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  1. ah, gotcha! I thought the 5100's were noticably more expensive...maybe a silly question, but is the .15 inch difference (1.85" lift on the 5100) noticeable compared to a full 2" level?
  2. question for you...I currently have a RC level kit in front, factory rear...if i were to switch to bilstiens, could i just leave the level in place and replace the ranchos with the yellow 4600 bilsteins?
  3. i know all tires (even within the same brand AND line) have their own sweet spot...I have KO2s and run then at 43-45 PSI...even wear all around, and over 50k miles on them...47 would be a little harsh for my set up, but when i see that number, it doesn't jump out at me like some sort of crazy high PSI. but a different question that the rest of the folks have asked...you said even wear, that's great...do the tires still have really good tread life left? if they are worn tires, that could also be a contributing factor...
  4. Post Pics of Your 2014+

    ZR2 too small? or just didn't like it?
  5. Post Pics of Your 2014+

    He's back! missed these pics...did you ditch the chevy or do you have both?
  6. this made me chuckle...to each their own...
  7. Camper shell...??

    maybe a short somewhere? So far I haven't had any issues related to that...sorry.
  8. you can get brand new leather seats installed for probably less than $2k...so...if that is a factor, I am willing to bet you could get an SLE for more than a $2k savings...just a thought...we have kids and leather is way easier to clean, so it is a priority for us....but that doesnt mean all the other bells and whistles with a loaded pacakge are...
  9. Call your insurance company and give them the VIN...they have access to more detailed info (in my experience) than the car history reports...my agent was able to tell me if there were any insurance claimed on the specific vehicle and for what amount. to each there own about Carfax...it is a data point...it is not full proof, but it is a data point...I have seen plenty of vehicles listed as rental or fleet use...are there ways around it? sure...if you don't file an insurance claim, its not going to show up on the carfax...just like anything else, everyone has an opinion about it though...and if it isnt 100% full proof, there will be plenty of people who poopoo on it...
  10. BG Products

    Can you elaborate on the BG Induction service?
  11. BG Products

    is this the 3-box service i was asking about, or is there more involved?
  12. BG Products

    Wow, that is a great piece of info and sorry about your experience! how long ago did you have this 'service'/issue?
  13. BG Products

    thanks! they said all in it should be less than an hour...(30-45 mins) so your logic sounds right...I didn't do much research on the diff fluids yet, but I thought the T-case held a bit more than that...so I wasn't quite sure...thanks for the help...this is what I needed spelled out for me a bit! haha!
  14. BG Products

    So one thing that has surfaced in this thread is people have brought up BG additives...and I am not looking for additives per say, simply changing the differential fluids and the transfer case... (whether or not their fluids have 'special' additives that do or do not make a difference, I'm not sure how much I am concerned...my main concern is do they have quality products and if so, is $250 a reasonable value for those three services? having said this, there has been some really good feedback on this thread, so thank you!
  15. BG Products

    Thanks Karnut!

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