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  1. Post Pics of Your 2014+

    ha! good stuff! yeah, that is a bit of an upgrade in both power and room! haha!
  2. Post Pics of Your 2014+

    more space from a 16 to an 18? wait...i dont know what the hell a Collie is?
  3. Crew cab vs double cab

    not really man...just have to get a vehicle that will last...so i will (hopefully) be driving this thing for 10 years... and my wife owns a business...so the only way we can afford a decent Burb is through her business...which would be the main use for it anyway... Black trucks suck! haha! great only for the day its washed! hahaha! but thank you...i try to keep it nice...but Mother Nature has other plans for me... well...i have a camper shell...so i know what you mean! ha! as i mentioned above, it it weren't for my wife's business...we would probably get another 4 Runner when she needs a new vehicle, but its just too small to haul all her stuff around...
  4. Crew cab vs double cab

    I cant argue with that...but that is an entirely different conversation. I have a crew cab and want to get the wife a 'Burb...so what does that mean? haha!
  5. Crew cab vs double cab

    I'm going to sum up this entire thread very easily...no one, with kids in a car seat, has ever purchased a crew cab and said, man I wish I would have got a double cab...
  6. 2014+ Leveling Kits

    1.75...if not, you will be blinding people half the time...a slight rake is better than a slight endo...
  7. Love these trucks!

    I would say by the reviews on Auto Anything (image below) you have 11 people agree with you...(i'm giving you the people who rate it 3 star)...and I have 374 people who agree with me...so, I might chalk your experience up to a bad experience, and sounds like you got a lemon...but certainly not the norm with this product...so we can agree to disagree... but i would agree...you should stay away from the plague at any rate.
  8. Love these trucks!

    I respectfully disagree with your comments... 1) at least you can use your full bed with the bakflip, with the rollnlock and retrax both take bed space (just about foot) and in a crew cab, there isn't much bed space to spare. 2) also the bakflip is 1/2-1/3 the cost of the ones you suggested... 3) when i had my bakflip, i was able to stand on the cover...so...to say 'extremely cheap' is a bit misleading... ALL covers have pros and cons...for me, the backflip MX4 was (and if I were to get one now still is) the best value cover...
  9. Love these trucks!

    I'd recommend a Bakflip MX4 when you start looking at tonneau covers...I loved mine before I switched to a topper...(or just get you a topper, you wont regret it!)
  10. Scaled the new rig

    yep...my 2016 silverado pulls way better than my 08 Silverado also...your post made it sound like the Sierra is way better than the Silverado...I probably just read it wrong on a Monday morning...but yes, I agree the new models are definitely an improvement over the previous...
  11. Scaled the new rig

    what year was your silverado? are you comparing the same year or previous model?
  12. Post Pics of Your 2014+

    looks good...I remember when mine was clean! haha! if you thought about blacking out your red "Z's" it is a pretty simple job with some good vinyl!
  13. 2014+ Leveling Kits

    here are a couple if you go that route... this is what I decided on...keep in mind I'm usually only off payment for hunting and scouting...so pretty limited...but these are super easy to install and have been great: https://www.weathertech.com/gmc/2017/sierra-sierra-denali/mudflap-no-drill-digitalfit/sierra-class/1500/sierra-dually/no/ if i were to go more off roading (or even just more consistent dirt road driving) i would have definitely opted for these...the cost difference compared to how much i would benefit from them just didn't make sense for me, but might for you: https://duraflap.com/truck-model/gmc/model-1500-gmc/2014-current-model-1500-model-1500-gmc/
  14. Post Pics of Your 2014+

    this guy again! some members I get tired of seeing their (nice) trucks over and over again, because its the same pic...this just makes me envious...keep'em coming!
  15. 2014+ Leveling Kits

    looks really good, thanks for the write up! I might make a suggestion since you are on rocky roads so much, add some mud guards...I have been really impressed with mine, was surprised how much road rash was spraying on my truck for as little of off roading I do...

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