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  1. Black birds / Crows

    That is strange, any food there? It's not nesting season. Crows can be attracted by shiny stuff. Some may mention the 20 gauge, not appropriate in many locations, or the pellet gun. 'Poisoned corn' may be a little extreme too. Blackbirds & crows are rather fickle, here today, gone tomorrow. They do flock up this time of year. If extreme you could cover or put a 'cherry net' over the truck.
  2. Just keep track of it & bring it back when needed. I'd check for simple stuff, leaf & such as mentioned. Coming back in for warranty items is when you see how the dealership stacks up, it's all promises when you are about to buy. I wouldn't freak out just yet.
  3. 'Bed rail caps'? The black plastic trim? If so I'd think some type of 'Armor All' type clean & shine should clean & bring out the black.
  4. I remember back a ways, when the A/C was on the engine would go to a slightly higher RPM, noticeable at idle in park. In this instance, the engine had to work harder to run the air compressor. Also, one sees how the a/c drain tube allows condensation/water to drain after & while using the AC. This is even evident after parking & the vehicle is shut off. I'm not talking the touted comparisons between A/C use or windows down on gas mileage. The Windows will be up in my scenario. Even though there is a drain tube, the less moisture the better. Back in the day I ran some equipment where standard procedure was to increase cabin temp before shutdown to reduce moisture. Right or wrong, some of this has carried over to my vehicle operation.
  5. I'm usually a Stihl guy, but when it comes to trimmers I go with Echo. I have a modest level commercial type, like it much better than my last Stihl. I don't know much about the other type you mention.
  6. The oil dipstick in at least the 5.3 engine is marginal in my book. It's very flimsy, hard to get an accurate reading, and reads overfill after putting the book amount of oil in. Contrast that with other vehicles we have that have a straight, strong, easy to read stick. I am researching another 22" inch dipstick that may work. I don't see any listed as replacements, but one of the aftermarket types may work. I guess part of the reasoning is to get a few ounces off the weight, with the current stick.
  7. Exhaust Flapper Rattle - Again

    I plan to look into this today, locking the flapper open. Thanks for the tips.
  8. I like my A/C compressor off as much as possible. Yes, they seem to turn on now anytime 'defrost' is on. My reason for doing so is to reduce moisture in the system and possibly lower some 'drag' on the engine. I do get ribbing from other family drivers at times. I also agree, some of my reasoning may harken back to older systems and not apply as much today. I never did like the idea of shutting a vehicle off with the A/C system on. I realize many people do it, just not my thing.
  9. I just went though the 'topper' search. I looked new & used, about my 4th truck doing so. I've had Leer, Century, and A.R.E. in the past. I like the cap for gear protection and to carry the dog, when she's not in back. Looking used is a chore, hard to find one in O.K. shape, that fits, and of the right color. With a 15 year old truck it may not matter. If one has a newer truck, do you want that mismatch on the vehicle for the next 8 years? After looking a bunch I just ordered a base model "V" A.R.E. cap from the dealer in Janesville, WI. It was about $1550 total. The only mod I got was the stronger 'pet screens', even though the dog is about always in her pen. It is my belief that A.R.E. reviews higher than Leer, though my previous Leer was fine. Since you are in IL you may save some on sales tax in WI or IN, maybe check into a dealer near the border. Of course driving far to save $30 may not be worth it.
  10. 'Home defense' is the total package, not just shooting at the bad guy once he is positively identified. In the nicer areas one has to be on guard with the 'daytime burglary'. You know, they come visit and if they find you home they ask directions or some other muse. If suspicious it's a good thing to note the vehicle, maybe the plate, and characteristics of the occupants. Here is 'Kara', she's kinda friendly but very wary of strangers. Once a proper introduction is made, she's just fine. I don't need no stinking electronic security system.
  11. Thanks, maybe I'll just put the book quantity in and not worry about it much. The oil stick does seem flimsy though.
  12. No matter what the dipstick reads 'over filled' when I do a complete drain then put in the required amount of oil listed in the manual. The dipstick is flimsy too. I had looked earlier, never saw any good replacements for the factory dipstick. That was a few years ago, any ideas of a better dipstick that works? I would prefer thicker metal, flat, easy to read. Does anyone else see this as an issue? Thanks. OBTW, This is a 2017 Silverado, 5.3 liter engine.
  13. I got a 'cold call' from my previous dealership about trading up to a discounted 2017 model. The 2014 'Double-Cab' has been pretty good, 53,000 miles, off warranty of course. I went in & we talked a bit, ran some numbers. He ended up about $5k higher than what it would take to get my attention. For the heck of it, I checked with another, actually closer dealership I have never been to. My wife came in for this research. The sales guy was great, some names were familiar, and there was the guy we know from church swinging through who was with management in some fashion. When all was said & done, he ended up over $5k lower than the previous dealership, and it was a MUCH nicer truck. There were some things I didn't like about my 14 D.C.. Since we had crew previously, went back to the Crew-Cab. Yes, gave up some bed length. We also now have the fold up center front console, for another seat if needed. Since we have retired GM in the immediate family tree, we used that. I did have the 14 modded with a cap, bedliner, Winter tires and a few other things. I may be able to use the tires with the 17. I have to do a little more cleanout then will go swap trucks today. The dog may be the winner too, thinking about a backseat kennel to let her ride in comfort.
  14. Steering wheel lock up

    I'm sure this recall includes my 2014. I think it's also what I had a problem with a few months ago.
  15. I'll keep that in mind. I haven't had the problem recur in the 2+ weeks since I 1st became aware. I'm hoping the problem is gone.

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