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  1. All done, went with the more trailer equipped truck (cameras), given towing is more important to me than off road shocks and skid plate. Ended up getting ~8k off the truck with rebates, so about 11% or so. They threw in tonneau (rev), bug deflector (egr), gm mats, and rear mud guards at cost, so not bad. Thanks for the advice.
  2. I'm up in Canada, and was wondering what folks are getting off of MSRP on a new truck (truck im looking at is 70K cdn)? Right now up here its $4750 from GM off the truck, with 0% over 72 months. Dealer has offered 2k off, I was hoping for more off the vehicle from the dealer given most of the discounts are GM so far not the dealer themselves. What's the normal folks are getting in that price range from the dealer? Is it 3% above invoice WITHOUT the gm discounts that people are generally trying for? From what I see folks are trying for 12-20% off msrp, was with our without the
  3. Do you mean the advanced trailer package? re: two cameras? I believe both have the trailer package, but i'd have to add the mirrors on the black one or get slip ons (eww).
  4. Unfortunately, no link as they don't have it up on the site yet. Vin is 1GCUYEET8LZ370719. I think they both have hitch guidance but the black one doesn't have advanced trailer pkg, or hitch guidance with hitch view.
  5. So the dirtbikes are just one towing duty, we tow a 30' travel trailer that weights ~7000lbs during the spring/summer/fall to camp/vacation. You get better mileage than my 2016 5.3 for sure Guess, the new cylinder deactivation and 8 speed helps more than I thought it would.
  6. Heya folks, I currently own a 2016 Silverado LT with the 5.3. When I first bought the truck I really wanted the duramax v6, but alas it was not out yet. I tow dirt bikes on the weekends as well as a 30' camper (weights around 7000lbs loaded). The reason I want the duramax is a) I owned a 2007 2500hd duramax prior and loved the diesel torque and b) fuel mileage when towing the dirt bikes for 3-4 hours every weekend and the trailer (no I don't tow the dirt bikes and trailer at the same time). I'm looking at two different trucks, one is a 2020 silverado rst in black with the z71 package an
  7. Sounds like its par for the course . I'm guessing the big three are probably all the same, and there is no escaping stuff like this.
  8. Has anyone else had what I would call "early" starter motor failure on their Sierra/Silverado? I had it at about the 3 year mark on my 2016 Silverado, and had to have the vehicle towed to the dealer. Ended up with a $650 repair, with what in my opinion is a defect. Starters should last a heck of a lot longer than 3 years (under normal usage). When I discussed this with the service manager, he had indicated his 2016 failed 3 months prior, so this doesn't appear to be uncommon (at least up here in Canada). The excuse that GM gave is it was due to road salt corrosion... umm what? You mea
  9. I have a 2016 Silverado, and when I bought it I had them throw on 265/65/18 BFG K02's. For the first 30k or so, they were fairly quiet, but now they are freaking loud. Has anyone else had similar issues with these tires at around 50,000 km? It's bad enough that I want to tear them off the truck as the noise is worse at the speeds I travel most (80-95 k/hr). For reference they have about 8mm left on them. Any suggestions on other tires to look at for someone who tows periodically in the summer (6000lbs or so)? Thanks!
  10. So 2 weeks in, i love the sounds still but I do notice the v4 especially with cruise on around 90k/hour or so with slight load on the engine. I might pick up the range afm disabler as I really don't want to modify the ECU on a brand new truck with warranty
  11. So I ended up doing a delete, sounds great IMHO. No drone, although i can hear the v4 switch but it isn't bad at all.
  12. Why would I need another stock exhaust? I am stock.. If the muffler delete doesn't work out I just put it back in. I'm out labour is all.
  13. I was planning (before I got cold feet), to just delete the muffler and leave resonator and flapper in.
  14. I assume a muffler delete is going to be too noisy? Although I hear it has no drone.
  15. I have a 2016 Silverado with the 5.3, looking for a bit more throaty sound.. nothing crazy though. I tow, so I don't want drone or screaming exhaust while towing. Any recommendations?
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