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  1. So, if you guys don’t mind adding some input, I would appreciate it! I just snow checked a new sled yesterday, and am trying to decide which sled to possibly sell. We are original owners for both sleds. ‘11 Cat F8 EXT. Runs great, looks great. Almost 4,700 miles. Cobra track has a few lugs with very minor tears. If I keep it will probably replace the torsion springs and rebuild the shocks, and it needs new carbides regardless... ’11 Cat T570. Runs great, looks great. Under 600 miles. Doesn’t need anything for the next season. Lower miles up to this point si
  2. Well, last w/e was a great way to wrap up an awesome season!!! Just broke 1400 miles, most in a season yet. And other than near road crossings, the trails were in pretty good shape. A huge Thank You to all that made great trails possible!!!
  3. L86, Thank you for all the work you and the others do!!! Even if we don’t ride your area, it is still appropriated!!!
  4. Nick, It was a pretty good w/e!!! Little tiring due to the tougher trails around the falls, but still a good w/e... That was actually only the third time I have rode the U.P. Most of my riding has been in Ontario. And maybe 400 miles or so around Cadillac. We just got back from riding in the Soo, Ont area this w/e. Rode another 175 miles on Sat, then just a quick ~30 miles total today to get breakfast before loading up and heading home. Was a pretty brisk ride yesterday, and even a little colder today. Not a ton of snow, but more than enough to ride.
  5. We stayed in Strongs this past w/e. Sat we rode to Brimley to fuel up (both us and the sleds), then on to Paradise. Then made our way to Newberry, then down to Trout Lk and back to the motel in Strongs. 175 miles total. Sun morning we rode into Brimley again for fuel, then headed towards Oaradise and rode a few seasonal roads down a ways and back. Headed back to the truck and we were on the road by about 12:30 to head home. Rode about 60 miles. Overall a good w/e. But it was very busy in the U.P. It’s only the third time riding the U.P., but I
  6. Had a very quick trip to WaWa this past w/e. Due to our crazy Mi weather, we had to drive for snow. Was a fun first time up there. Headed back up to the Soo, Ont this coming w/e if the trails turn green!!!
  7. Well, the sleds are pretty much ready to go. Northern Michigan has had some snow, but now a ton.... Forecast shows snow maybe about mid-week, so maybe we can get up there after Christmas. i do need to work on a different bag set up for my sled still. We (buddies and I) bought season permits for Ontario, and hope to do a couple overnight trips. Was planning to work on it today, but it’s been a kind of lazy day after a crazy work week... Then some fun with friends Fri and Sat....
  8. GP, There was a number of schools that were actually closed today as a result of the snow. Though I don’t believe it will stick around. Nothern Michigan has been getting snow, though not enough has stuck around to have a good base for the opening of the trails this coming Set, Dec 1. We will get there!!! Some of our ski hills have already opened as well. Maybe a week ago or so.
  9. I ended up going with a AutoCraft Gold from Advance Auto. 730 CCA 910 CA 130 min reserve I still need to pick the battery up, and install it, which I’m not looking forward to. Maybe if I wait a couple days it will get a little warmer. When I mentioned the stock battery tested “ok”, I wasn’t stating it is still “good”. Yes, it still has enough guts to currently start the truck, but it tested a little over 450 CCA (think it was 475ish) when originally rated for 615 CCA I think it is. Considering temps reach -30* or -40* at times in the U.P. of Michigan, or
  10. TY for all the replies!!! I was able t get up to the local store and have my battery load tested. While it is still “ok”, it is showing its age as I suspected. Since I don’t want to get caught in northern Mi or Ontario while snowmobiling, its replacement time. What are your thoughts regarding an AGM battery vs a traditional? Is the extra price worth it? TY!
  11. Considering my ‘13 HD 6.0 is just over 5yrs old, and snowmobiling in Northern Michigan and Northern Ontario is around the corner, I figure it may not be a bad idea to replace the original battery now before it dies... So what is the best value for a replacement battery? In the past I’ve usually bought the duralast gold from autozone. Just wondered if there is a better value battery for a similar price. TY!!!
  12. Yesterday at the Novi snow show I learned there is a new interactive trail map system being launched, that’s free. Will have real time trail conditions, and from what I understand, us users can actually change a trail status if/when needed. Say we encounter a tree across the trail, we can report it (not 100% sure how yet...) It is Groomed Trail, currently web based but there is suppose to be an app eventually. https://www.groomedtrail.com/ Currently only for four states, but more may be added down the road, as well as Ontario. Not sure about the rest of Cana
  13. Is anyone a member of dootalk? I tried registering this afternoon to start getting more info regarding my possible next sled, and it appears I was rejected.... lol
  14. Well, my Ontario season permit is on order, a couple buddies and I plan on trying to get up to D13 (Soo area) a couple times in addition to the guys trip. We figure even if we only go up Fri after work and head home late Sun afternoon it’s worth it. Pending the weather and crossing the border, it may actually be a little less time vs driving to Newberry or Paradise in the U.P. Now trying to come uo with a bag set up for some clothes, shoes, and a toothbrush for the sled.... The small tunnel bag is no where large enough. Looks like it may be more money spent... Has any
  15. We have had a few Fall days already. Then in typical Mi fashion, a day or two later has been right back into the upper 60*s, if not considerably warmer... Won’t be long though.
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