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  1. I rebuilt my 2014 Silverado, the AC system worked fine but I had the system open. I just replaced the driver/accumulator, do I need to add PAG oil? It lost very little oil when I pull the rad support off, but the old drier looked a bit saturated in oil. Searching forums nobody gives a spec for just a drier change inside the condenser. Any help is appreciated!
  2. Thanks! I actually forgot about the rear bumper! Yes that was the plan, I need to start keeping an eye out for a painted one. I have a feeling I'll have to go new though. The other thing I need to change is the box cover. I put the fiberglass solid cover on that it came with, but that has to go at some point.
  3. All assembled in the shop.. the lights look much better now. Still don't like them as much as OEM but light output is way better, with a clean cutoff and no blinding other drivers. Lights on Day time after some miles Beside the old cab Close up on the mangled cab.. I'm glad that repair wasn't attempted. For those that scrolled through and read it all, thanks for taking a look! I don't know if I'll do another one again, but it's cool to have a truck th
  4. Had to set on the new front bumper, this item cost more than the whole truck. Truck was $1500 CAD by the way. Two of the bolt holes in the HD bumper matched up with the 1500 brackets. Very thankful for this! Unfortunately details are vague on the bumper installation. I had to extend tabs on the frame horn brackets for full support The other thing I did was re-drill the 1500 frame horns and move them down all way, as the HD frame is much taller. I would've like to had HD frame horn brackets to try, but I was obsessed wi
  5. Tear down begins.. I was happy to do this. Truck sat for so many years I wanted to check/clean any rodent action. Dash out Definitely the worst part of the job. Taking a part a dirty interior carefully. Added just a bit of sound dampening.. used the 25% rule from advice from http://www.sounddeadenershowdown.com/ I was going to do a full 2 step treatment, but I had ridden in other newer trucks and was happy with the noise level. No regrets not going further, it sure is quiet.
  6. Around this time I had to decided on what front end I wanted to use. 2014 1500, 2016+ 1500 or 2016+ HD front end. It basically came down to what I could find locally for parts, and I did want to do something different. Budget was a concern, so I couldn't go with brand new stuff. Amazing how much that stuff costs in Canada anyway. White hood located I had found this picture online. It's actually a shortened HD truck. I wasn't going to have 14 wides or the Dmax scoop but it looked different from all the white half tons that I saw. so I decided to
  7. FYI the pictures were taken on my phone generally vertical, so they will be turned to fit here better. Can't wait for this ugly frame to go at this point. Now I'm learning how the assembly line assembles things The electrical, fuel and brake lines are all one large assembly that drops into place and connects everywhere. It was very to easy to remove as an assembly. Switched over to the new frame Doesn't take long and the old frame starts looking bare. The rear end and tank moved over as well. Electric power
  8. The new frame inside.. suspended ready to start switching parts over. To be continued
  9. Body shop/frame rack day The verdict: Frame was out a bit (no kinks, just a an inch out overall), needed a new cab mount. The cab situation was worse, and would be a costly repair as it was many seams, that wouldn't be possible to fix as good as OEM. The body man was excellent, rather than take the work he asked me how much I was willing to do. This was 6 months after the pandemic, and I was barely going in to work. All the time in the world on my hands. I had also priced out a frame from GM already. When I told him I could order a new frame, and the
  10. July 15th 2020 I found the truck on marketplace and started inquiring. Details were vague, but the truck had been in a collision and wasn't repaired or reported?? (so he said) Weeks go buy and the information trickles in.. it has hit a pole and broke the entire front right suspension, but the engine still ran and it drove on 3 wheels . More info, it was actually crashed in the fall/winter of 2016. It has been sitting for 3-4 years. Fast forward to September 2020, the seller has decided he should let the truck go and now I get all the details
  11. If you've ever been on Facebook marketplace and found something that was too good to be true, seller was extremely hard to get ahold of, and impossible to go look at... You'll enjoy this build. It all started with two facebook messenger photos of a phone .... containing the photos of the truck. It ended here: I'll try fill in the gaps in between, but it may take a few posts when I have time. As a hint, the model year of the truck changed and I got to order a brand new frame from GM. More to come soon!
  12. Black hole is right!! My truck only has a pan from the front cross member back, I'd definitely like to try one from the from bumper valance. I also need to seal up the HD grille more it has a ton of extra cooling. One of these days I'll make a thread.
  13. Thanks, it's far from perfect my starting point was less than ideal. So with you and co-pilot out you're 4810lbs. I should still weigh again with fuel. But that's much closer than I thought. I'd imagine I have more on my front end though. Side note have you every thought about fabricating a lower air diffuser that streamlines airflow from the lower front bumper valance back past behind the oil pan? I too watch fuel economy like my life depends on it, sold my TDI VW so I've considered building some of these for my low 2wd trucks to test.
  14. I like the idea of messing with the rear leaf, cost is low and if I need to replace it I have (thankfully) your Deaver spring specs now! New U-bolts aren't too spendy so I can take pictures as I go and post if I go down that path. I should maybe know this from your thread, but how did you gain 500lbs aside from rear leafs/shocks? I'm sitting at 4940lbs (my attached scale picture shows KG). Not sure on the fuel situation then, I had just finished building the truck. It's a 2014 originally, 2016 cab on a brand new 2018 GM frame with a 2018 HD front clip. I didnt see any
  15. Very helpful thanks! I currently have a couple other GM full sized lower to the earth. One with spindles, one with control arms. My 2014 drives me nuts at stock height, actually it's leveled.. for some reason I didn't remove that gift from the previous owner... yet. It makes more sense now that you mentioned the lowering spindle, I remember reading you changed it but didn't see the drop it offered. What excites me even more is you're lowered with better than OEM ride quality! Have you weighed your front end and rear axle separately? I know I'm heavier but I'
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