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  1. 34,000 miles and they look new - it depends on the way you drive, if it's all highway they're going to last 100,000 plus.
  2. Haven't checked on this thread in a while, what's you're mileage at now, grumpy? Have you gotten to 100,000 yet? I'm currently at 34,000, but once September rolls around I'll be doing my 100 mile a day commute (I'm a teacher). I've only put 2,200 miles on the truck this summer, but she's ready to roll again! Just did a wash and wax, touched up a few paint chips, reconditioned the interior...should be do for an oil change and rotation in the middle of September, then an undercoating treatment in November. Year two of my Silverado ownership is set to roll. Oh and I'll be adding new tires in November too, should be at 40,000 miles by then and the stock Bridgestones are getting a little too thin for winters around here.
  3. Purchased my 2018 Silverado 15 months ago, 33,000 miles later the only problem I've had is the starter went (covered under warranty). I Fluid Film it twice a year and I installed a catch can at 10,000 miles. I'm not sure what people's valves look like...if there is a problem or not (it's impossible to see these valves unless the intake come s off), but it was easy to install the can, cheap and I have no problem emptying it every 1,000 miles or so. I also drove through the winter with it and I didn't experience any issues with freezing, etc. My rear leaf sprigs are starting to make some noise, lots of squeaking when turning, a few clunks here and there...I'll check the bolts and see if they need tightening and perhaps I'll throw some grease between the leafs, otherwise I'm not concerned. Im averaging 24.5 mpg over the life of the vehicle. I change the oil every 5,000 miles with whatever brand name Synthetic I can get on sale at Walmart (right now Rotella gas truck). All in all I'm very happy with the truck. My biggest concern is rust, which is why I treat it twice a year. Local dealers around here actually sell the fluid Film treatments, but I purchased a five gallon bucket of the stuff and just do it myself.
  4. I owned a Lexus LS460 for five years, I thought the Genesis was similar in looks and suspension design. Real nice cars. My friend has a 2017 G70 or G80...beautiful car.
  5. I was talking about this with a friend of mine the other day (we both own Silverados). He asked if I get sick of driving a truck and want to purchase a sedan (he's buying a Dodge Charger for a second vehicle), and I told him, well not really because my commute is a lot different than yours. I just get on the highway and go...easy driving, no stop and starts, don't have to park it in crowded parks lots, etc. But I must say if I DID have to use it like that? Yeah I'd get tired of it. And I do think a car or smaller SUV could be fun at times...especially for around town stuff...doing errands, going shopping, going out to dinner. I used to use my truck for that and it was a bit of a pain trying to find parking spots that I wouldn't be hanging the rear end out into the street...or having to worry about hitting something in tight quarters. Stuff like that, it's just so much easier in something smaller - you can effortlessly whip it around those parking lots - and you can drive faster and fun.
  6. I think most manufacturers have gone away from cars, expect Toyota, because they’re not selling. People want trucks and suv’s. The family sedan is dead. I think even Toyota has had some decline in their car division - the Avalon is having sales problems, even though that’s a beautiful car. Camry and Accord I think are the only two I see regularly on the road, along with some commuter cars (Civics, Prius, Fit). But that’s kind of a different segment. For families (which is a huge market), the trucks and suv’s have taken over. But I see your point for sure, the car market is probably a bargain compared to the truck and SUV market...cheaper initial cost, better fuel economy, probably better buyer incentives. I guess an argument can be made that if you have one vehicle that can do everything for you, instead of two, maybe the cost is cheaper or the same? I kind of did that with my situation...traded in my car, sold my second hand pickup and bought the Silverado. Wife has an SUV. Don’t know?
  7. I think it's more because Toyota's other vehicles in their lineup get great fuel economy (Prius, Yaris, Corolla, RAV4, Hybrid Camry, Hybrid Highlander, etc, etc). I think that allows them to meet CAFE regulations without having to worry so much about their full sized trucks and SUV's...whereas GM has lagged behind in that department. I could be wrong - not sure exactly how many vehicles GM has in their lineup that are hybrid and how it effects the CAFE formula.
  8. I'm going to have to try that (putting it in m5), when driving around town roads going 40-45 because that is when I don't like the AFM either - I can feel it shifting in and out as the transmission doesn't know what the hell to do - it drives me nuts and I have to think it's bad for the transmission to constantly be shifting gears like that. However on the highway I find it's great, I'm actually averaging 24.4 mpg since I've owned this truck...that's not a careful one week of driving, that's 33,000 miles of various driving conditions! AC on in the summer, freezing cold starts in the winter, mostly highway weekly commute, with a lot of around town driving on the weekends. I'll try that manual 5 thing for the around town stuff and see if I think helps...I really don't want to tune the AFM off and I figure I have a warranty until 60,000 (so at least I'm covered with the lifters until then). From what im reading it looks like sooner or later I'll have to make a decision on the AFM/lifter situation. My hope is this...I'd like to make it through the life of my loan before I run into lifter failure, then when the truck is payed off (and I don't have a payment), I may permanently delete it and not worry about gas mileage/amount of money I spend at the pump. I bet this thing would drive so smooth without it. So I need to make it 5 years and 150,000 miles. Lol
  9. Well 33,000 miles later and everything seems ok (averaging 24.5 mpg over the life of the vehicle). Change the oil every 5,000 miles, no mods aside from a catch can. We'll see how it goes...hoping for the best but won't be shocked if/when it happens. Reading through a couple of posts on here regarding dealer feedback...I have a totally different experience of feedback. When I ask about the lifter collapse they tell me it's a non issue, that people complain about the "feeling" of when it switches between V4/V/8, but as far as repairs, it doesn't seem to be a major issue where I am. I mean they may just be lying to me (talked to 3 different dealers). And i do work with 6 different people that own these trucks, none of them have had an issue yet (although one does experience bad oil consumption). And one of them has over 200,000 miles now. Personally on mine, I do experience some oil use...probably 1/2-3/4 a quart over 5,000 miles.
  10. Alternator? Lol, I probably would have lost my mind at that point. I consider myself very lucky that the truck only had to go to the dealer once for this issue because the tow truck girl was able to get it start, and it started at the dealer. But luckily the tech said he was able to get the starter to act weird once, so they threw a starter into it. Tell you what, I don't know if they're using different starters now...if they've made changes to who's manufacturing them now...but the starter they put in it sounds different/feels different, than my other starter ever did. It's faster, you can hear it engage and spin faster. I know that sounds crazy but it's different. I asked the dealer if they replace many starters on the 2014-2018's he said, yeah some but not an unusual amount. Meanwhile the tow truck driver said they see these trucks all of the time. Well my next starter failure will be on me, as my warranty will be out soon, but it looks like a real easy starter to replace.
  11. Dealer replaced the starter. Works great now. Battery tested fine, cables good, no voltage drop on the connections...the starter just gave out. Honestly kind of surprised the starter went after only a year and 32,000 miles. Great truck so far though...at least I finally got to use that bumper to bumper warranty.
  12. Well it wasn't the PCM fuse. Tow truck came, girl gets out and says...I see these things all the time, these things need a lot of juice to start. She puts her jumper box on it and it fires up. WTH? I tried jumping it with TWO different jump packs...then I went the old fashioned route and used jumper cables. One click. The battery is one year old. I literally drove it the less than two hours before we had what was the most violent microburst rain and lightning storm I've ever seen. Next day it won't start. Didn't seem to be any amperage draw on the battery...didn't leave a light on, nothing was plugged in. Water shorted out something. Something is wet. The girl said the starter solenoids are crap on these trucks...haha, I laugh because I did read that on this forum. So now the dealer will start it, it'll be fine and they'll tell me to pick up. Great. Then I'll get stuck again.
  13. Ok thanks, I'll give that a quick try before I get it towed.
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