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  1. Harsh reality of a black truck...I love my truck when its clean (at best 2-3 days after washing it)...but this is what my truck looks like probably closer to 70% of the time...
  2. DT

  3. Post Pics of Your 2014+

    new truck? did you keep the campin' wagon?
  4. thanks! to me this means...i wont have all the right tools...and this will turn into a complete weekend job! haha! thanks for the info, i'll do some youtubing to see if i can find some step by steps to help me along the way
  5. Door lock actuator???

    i am having this problem now with my truck...passenger side...problem is there is no external key hole to unlock the damn thing!!!!!!
  6. Did you get this done? My passenger side actuator just went out...(its been on the fritz for a while now...) how big of a PIA was it to fix?
  7. yep...its interesting...this has been happening for years...but now technology has made the information more accessible...who knows how many rentals we have unknowingly purchased in the past!!
  8. mustang rental, i agree...camaro rental, i agree...have you ever left rubber on a 6000 lb luxury SUV? that is kind of part of my question...I haven't considered purchasing a rental ever before and infact, like you, wouldn't...untuil now...there are pros and cons for sure (i.e. more than likely much regular maintenance on rental vehicles, but of course as you brought up driven hard and put up wet is what happens...
  9. Check out Black Rhino Company for wheels...they have some really sharp black rims that dont have all the fancy extra flashy chrome stuff that fuel wheels have (if you are looking for a clean simple wheel). Or just get some black factory 18's either way, i am a big fan of 18" rims...i would have a really hard time with 22" rims...i had 20" on my last truck...they were ok...but wouldnt go bigger (and again, IMO).
  10. thanks for the input! regardless if we get a rental or not, I am absolutely on board with what you are saying about mileage...I would prefer to find less than 40k, but not over 45k...and so far that is where most of the vehicles have been between 35k-45k on miles
  11. I would love to get a CPO, haven't seen many available...having said that, do you happen to know what warranty is offered with a GMC CPO? I know Toyota CPO warranty is actually better than factory! *(we currently have a 4Runner that has been fantastic, but would like more room)*
  12. Thanks...I will definitely do that...in general are there any 'look out for X' items on one of these vehicles that is different from a Silverado?
  13. Good afternoon everyone...I have been a Chevy truck guy for quite some time now, but thinking about dipping my toe in the Suburban/Yukon XL world for my wife...If you would have asked me a years ago if I would ever knowingly buy a rental, I would have asked if you were crazy! However, times change and technology changes and here we are...I have come across a ton of 2017 and some 2018 models what I would consider very good priced ($36-$43k range), reasonable miles (35-45k mls) 4wd SLT models...most, if not all have been previous fleet/rental vehicles...In trying to self justify, I think...well this isn't a mustang rental...how bad do people abuse rental large SUV's? Would it be any worse than buying any other used vehicle? Any personal experience and or advice would be appreciated...
  14. Post Pics of Your 2014+

    until i did my truck i had never done it before either...it is relatively simple, and doesn't take much time (i think all three badges took me a little over an hour)...but it does take patience...i used my wife's blow dryer( instead of a heat gun and it worked fine), an old school box razor blade, and good quality vinyl and rubbing alcohol for cleaning prep...just youtube vinyl wrap car emblem and there are plenty of instructional vids to help you along the way...my personal advise is: 1) make sure and use a larger piece and stretch it well (don't skimp and try to cut out the perfect size). 2) get GOOD quality vinyl, it does absolutely make a difference. good luck and post some pics when you get it done!

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