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  1. I did this fix...and the click is still there...it is deeper in the steering column...
  2. Thank you. I don’t have a lift, only a front level... and the tires are about as large as I could put on stock rims without more lift and/or spacers...(285/65r18) I have been very happy with the look...
  3. Thank you! although it normally really isn't 'clean'' hahaha! here's a different angle when it was clean...and the topper...
  4. try this bowtie...with the slight chrome around it, it really sets it off with a 'highlight' but also gives you the black out feel...the angle of the light makes it look gray, but it is black...
  5. So just like the gas pedal lag... just a rigged spacing issue the engineers should have been better to account for! Thank you so much for posting!
  6. Replying to an old/dead thread hoping there is some new news...I can turn my wheel (in park) and I get the clicks... it isn’t the tie rods or anything related to the suspension... it is something in the steering mechanism...any more issues and/or feedaback? I have 58k so well out of the bumper to bumper warranty
  7. i am about to order from this site...for the motors not complete assembly...has anyone had any experience or other recommendations for these actuator motors? https://www.gruvenparts.com/2014-gm-door-lock-actuator-motors/
  8. Yep... adulting sucks! Haha! I think for rears they seem pretty dang similar... the two biggest differences that I have (researched) seem to be American made vs Oversees and functionally the Eibacks have a true 2” lift in the front and the Bilstiens have 1.85” (or 1.75”) ...but I’d love to hear your report when you have a chance...
  9. For clarity, I have a 2016... but no, I have not had a chance to get them yet, sorry I can’t give you a report yet...probably in the next few months, had some unexpected expenses come up I’m managing...
  10. Dude...I have 3 out of my 4 doors gone out...it is ridiculous! it started with the front passenger, then the rear passenger, now the driver rear...I have heard you can get an actuator motor and repair the actuator for $30 each or so...This truck has had more issues than any of my previous chevys...
  11. I know there are a ton of folks who like Bilsteins...but I am looking into Eibach...heard really great things about them (very comparable to Bilsteins) but American made...utilizing factory springs, cost seem to be pretty close too...(and the front level is an actual 2" vs 1.8")
  12. thanks...I would just reuse the factory springs...I wonder how much that would help me save...I bet they would be pretty close to Bilstien cost.
  13. I know this is an old thread, but can anyone report on their experiences since posting on Eibach with factory springs? Any comparisons to Bilstein(better worse same)... I’m in the market and comparing the two.. thanks.
  14. do you mind me asking how much they ran you? I am looking at switching...have been leaning Bilsteins...i assume you got the strut and spring package?
  15. This is a printed email I have had since around when I purchased my truck... this is from the dealership I purchased and clearly asking if a ‘level kit’ would affect the warranty... and the answer is clearly ‘no.’ Having said that, that’s for the info... I’ll crawl under and give them a good shake and see if they have any play...
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