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  1. 4.3 LV3 Fuel Efficiency

    Looking at your chart it's obvious that you've "learned" how to drive it for best fuel economy over time. 2018 is ridiculously impressive. Obviously winter weather will drop it a couple mpg's but you'll still probably average 26.5 over the course of the winter months. Now that I think about it, I've had fuel economy discussions with you on the 5.2/6.2 fuel economy thread. You do a great job.
  2. Oil change intervals

    You know what's funny? I almost considered this, but then I just called NASA. No but seriously...my readings are off. I managed to get check it in three different spots in the last two days (two of the three readings say the oil is fine), the other reading says it's overfilled. I figure it's fine. I'm 3,500 miles in on my oil change. I've added a half a quart of oil and that should keep it level until I change it.
  3. Oil change intervals

    Anyone else have problems just getting an accurate reading when checking the oil? I always think I'm on a level surface but apperently not...I move the truck and it's a whole different reading. Very sensitive. It's to the point where I only check my oil at the exact location I changed it, which is a problem because it's three states away (I moved). So now occasionally I just pull into my old driveway on Saturday mornings while the people are enjoying coffee on the porch. They're cool with it though.
  4. 4.3 LV3 Fuel Efficiency

    What's your lifetime average, grumpy? I know it's pretty damn good.
  5. The "Catch Can" Explained

    Well I didn't buy an empty can, the can I bought has a double baffle and it seems to work great. If an empty beer can could do what this can does...I would have went with an empty beer can. Lol. I briefly considered your cans, I'm sure they're great, but unfortunately you're in a business where people are making some good cans for $30 bucks. Maybe your can is better...sure it is. But I could buy eleven of these cans for the price of your top model...put them all in line and most likely suck all of the oil out of my crankcase. I have zero interest in getting the "most" drops of oil (heck most people thought I was crazy for even putting a can on in the first place). My little $30 dollar can is capturing plenty of oil in a 13,000 mile truck.
  6. 2014+ Gas Mileage (MPG) Topic

    Well you wouldn't be the first person to note improved fuel economy from a catch can. Just the other day I watched a YouTube video of a guy who installed a catch can on his Sierra and his fuel mileage increased by an amazing 2 mpg. I just installed a catch can myself the other day and I don't know if it's the can or what but I'm averaging a little better fuel economy (tough to put an exact figure on it yet but I'd say it's gone up maybe 1 mpg so far). It's something I'm going to keep an eye on.
  7. The "Catch Can" Explained

    Well I installed a catch can yesterday - after one day of driving (100 miles) I checked it and was shocked at how much oil it caught. My truck only has 13,000 miles on it, I didn't figure I'd be catching much of anything, but I was wrong. Although I didn't measure it, it looked like there was maybe a couple ounces in it. So the first thing I'm thinking is...this normal? Jesus I only have 13,000 on the engine...it's a 2018. I do have 3,500 miles on the oil, so maybe it's sheared a bit? Making it easier to get sucked up the PCV system? The other question I have comes from something someone asked me today, and it was...do you really want to remove all that oil and moisture from the intake and upper engine? I thought that was a good question...water/moisture, when heated has been known to be excellent at cleaning upper engine components. And oil, when put into the combustion chamber can add some lubrication. I figure a catch can isn't removing all of that anyway, so it's probably good, plus I don't want soot and carbon deposits covering the valves. But I did think that was an interesting point someone made to me.
  8. After reading this thread I think what I'll do is change my Fluid and filter at 20,000 miles - I'm at 12,000 miles now - 5.3 six speed, but I do get some harsh shifts, etc. Never considered that the initial break in period and material from the clutch packs could be putting some gunk in the converter. But I guess it could.
  9. I just used the 3M intake cleaning system (3 solutions, tank, throttle body cleaner and induction). Personally think it was a waste of time, luckily not resources as it was free. Can took about ten minutes to empty into the manifold while it was running. Didn't notice any smoke or any different performance after. Don't really think it did anything but it's a great great gimmick. Eveyone is scared of carbon deposits on DI engines, they know that, they sell something to "treat it". They have to be loving this. This kit I think is almost $50 and it has maybe $5 bucks of cleaning solution in it that doesn't do a damn thing to clean carbon off a valve.
  10. This sucks, but why did you allow them to do the work? They must have told you they were voiding the warranty before they did any repairs, no? I realize you were in a tight spot and had to get it fixed but if you had more time you could've either shopped around or returned the truck to stock. Unfortunately I believe they do have the right to void the warranty...lift kit, bigger rims and tires probably is something that would void that warranty. I have heard that to be the case in the last because it directly effects the drive train.
  11. Rusting Frame

    I don't know, I've seen a lot of things hurt the wax on these frames, it's hardly on there in the first place. Whenever I do an oil change I have to re-apply Undercoating where the oil hits the cross member under the drain plug. It takes the wax right off.
  12. Wait a second...GM uses the upper portion of the condenser as the transmission cooler and the side tank of the radiator as the oil cooler? I don't think I've ever heard of a setup like this. Did GM ever do this before 2014?
  13. I don't think I'd be too concerned doing a tranny service at 115,000 miles. That's not excessively high mileage to do a service like that. If it were 215,000 and the fluid never was changed? Then I might worry but not at 115,000.
  14. I imagine the grease wears away and the noise comes right back. GM probably doesn't want to pay for the rubber inserts, plain and simple. Because people are putting inner tubes between the leaf springs, and it works, I'll do that. Most leaf springs already come with sheets of rubber between them to prevent noise...I figured my truck does too, I'll have to check. Or maybe it just needs more. But whatever you do, don't go off a service guy telling you a rubber bracket will be available in the fall. I've worked at dealers, we are in the dark as much, if not more, than the general public (regarding decisions that will be made in the future on car repair/problem fixes). GM once had an intermediate shaft issue with their cars, made a ton of noise. First they had us remove the shaft and "stroke them". It would free up the wax, problem solved for a month. Then when that didn't work they had us inject more wax into the shafts (provided a kit). That didn't work. Then we started replacing the shafts, until they realized that was costing them too much. Then it was just "normal", problem solved. I am starting to get a sort of pop/movement noise while backing out of my driveway at low speeds. I figure it's the leaf springs. I now have 10,000 miles on the truck (2018), honestly the truck has been great except for three minor things....occasional pop noise, truck fish bites until it's warmed up a little (jerks, stutters), and once in a while when I open my door I hear a relay struggling behind the dash (and it's not the sound of the electric fuel pump). Don't know what it is. Other than that? Great gas mileage, smooth power and acceleration. Quiet and straight down the road. I love the thing. I'm averaging around 25 mpg in a V8 4x4 truck.
  15. Antifreeze leak

    Leaking from the radiator side tank? Pretty commmon and not always obvious. They kind of seep.

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