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  1. I use redline too. how often do you use it? Also do you change the VLOM filter yourself?
  2. Thanks for this information. My truck has 30 000 km and the afm works great. Can't feel the switch at all. I am on the fence about deactivation. I don't want to mess with a good thing. I use Ansoil Signature and change it often. I do like to keep my vehicles a long time so I may still deactivate.
  3. They seemed flimsy and loose. I once blew one off with the wand at a car wash. I was not very close to it. My truck is a 2017. It mat be different.
  4. There is a small plastic cover that snaps in over the bolt that holds the wiper arm onto the truck. I have now lost two sets of these. Winter seems to be particularly bad for losing them. Does anyone have a solution to this? Or should I just learn to live with it? I am more concerned about the exposed bolt rusting than I am the aesthetics. I know this is a small issue, but any suggestions will be appreciated.
  5. Thanks that link is very informative. Lets you know just how complex these engines are.
  6. Hey Guys, Thanks for the quick replies! The consensus seems to be that the AFM system works fine with proper maintenance. It is difficult to find accurate information. I like to keep my vehicles for a long time. I had my Safari van for 17 years before I sold it. I am using high quality synthetic in my truck (Amsoil Signature) so I don't think I will have oil issues. I also don't like to mess with a vehicle that is working well.
  7. I have a 2017 5.3 4x4 Sierra work truck and I love it. It shifts just fine, I can't even feel it when it shifts from V8 to V4, but I am concerned about lifter failure in the future. I am more than willing to give up a bit of fuel efficiency for reliability. My questions are: 1) Do 2017 trucks have lifter problems, or have that solved that problem? 2) Do the AFM disablers (like Range) solve the problem or do I have to remove the lifters and replace then with the standard lifters? Thanks,
  8. Thanks for the reply Grumpy. I have the same suspicions. There are millions of trucks out there and we are hearing mostly from people who are having problems. Is this due to design flaws? or is it due to abuse? or is it column A and column B? It may be that several different types of abuse may all expose a weakness in the transmission that will never be seen with proper care. I am new to truck ownership but from reading sites like this is It seems that if you avoid modifications and perform recommended maintenance you can avoid a lot of trouble.
  9. I have a 2017 Sierra 1500 that works great too. Reading this forum absolutely freaks me out. I am often thinking "did I luck out or is the other shoe about to drop?". I wounder what percentage of total trucks sold actually have problems. It would also be interesting to know what percentage of trucks with problems are due to modifications, lack of maintenance or abuse. If buying a new truck is like playing Russian roulette it would be nice to know how many rounds are in the pistol.
  10. Ether this is a troll or the snow flake rims are very appropriate.
  11. Interesting that the article states: GM also has the advantage that it is considered to make among the most dependable American cars. If you read most truck or car magazines you would get the opposite impression. My own experience with Ford and Chrysler has been negative and with GM more positive. It is very difficult to get any unbiased data on dependability.
  12. Has this problem been sorted out in later models?
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