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  1. Although i'm not shopping new, we are shopping for a used 19...if you haven't bought yet, and can wait...i would be willing to be the bottom will get lower...be patient, wait it out...give it a month or two...i mean how much do we need cars right now during this lock down? jsut my two cents... oh, and although I have not bought a GM SUV yet, I have bought 3 chevy trucks...and have always got at least 20% off MSRP...that to me is my standard deal...sometimes i get a little more...i thought they were offering that finacing deal with $12k off...but again, just be patient and shop around...
  2. looks a bit familiar...I only added a RC 2" level and 285/65R18 KO2s on my stock rims... I'm please with the stance...
  3. Might not (or might?) be as cool...but a significantly cheaper option...i paid roughly $1000 for the bumper...the center light was under $100 and the two side lights were i think $300 for the pair...My nephew and I installed it...and tapped it for the parking sensors...I like it...
  4. going to be getting an XL for my wife before too long...this is what i would want it to look like...but my wife is fighting tooth and nail! haha! oh well...saves me money keeping it factory... looks awesome man!
  5. pads and rotors? did you already turn rotors or skipping that step?
  6. I also agree with your statement... you probably don't even need the AT version of Continentals...you could go straight HW tires and probably get a little better wear out of them...not sure what the cost difference is? but if you do venture off form time to time, the AT's might be worth a little reassurance...4wd in itself makes a huge difference on the light slippery stuff... I always put Michelin's on my wife's vehicles...they look like plain jane tires, but they are the best (IMO) and she doesn't give two hoots about the looks...and she rarely if ever even goes on a dirt road... great conversation and clarity!
  7. Here are a couple pics of two of my tires i just changed at just over 65k ...rotated them regularly...probably had some life left in them, but going on a trip to the mountains, so didn't want to risk anything...clearly some cracking and wearing , but for a true all-terrain tire, 65k miles was enough for me to buy another set....
  8. if you are on the highway all the time, you will for sure get better traction on the Continental tires, but if you believe you will get better traction in any off road scenario than KO2's, I would really like to see a like for like comparison (new tires vs new tires) of Continentals vs KO2s and see who actually would get stuck and who wouldn't...the Continentals (and Michelin's for that matter) AT tires are glorified highway tires...absolutely great highway tires in comparison to any true AT tire...
  9. yes, i have read that...i might have misunderstood which was the 'good' one...but 100% agree and understand what you are saying...sorry if i typed it wrong, thanks for pointing that out! do you have a preference on replacement brakes?
  10. looking for a little guidance...I have tried to do quite a bit of research, but haven't really found a convincing direction for my breaks...I have 69k miles on my truck...and breaks are acting up a bit...nothing crazy, but they need a little attention at least...and I am concerned that the little issue will turn big quickly... I am not looking to go crazy on an upgrade, as far as I can tell the stock brakes are fine for me...(unless the upgrade cost is minimal)...basically I have come across Wagner (I think most chains like Firestone/Hibdon, etc.) install these...but also have seen quite a bit of AC Delco professional (dealers and independents install these-it seems). 1) for just OEM replacement brakes/rotors, is there a noticeable difference between Wagner and AC Delco or other? (or feel free to throw out other options?) 2) I have read a few reviews of people regretting they turned their rotors...what are the thoughts there, just skip the turn and buy new ones? or was that a small sample size of reviews I saw? please let me know your thoughts...thanks in advance!
  11. i prefer an 18" rim on 4x4...having said that...for 20's i would recommend as much rubber as you can fit...more comfortable ride...
  12. sorry late to the party...i will add a couple things...i was in the same boat with my front bumper...had a small accident that did absolutely nothing to the other person, but made my sheet metal front bumper look like a crushed soda can... 1) I don't have experience on rear bumpers, but i did get an aftermarket front bumper from Iron Cross and have been very pleased--installed myself, tapped for the front parking sensors and used the same fog light connectors with the aftermarket fog lights, i would buy a matching iron cross rear if i needed too...but not going to upgrade unless something happens to the OEM 2) i'm not commenting on the OP's deal...but i was able to negotiate between a couple online websites (real truck and can't remember the other) but i wasn't in a huge hurry, so i had them drop ship it to save some money...never take listed price always negotiate! (funny story, as it turns out even though i was on two different websites i was talking to the same 'call center' and finally the manger got on the chat and gave me the best deal)
  13. sorry, pics are terrible...i couldn't get it to focus right...i'll see if i can take some more pics...be there is like a blister on the dang thing I've never seen before... truck has 67k miles...i'll probably go in and replace the rest myself...they already got the toughest one!
  14. I wanted to get some opinions...I was one of the lucky ones that my truck gave me a p050D code...ended up being a new injector...while they were working on it, i asked them to pull the spark plug and see if it was ok...here are some pics...they arent great, but see if you have seen anything like this...there is almost blistering going on...and also some odd wear on the back of the electrode...thoughts? anyway...as much as it sucks paying for the repair, the dealership wanted a grand and i got it done for 1/2 that...runs much better now... anyone else get this sort of wear on their spark plugs? should i go ahead and replace all of them? (i only replaced the one that was associated with the bad injector, #8)
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