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  1. Where is the 2014 silverado steering wheel angle sensor wiring run to? From the sensor pigtail to where? Ebcm? Power steering motor? Dos not seem like it runs to the bcm after peeling most electrical tape off the wiring under driver dash.
  2. Got codes u0126 and u 0151 on a 2014 silverado 5.3. Any ideas of what it could be. I already checked all ground contacts and most wiring issues mention on google searches and so far so good. Maybe bad ebcm abs module or power steering motor?
  3. Anyone know what the gateway would be considered? Cant find anything about it in a 2014 silverado only in 17 and up.
  4. Can anyone press that switch and see what code they get on OBD scanner? I dont have that switch rigged by my das looks just like that with code U0126.
  5. I get stabilitrak message every time I turn on truck with code U0126 on OBD reader. I checked voltage and seems fine. I replaced the SAS module and tried to recalibrate but still got the light on dash. I also went through electrical manual and checked most ground points and they seem fine plus voltage seems good on actual SAS module connector. Any ideas? Could it be ABS module since my OBD scanner had the code under EBCM?
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