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  1. 2016 4.3 with the 6 speed. Mines still a bit of a baby with only 102,000km (63,379 miles) but its been problem free so far. Only work I've had to do is a battery replacement, spark plug change (by choice), and regular maintenance according to GM's maintenance schedule (brake fluid change, transmission fluid change). Transmission has had a few hiccups here and there (hard shifting) but nothing close to what people have experienced before having to replace the torque converter.
  2. What brand did you get? I'm in the market for an android based stereo replacement but I might wait a little longer until these brands have worked all the bugs out with software updates
  3. The black and white looks real sharp with red accents. Where did you get the rear bowtie overlay with the red? I've been looking for one just like that!
  4. Split second decision..plastidipped the front bumper. Never liked the Argent grey colour that the WT bumpers come in. Really sticks out when the truck is clean. Will do The back bumper next. I do have plans to colour match the bumpers but it won't be until at least next year.
  5. If you want the most out of this engine, you can do all the bolt on mods and then get a tune to get the most out of them. If you find an exhaust you like then headers will make it louder but the performance benefits for headers will probably be minimal. Also exhausts on these trucks can sound good until you get into the higher range of rpms (Highway Speeds). A tune will be your best bet if you're looking for something easy to wake the truck up and companies like Blackbear will retune for free as you add mods. Turbo is not as easy as it seems. Not a lot of support for th
  6. Plenty of comparisons on youtube regarding intake valve cleaners. I've personally used seafoam and crc. I'm the second owner of my truck and purchased it with relatively low kilometers so I've kept a tight maintenance schedule including using seafoam or crc every other oil change. From looking at tests of these products online, it doesn't seem like they help with higher mileage engines with pre-existing carbon buildup, but I would think its a great preventative measure for removing fresh carbon deposits. I also have a catch can, which I have to dump out every other oil change. Like others have
  7. Did something subtle today. Tinted the turn signals. Driver side is not tinted, passenger side is in the first photo. Thought the tint I ordered was darker but this turned out pretty good anyway.
  8. I've heard the rear ends (differential) are different between the v6 and v8 as well. So a parts truck is definitely the way to go. I plan on doing this too when my v6 starts acting up. I've got a rcsb so I'll probably try to find a 6.2 when the time comes. Haven't seen too many trucks with that combo.
  9. Haven't done much with the truck in awhile but I did get a bottle of "Shine Armour" in the mail. Decided to give it a try and see what all the hype is about. I washed and dried the truck before using this product. My thoughts: Super easy to apply. Wipe on, wipe off. It did give the paint a bit more of a glossy look compared to when I wax it. It does nothing for existing scratches though and actually makes them more apparent and obvious. Truck looks great at a distance but as soon as you go closer, the scratches and scuffs on the body are magnified with this stuff. I have yet t
  10. Have you owned an ecotec 4.3? I currently own one, I've had 3 s10s with the vortec 4.3, and I drive a 5.3 for work. When I started driving my work truck, I obviously noticed the difference but not enough to say I bought the wrong truck. My 4.3 does everything I ask of it in daily driving situations and is capable of much more than that. The vortec 4.3 you're talking about is not the same as the ecotec 4.3 and those comparisons need to be put to bed. Apples to oranges.
  11. X2 on that. I have yet to see someone pull it off but it would be badass. I'll be looking into it when I'm reading to pull the trigger on the swap in my regular cab.
  12. Dipped the chrome on the front and rear bowties. Front:
  13. Had this 2 inch leveling kit sitting on the shelf for months! Finally got it installed. Getting front end alignment in a few days Before: After:
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