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  1. After i found our my Silverado had 3.08, i was a bit disappointed. My truck is mostly used as a concrete queen and does very little work. I found some post where many said they drove two trucks back to back with different gear ratios and could not tell a difference. I believe this to be true and i would imagine it wont be noticeable until you start pulling something with some heft to it. If i were you and you could afford it, i would get a Blackbear tuner. Everything ive read on it, it seems it really does a great job of changing the driving characteristics of the truck in a good way.
  2. Thanks for the reply. Ill just try to get a 20’ cable. Thanks!!
  3. Does anyone know if 17’ is enough power wire to run from the battery to the rear seat in a crew cab?
  4. Where did you install the converter? I notice it needs a power supply. Did you piggy back off the amp and run speaker wire from the headunit back to the converter?
  5. Did you lose any volume or clarity out of the front speakers?
  6. Loud ticking

    Mine was really loud and took the truck to the dealer a week after I bought it used. They told me it was normal. Fast forward 2 months later and the vacuum pump went out. The tick is a good bit quieter now.
  7. Im going to attempt to do an install soon on my 14 Silverado with no bose. Im new to all this stuff but from what im gathering, ill need something to convert the signal coming from the stereo. Will this work? https://www.amazon.com/AudioControl-Channel-Converter-AccuBASS-Subwoofer/dp/B00IIL0LW0 also, where am i tapping this device into. Some say the front speakers and some say the rear. I dont want to lose any volume or clarity out of my front speakers. Thanks
  8. 1SLOW1500's Turbo truck build

    I read every post to only be disappointed with your truck not being done. Finish that thing up and post a good long video! Looks great
  9. How do you like those at3’s? How quiet are they?
  10. Zach1990s 2014 Silverado

    Good looking truck. Congrats
  11. I noticed my seat in my 14 had a small click/movement when taking turns. Did the hose/hose clamp mod and it’s completely gone now. Whoever came up with this, huge thanks!
  12. When i was put into a 17’ Silverado DC V6 as a rental, I could not believe the throttle response compared to my 2014. My Silverado is a v8 so im sort of stunned by this. I have already done the gas pedal shim mod and it helped, but its still way far away from the throttle response of the 17 i drove. I also currently have a 2018 Tahoe as a rental and the throttle response is excellent as well. Will getting a tuner make throttle response similar on my 14 to that of a 17’?
  13. F150 calling?

    Listen to this guy! Stay away from those Ecoboost motors
  14. Shake or Vibration Issues

    Thanks for posting this and sorry about the long day at work! One thing not on here is the truck originally came with 22” wheels and at some point they were switched to the 20” ltz wheels. Im guessing this was in an attempt to fix the vibration.
  15. Shake or Vibration Issues

    Vin sent to Grizz. I have allowed him to post my Carfax as long as he crops out the vin. Hopefully it helps someone out. The dealership accidentally rotated the tires against my request (i like plugged/patched tires on the back). This thing is so smooth now. New tires are a must in my future. Also, i was given a 2017 Silverado as a rental while my truck was being fixed and my truck definitely rides and drives smoother than that thing. Thanks

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