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  1. The dash showed all but the pass. rear yesterday then today both rears went out, just seemed funny I would loose two that close
  2. From what I gather you need a relearn tool for these years, unless there is some other trick out there
  3. Hey guys, I got a flashing tire sensor light yesterday, checked the screen and it looks like my pass. rear sensor died. (Seems premature for a 2018 with 35k but whatever) driving today the drivers rear one went out as well. Think the sensors are that quality where the batteries would die 18 hrs apart or something else failing in the system?
  4. Hey guys, Yesterday I was walking back to the truck at a gas station and got a quick but heavy whiff of burning rubber (chalked it up to someone peeling out) later in the day I went to pass someone and got another quick whiff in the cab, everything looks good on the belt system, nothing I can see on the exhaust. Any guesses?
  5. A little late to this show, truck currently has 31k on it (2018 5.3 6spd) plan to pump out what I can through the dipstick, drop pan for cleaning and a new filter. Add what I took out assuming about 6qts. Take it for a ride around town, pump what I can put of the dipstick tube and refill. Shouldn't be any issues mixing the factory fluid with Napa synthetic right?
  6. I tend to believe him, from what I read he is one of the best out there. Has there ever been any accounts of someone following his instructions for removing a tune then having a dealer decline warranty work?
  7. Spoke to the tuner at diablew, my only concern is voiding the 2 years I have left on my powertrain. He said not to worry as long as I reflash it back to the stock tune if I was ever to bring it in for warranty work they would never know...
  8. Installed the sureflow thermostat delete last night, easy minus the front driveshaft right in the way. Going to dive into a tuner next, leaning towards the diablo, I keep hearing mentions of "Lew" is that the website Diablewtune.com?
  9. Any suggestions on which would be the best tuner for transmission longevity, don't care much about getting more power out of it
  10. I'm new to these transmissions (last truck was a 97 powerstroke) but from a few things I have read some have claimed the magnet in the pan was full of shavings at 35k miles. Maybe I'm overthinking it but I'm weighing the pros/cons of a fluid exchange vs. pan drop filter change and add fluid.
  11. Not sure if my last post went through or not, but I chose the sureflow over the "pill flip" from some internet opinions on bypass flow of the trans cooler. I figure 45$ is cheap insurance. Only avoided the GM 70c thermostat since if they messed it up the first time why pay them to correct their own mistake.
  12. Just ordered a sureflow bypass, in the past I always dropped the pan and swapped the filter/added fluid. Maybe it's a stupid question but everyone suggesting bringing it to a shop with a fluid exchanger, wouldn't I need to drop the pan anyway to swap the filter?
  13. Seems like more yays than nays on doing a fluid exchange so I think I will go that route (most likely with amsoil), also going to look into the thermostat delete and external filter. Bought the truck a year ago with 18k and it gets babied, good info guys thanks.
  14. Hey everyone, I apologize in advance because I know many are sick of the subject. But my 2018 1500 5.3 (30k miles) has been good to me so far! I would like to keep it that way and hearing the torque converter horror stories has me thinking proactively. Would having a trans shop swap out the stock converter for an aftermarket solve the majority of the issues? I've also read that the truck should be reprogrammed for the new converter, is this something a standard transmission shop should be able to do in house? Lastly is there anything else that should be upgraded while it's out? I've read that the thermostat should be upgraded. Thanks in advance guys
  15. I tend to agree with both of you, I figured it's cheap insurance but why spend more than 100$ on one.
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