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  1. 4wd and snow tires, no weight in the bed. I work shift work and am always out before the plows and never had a problem
  2. I can get my Toyo RT's to rub the felt liner a touch turning up or down a hill with some speed. Super minor rub at that. That's with a rough country 2" and stock wheels
  3. Was removing the grill shutters a pain in the ass?
  4. 10k miles on my RTs, great tire
  5. Probably a lot of truth to this. Those bastards lol
  6. Don't know why you'd want to do that. They're both virtually the same trucks and yours only has 60k KM which is nothing. Just gaining 10k more debt, thats it Those 3000km could have been put on by morons like the fastlanetruck guys, racing to zero-60 and pulling 8000lb trailers lol
  7. Tire size?

    Those don't rub on the upper control arm/sway bar either?
  8. DC. No kids so the back is a nice size for storage and hauling people around the odd time. The extra foot in the bed is handy
  9. This makes no sense lol. My 33's fit more snug than those tires on a 2in level
  10. Best Undercoating?

    krown undercoating is king is canada at least
  11. 2014+ Leveling Kits

    Damn, wouldn't think they'd fit without harsh rubbing on a leveling kit
  12. Leveling Kits and 35's

    Whats the point of running 35s if you cant even drive normally without rubbing, let alone anything offroad. Just run 33-34in lol
  13. Have a 60 acre property so always hauling or towing something and gets a 100km roundtrip to work everyday.
  14. Who knows lol. Will be interesting to see if they work all iced up in the middle of February.
  15. No complaints from me. Traded in my 2011 on it and it's miles ahead of that truck. Have the 5.3L, obv its not a hot rod truck but will do everything i've asked it towing/hauling wise.

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