute drive I took it on. I definitely recommend it.
  8. Pretty impressive numbers! Do you have any sound clips of the exhaust? Been thinking about doing the exhaust on mine for awhile now.
  9. This is on my to do list this spring and i was looking at using the same product instead of the usual seafoam that I use. Glad to hear you had a good experience with it.
  10. Thats pretty handy! Do you have a link for where you got it?
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