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  1. Anyone had any issues with the rough country uca SKU: 19401 rubbing with 275/70r18 tires? I know its a different body but my 07 nbs with an rc lower 2" level only rubbed a little on the fender with the same size tires (duratracs) tires and never on the stock uca. when I got my 14 Sierra I went with a motofab 2" lower and bilstein 5100 at the first setting so about 2.5" leveling but I did the rc uca because I thought it'd be good at 2.5" of leveling. My stock 275/55r20s (20x9 24 offset) rubbed a little at full lock. I went with milestar Patagonia mt (figured I'd give it a shot) 275/70r18 on 18x9 with 18mm offset thinking it'd be a hair farther out from the uca. I dont get rub on the wheel well but I do on full lock. any input?
  2. Cant really say much. I can tell you the set up is a little more stiff and my stock wheel tire set up runs the uca at full lock.
  3. Damn I'll probably definitely rub with 17x8.5 18 offset. My stock 275 55 20 already rub my uca at full lock
  4. It's not bad. A little stiffer and loose than I expected. But I'll let it settle
  5. That looks pretty tight. I'd assume stock suspension.
  6. Do you have much play for a bigger tire? I'll be running 18 offset so that would make it more inboard right?
  7. Damn if you have a 3" on 285 and run 295s will def run on 2.5. What's your wheel offset and width?
  8. Just wanted to run it by and see what you guys think before I pull the trigger. 2014 Sierra 4wd. Going to do 2" rc lower leveling with bilsteins at first setting approx 2.5" level with 3" rear blocks. Bouncing between 18 and 17" wheels but leaning toward 295/70r17 on 17x8.5 wheels with 18 offset. Anyone think I'd have rubbing issues? My 07nbs with 2"rc lower level and 275/70r18 duratracs rubbed a little at full lock.
  9. So my rpo code says i06. That link says it upgrades to i05?
  10. Thanks! So the dealer doesnt have to do this without it throwing codes?
  11. Hey all, I read another post about updating intellilink to mylink Tb 16-NA-042. I'm trying to see if it is possible to have mylink or android auto added to my 2014 Sierra with an 8" screen. None of the dealerships have heard of this.
  12. Anyone have an update on this? I have a 2014 Sierra with the 8" screen with intellilink. Every dealer I called said they've never heard of upgrading to mylink with android auto and couldn't find the tb 16-NA-042
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