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  1. Wow, that looks pretty bad. Only 78k miles? I've seen some other pictures on here and they look bad too. I do 5,00 mile oil changes too...and run a catch can. When I reach 70k miles I'm planning on pulling the intake off and doing a manual cleaning...wondering how it'll look (not sure how much help the catch can is actually giving).
  2. Congratulations! Nice looking truck. I think you will enjoy it and I think you'll surprised at the gas mileage you can get out of it (if you have a highway commute and take it easy on the pedal - it can be pretty rewarding). I wouldn't worry about the EcoTec engine too much, just use a good Dexos approved synthetic and change it every 5,000 miles and I think you'll be good. Personally I like the engine quite a bit, it has very useful torque and horsepower for every day driving. IMO
  3. Personally I'd just change it out under the severe service interval or less (I'm a little anal and did mine at 26K miles and I drive that much in a year, so I'll just do it every year). But for all of the gloom and doom around here we hardly ever hear about rear end failures or transfer case failures...so that should tell you something...in the world of "these trucks are bad", you don't hear about these components failing. And you know there are people on here who beat the ever living tar out of these things.
  4. Well, i dropped my pan and changed the filter at 40,000 miles...cleaned the magnet. To my surprise the thing actually seems to be shifting a little smoother now (probably my imagination). I'll just do simple drain and fills from here on out, once a year or so. Magnet was fairly "clean", filter looked "good". If you ever change your filter, do yourself a favor...leave the little filter gasket in the transmission and don't try to replace it...it's a royal pain to get the old one out.
  5. Yeah and mine still does it, I'm at 42,000 miles now. No change, no big deal I guess.
  6. Disconnect battery? As far as transmission temps; over the life of the vehicle I probably only got the thing over 200 twice...once was climbing an auto road up a mountain, the other was during a 3 hour drive through a heat wave. Other than that the transmission pretty much lives in 140-180 temp range (it's cold around here 6 months out of the year). I think I pretty much have all the fluid replaced/refreshed...I did a drain and fill at 20,000 miles through the dipstick tube, and then the pan drop at 41,000 miles. I think I'll just plan on doing drain and fills once a year until I decide to drop that pan again (could be a few years).
  7. Thanks for the info. I ended up doing a pan drop, filter replace and new fluid last week and it's been 700 miles since...the shutter I was getting on the highway is gone. I'm stunned. Never before have I had something "fixed" by doing a transmission service...not sure I'm out of the woods yet, but it is encouraging. My truck only has 41,000 miles.
  8. Honestly, I get asked this all of the time because my friends and I all drive 2014-2018 Silverado's and the closest one to me is averaging around 20. My commute is 80 miles round trip everyday...most of that is highway (cruise set at 68) and the rest is country back roads driving at 40mph. Very rarely am I "into" the pedal. The truck seems to be able to glide along without much throttle input. Not sure if I'm being helped a lot by the stock 17 inch tires/rims (my friends all have 18's or larger), so that's probably helping a bit too.
  9. I mean, there are some people that actually prefer it, I wouldn't worry about it too much at all. I've considered going to the 5W30 when my warranty is up. Tell you what you could do if you're really that concerned...drain 3 quarts or so and fill it up with 0W20. Good for 5,000 miles, easy. IMO
  10. I've driven both the 4.3 and 5.3...I currently own a 5.3. I think there is a noticeable difference in power between the two in everyday driving scenarios...passing, flooring it, pulling out onto the highway. The 5.3 has more "pep" and it just feels more "snappy". I've read many posts on this thread alluding to "slug", when describing the 4.3...I understand what they are saying when compared to the 5.3, but I don't agree when compared to other vehicles in normal driving situations. I think the 4.3 is fine. I think it is "capable" for everyday driving situations, maybe not as snappy and peppy as the 5.3 in passing situations, or situations where you're towing, but I think the 4.3 is fine. I also think the 4.3 feels much smoother when driving/shifting. I was actually shocked comparing the V6 to the V8 in terms of shifting/V4 engagement and overall driving smoothness. I'm averaging 24.5 mpg in my double cab 5.3 4x4 V8...that's pretty damn good, but I imagine I could do even better with the V6 (and enjoy the everyday smoothness of that power plant). But I definitely think the 5.3 has more power - I can feel it - it is useful at times, but not needed in my daily 80 mile round trip commute. In hindsight I probably should have went with the 4.3 - I don't tow, I don't drive "fast" and I don't need the power. But the 5.3 is impressive and fuel efficient, nonetheless.
  11. A tune? Will I be able to keep my AFM if I get a tune? I'm already averaging 24.5, a tune would help me get better than that? I'm interested. Is this something that would void my power train warranty? If so I'll probably wait till I'm out of warranty. Regarding the pan drop/filter/fluid change...it honestly has seemed to help...I haven't had the shutter going up the hill on the highway that it started doing it on. But I'm not holding my breath, I've never really seen a tranny fluid change do much of anything in regards to driveability, so if the shutter returns I won't be surprised.
  12. Honestly I haven't and I probably won't for a while...I have a pretty big commute and gas mileage is somewhat important to me right now. And I'm averaging 24.5 mpg over the life of the vehicle (41,000 miles). That will probably change soon, as I am selling my house and moving a bit closer to work.
  13. Good to hear some good things about the 6 speed, because I own one and hate the thing. At 41,000 miles I was worried enough to drop the pan, change the filter, fluid and clean the magnet...with the way this things shifts, shutters and shakes, I was expecting metal shavings on that magnet, but it looked good. Suppose/hope that means the transmission is ok, even if it doesn't behave the way I'd expect. My thought process is...let me get 150,000 miles out of this thing and then I won't feel bad about replacing it and spending a couple grand. I figure I can live with spending 2k if a I can reach 150,000 without problems.
  14. Well I can tell you that the 2018's haven't changed much with the 6 speed; they still suck and I too am starting to get a little shudder at certain highway speeds as the transmission doesn't know what to do...not sure if it's the converter or what. I pulled the pan off last week, changed the filter, cleaned the magnet - everything looked good (41,000 miles). Changed the fluid, bolted everything back up annnnnd….yeah it didn't help one bit. I have 20,000 miles before this thing is out of warranty, I'll be keeping an eye on things. I do like the truck, I just have to decide if this is something that will become more of an annoyance or more of a PROBLEM. Because I don't want problems, I don't want to replace transmissions or torque converters every 60,000 miles.
  15. I've been using Fluid Film for two years now (twice a year as well) on my frame and it hasn't harmed the frame wax one bit. Now I suppose if I aimed it right against one spot under high pressure, I could blast through the wax, but that would be true with any product. The problem with the frame wax is that it dries out, then falls off in large chucks, or worse...it lifts a bit then the rust just grows and grows right under it. Then it falls off. The Fluid Film keeps it pretty pliable. The Chevy Dealers around me actually use Fluid Film as their undercoating treatment ($250 an application, which is a ripoff). But I think any product is better than nothing with these trucks - the frame wax is terrible if you don't treat it annually - cosmoline is another nice wax like treatment...little tougher than the FF/Krown/NH Undercoating/Woolight. CRC makes a marine wax coating that is a lot cheaper and more effective than the Amsoil/cosmoline/Daubart chemical. But the key is do something, you can't leave these frames alone...they'll be covered in rust after a year.
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