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  1. I tend to agree with both of you, I figured it's cheap insurance but why spend more than 100$ on one.
  2. Hey guys. Looking into getting a catch can on my 2018 5.3 1500, trying to spend less than 100$ on one, (and brand suggestions welcome) but my main question is, say you forget to empty it? Is it now a small jar of oil and water waiting to get slurped up into the intake when you hit a big bump? I like the idea of the cans but can't factor out the potential goof up.
  3. Sooo as to which oil filter to buy... Find an ac Delco pf63e? Or are any of the above cool to run as they have the 22psig bypass?
  4. I would like to do crown as it seems that is the only commercially done undercoating that doesn't destroy the factory wax coating but my nearest location in over 4 hours away.
  5. Anyone have any experience using the HD metal protector or the noxrust? What kind of spray pattern do they have, similar to underbody coating? Would the spray be able to reach into the inner wheel wells if one were to take the taillights out?
  6. Summer flew right by, but now is prep time for salt season. Spoke with two local companies who offer services for rust proofing. Fluid film and NH oil undercoating, neither would touch it because of the factory wax undercoating (I appreciated their honesty) Think I'm going to pick up a few cans of the Daubert Chemical NoxRust X121B which I believe to be the factory coating. Any suggestions on if I should spray down up into body panels or not? Specifically inside the wheel wells and can corners? (Obviously after a good cleaning and drying first)
  7. Circuit board medics seemed to be the most popular online, but they won't touch it
  8. Hey everyone, I know it's a common problem for some of the lights on the HVAC buttons to flicker for a while then die, but has anyone had then repaired? Are the replacement ones any better? Not sure which direction to go, just want the repair to last.
  9. Opened up the hatch and found only one side would catch when closing gently, when slammed both would catch. Adjusted the catch bolt on the tight side back a hair toward the bumper and it closes perfect now. Thanks guys
  10. Thanks for the link, the locking aspect of mine seems to be working correctly, just the tensions the latch grabs at seems to be too much
  11. Anyone know how's to adjust the latches on the tailgate of a 2018 1500? If I close mine gently the latch works as it should but if I close it with anyforce it is very tough to open it the next time, feels bound up.
  12. Hey Everyone, just picked up a 2018 Silverado with just under 20k, being in New England where rust is the ultimate killer of cars and trucks I'm looking for any kind of extra rust protection. I've learned that there is a wax like factory undercoating that is sensitive to some products (no fluid film) Anyone have a prevention method? Good products to use? Any sweet spots to hit, wheel wells, cab corners? Anyone every try cosmoline on the waxy coating for a touchup?
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