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  1. I have a 2017 Sierra 1500 that works great too. Reading this forum absolutely freaks me out. I am often thinking "did I luck out or is the other shoe about to drop?". I wounder what percentage of total trucks sold actually have problems. It would also be interesting to know what percentage of trucks with problems are due to modifications, lack of maintenance or abuse. If buying a new truck is like playing Russian roulette it would be nice to know how many rounds are in the pistol.
  2. Worst day ever

    Ether this is a troll or the snow flake rims are very appropriate.
  3. A GM / Ford Merger???

    Interesting that the article states: GM also has the advantage that it is considered to make among the most dependable American cars. If you read most truck or car magazines you would get the opposite impression. My own experience with Ford and Chrysler has been negative and with GM more positive. It is very difficult to get any unbiased data on dependability.
  4. Sorry this is on the wrong thread.
  5. Wow. Eat a Snickers. You'll feel better.
  6. Air conditioner

    Has this problem been sorted out in later models?
  7. Amsoil for engine and tranny ?

    Some great input here thanks everyone. This is the first vehicle I have owned that has AFM and direct injection. Also the numerous posts indicating tranny problems has me a bit nervous about changing anything because my AFM and transmission are super smooth. I would prefer to switch to amsoil on my next oil change this summer.
  8. I have a 2017 Sierra with a 5.3. I have had free oil changes for the last two years and have used the dealer's supplied Dexos. My engine and transmission are working great. I have read that many people hare having issues with AFM and hard shifting trannies. I have use Amsiol signature in all my other vehicles. Has any one switched to Amsoil and experienced problems? I am wondering if I should leave well enough alone.
  9. should you use towing mode every time you tow or only when towing heavy items?
  10. That is what I am asking. There are two members indicating that the transmission issues are due at least in part to driving habits. I want to know what specific habits can cause the hard shifting. I am not doubting that this may be the case. I just want to know what to avoid. I am not having problems and I don't want any.
  11. Exactly how does driver behaviour affect the operation of the transmission? what are drivers doing to negatively impact their trucks?
  12. How common is this problem? are the problematic transmissions defective or is this a design flaw? If it is a design flaw why don't they all have problems?
  13. Blown rear main seal

    The problem with conspiracies is that you have to keep everyone silent. This almost never works out. I would find it surprising if someone was fitted with cement shoes over testing of catch cans.
  14. Blown rear main seal

    That explains why GM may not want a study performed but not Elite Engineering. As to the validity of you reasoning for the lack of effectiveness of the PCV system, I will leave that to be analyzed by the more automotively knowledgeable posters.
  15. Blown rear main seal

    Why has your company not performed a study where you demonstrate that a catch can reduces the amount of deposits on valves? Or if you have performed this type of study can you share it?

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