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  1. She's looking beefy that's for sure.
  2. Just go with 275/70s . I run toyo RTs in that size and get 20-21 mpg still
  3. What tires to buy?

    How'd they do in the winter? I've had a set for about 10k miles but run actual toyo winter tires in the winter. Thought about just running the RTs all year next year
  4. Which Tuner?

    On another chevy forum, 95% of them run a diablo tuner with a custom tune from "Lew". His customer service is bar none.
  5. Just leave it leveled and do the norcal mod. Toyota guys have no problem trimming their metal fenders, maybe we should be the same jk dont do that. And 3.5" level would be brutal on your ball joints. truck would ride like chit
  6. Anyone who goes hard core offroading in a brand new 45k truck is just stupid lol, mine just goes down forest service roads at the most, have an atv to abuse in the mud
  7. With the right offset rim a 35in clears all day on a 4.5in lift
  8. Surprised there isnt more guys running this size if the only rubbing is on the liner
  9. Overloaded

    They'd figure it out during the cops accident report lol
  10. 4wd and snow tires, no weight in the bed. I work shift work and am always out before the plows and never had a problem
  11. I can get my Toyo RT's to rub the felt liner a touch turning up or down a hill with some speed. Super minor rub at that. That's with a rough country 2" and stock wheels
  12. Was removing the grill shutters a pain in the ass?
  13. Probably a lot of truth to this. Those bastards lol

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