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  1. I'm waiting to see how the new tundra performs before I buy a new rig. Prob be in 2022 for the new tundra tho
  2. Guys run 295/70/17s so dont see how that size would rub if those dont
  3. Twice a year I remove my rear liners to clean up there. There are 3 rubber plugs in both rear wheel wells, pull them out and hose the area out/spray undercoating. Dirt gets trapped between the panels and causes the rust above the rear wheels on these trucks. Usually pull my tail lights to hose out as well.
  4. If you had a flat in the back you could always just put the spare on the front and use that 35" for the back.
  5. If it meets all of Gm's oil standards/recommendations it should be fine.
  6. We all need to be more like the tacomaworld guys. Dudes are trimming their fenders without a second thought to fit bigger tires over there.
  7. I'd go option #2. Just drop the truck off and you pick it up all said and done. Less of a pain installing it and then having to wait around for it to get an alignment It's pretty simple installing a lower strut level kit however. (comes with instructions) Putting new blocks in the rear can be tricky though if the kit comes with it.
  8. Only way to not rub without trimming is to have a smaller offset on the rim
  9. Tons of guys go off road with levels and 33s. They perform fine on the normal fire roads etc.. Probably gain close to an inch in ground clearance over stock tires, and will most likely rub the felt liner in off camber turns/bumps
  10. I'd prob throw the 5100s in at stock height first just to to see how it rides
  11. My 2017 sometimes vibrates rolling down the highway, trans clunks into gears when coming to a stop/taking off. I much preferred how my 2011 drove compared to this one, as crazy as that may seem.
  12. Just get your intake walnut blasted at 100k Miles and be done with it. The engine isn't going to fail from having no catch can...
  13. Krown is king in Canada. Zeibart doesn't even exist on the east coast anymore.
  14. That things sitting niice.. Tires are 315/70/17s?
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