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  1. Its shut down until we get back and I can replace the tube...I will also be doing an unexpected oil change just to make sure...where can I send samples? never have done that before...
  2. well...I mean, the damn intake is shelled! haha! sorry to disappoint you!
  3. 2016, 76k miles...and this has been my worst chevy so far...but whatever...thought this was a fun little unexpected expense...was planning on taking my truck on a family trip...my check engine light came on...checked the code, it was the p0171, mass air issue...i cleaned my filter, cleaned my mass air and did an inspection...only to find (see pic)...holy hell! if you cant tell, the entire connection from the air intake to the air manifold is completely separated... anyway...i am not sure how long my engine has been sucking unfiltered air...hope it isnt too bad...but i am ordering an Airraid intake tube...not that i believe in the improved MPGs...but i had an CAI on my last silverado, and i liked the engine sound! it isnt much more than the OEM replacement part so figured why not...anyone else have this happen? or any other advise on intake tube? (already have a stock K&N drop in replacement filter).
  4. Just got mine installed yesterday... didn’t do blocks yet... but the front sits taller than I expected... a full inch higher than my RC level block... so I am an inch high in front... waiting to see if it settles at all before I do a block or something...
  5. I’ve had a 2” RC level on my 2016 silverado basically since I bought it (4 1/2 years and ~80k miles later)...I am looking to add the Eibach pro truck level/lift kit...(springs and struts, front and back)... it advertises as a 2.5” lift in the front... I know that is the break point if you will for after market UCAs being recommended/required... I’ve seen that RC has a new(ish) forged set... that seem well better than some of their older stuff... what recommendations do you have for good value (not super expensive) UCA that work without spacers and factory wheels for a 2.5” ‘lift’?
  6. how do you like the eibach pro truck? been eyeing it for a while...but just havent saved up for it just yet...did it take a while to get settled/broken in?
  7. so this was completely and totally my point when I was skeptical of the K&N claim of 10-12 micros...which I seriously doubt that is what they are filtered at...can i get out of time out? can we be friends again?
  8. call a spade a spade and get put in timeout? ok then.................................
  9. my comment was specifically about K&N filters...and specifically about 10-12 micros claim...for whatever reason K&N filter specs are more difficult to find then the rest of the filters... and the K&N specs IS the point...READ ME?
  10. you literally add 0 value...dont care if you are a moderator or not...read the thread and know what you are talking about before you post BS like this.
  11. i literally went through this entire thread and you never mentioned ANYTHING about K&N oil filter...you want to reread your statement? there was only one person who brought K&N up and that is the same person who liked your comment and claimed they filter at 99% 10-12 microns without any proof...so you can tell your friend txab to go beat his own deadhorse... if there was a link that i missed...by all means, feel free to point me in that direction...
  12. pardon my skepticisms without proof...do you have a link or data to support your claim? that is a bold claim of which i have plenty support that is not a true statement...at best they are 25...but again...i am willing to concede if you have actual proof...
  13. yes...Boss is at 25 micros...while the ONE is at 20 micros...again...i have no idea what that means in real world scenarios, but i do know that 99% at 20 micros is better than 99% at 25 micros...sorry...had a lot of research i was sifting through in my mind (the video you pulled was one of the resources i came across)...
  14. ha! yeah, it does...i was confusing my sources...but i think the Boss is 99% at a higher micros...so let me go back to my research...the ONE is 99% at 20 micros...i think the boss is 99% at like 40 micros...(hold please)
  15. In the video you posted, it articulated that the Boss is more heavy duty and fully synthetic materials, but it is i think 98% or less...i cant recall...but the ONE is 99%...again...all about filtration, not overall performance...
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