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  1. That things sitting niice.. Tires are 315/70/17s?
  2. 285/65R18 or 275/70R18 don't rub. (I'm running 275/70s on stock 18s) Some on here run 295/70R18 or 285/75R18 but I cant see how they dont rub the sway bar/uca
  3. Can't see any issue running those, toyo makes great tires. Only seen a few trucks in person running them though, looks like a good all weather tire. I run the Toyo RT and haven't had any issues on/off road. Been down some pretty muddy logging roads hauling my atv around.
  4. Running boards finish

    They'll probably say its from rocks hitting the running boards. aka we don't cover it.
  5. So if ford gave you a free 2019 F150 Platinum, you still wouldn't drive it? Sounds like you're just brain dead.
  6. 2016 Lift it or List it?

    Leasing. The never ending car payment
  7. Just do 35s, fuk it. Could put some 4.56 gears in er if you really want some snap back
  8. Fender Trimming

    Nice hack job
  9. I'd get the raptor if you can afford it. Performance/luxury and has a killer resale value.
  10. There's 3 rubber plugs up in the rear wheel wells which is where they'll start to rust with age. Good to take those out and even the rear tail lights to give a good wash in there/spray fluid film. Any open holes underneath on the rockers and cab corners would be good to soak some fluid film in also.
  11. She's looking beefy that's for sure.
  12. Just go with 275/70s . I run toyo RTs in that size and get 20-21 mpg still
  13. What tires to buy?

    How'd they do in the winter? I've had a set for about 10k miles but run actual toyo winter tires in the winter. Thought about just running the RTs all year next year

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