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  1. i prefer an 18" rim on 4x4...having said that...for 20's i would recommend as much rubber as you can fit...more comfortable ride...
  2. sorry late to the party...i will add a couple things...i was in the same boat with my front bumper...had a small accident that did absolutely nothing to the other person, but made my sheet metal front bumper look like a crushed soda can... 1) I don't have experience on rear bumpers, but i did get an aftermarket front bumper from Iron Cross and have been very pleased--installed myself, tapped for the front parking sensors and used the same fog light connectors with the aftermarket fog lights, i would buy a matching iron cross rear if i needed too...but not going to upgrade unless something happens to the OEM 2) i'm not commenting on the OP's deal...but i was able to negotiate between a couple online websites (real truck and can't remember the other) but i wasn't in a huge hurry, so i had them drop ship it to save some money...never take listed price always negotiate! (funny story, as it turns out even though i was on two different websites i was talking to the same 'call center' and finally the manger got on the chat and gave me the best deal)
  3. sorry, pics are terrible...i couldn't get it to focus right...i'll see if i can take some more pics...be there is like a blister on the dang thing I've never seen before... truck has 67k miles...i'll probably go in and replace the rest myself...they already got the toughest one!
  4. I wanted to get some opinions...I was one of the lucky ones that my truck gave me a p050D code...ended up being a new injector...while they were working on it, i asked them to pull the spark plug and see if it was ok...here are some pics...they arent great, but see if you have seen anything like this...there is almost blistering going on...and also some odd wear on the back of the electrode...thoughts? anyway...as much as it sucks paying for the repair, the dealership wanted a grand and i got it done for 1/2 that...runs much better now... anyone else get this sort of wear on their spark plugs? should i go ahead and replace all of them? (i only replaced the one that was associated with the bad injector, #8)
  5. I agree...i fall into the category that I need my AT tires about 5 times a year(maybe more, but they are all hunting related)...the rest I could just have hw tires...but the 5 times I need them...i NEED them... Michelin makes a fantastic tire and I put them on my wife's vehicle...
  6. even those are both considered 'all terrain' tires...i would put them into two separate categories...and encourage you to consider what you want out of your tires...Michelin LTX are if not, close to the best highway wet pavement AT tire out there...i would say more of an all season than all terrain, but they didnt ask me to rate them...the are not very good at all in muddy situations and off road (i cant comment on how they do on ice and snow)...the BFGs are more of a true all terrain in that they can do really well off road as well as on road... and then of course there is the visual factor...if looks are important, then get what you think looks best... the reason for my post is those are really two different tires to be deciding between, i would prioritize what you want first...(performance, looks, off road, etc) and it would seemingly dictate which tire you should get...make sense?
  7. is that the front or rear? have a hard time believing it wont rub at full lock...but if it doesnt and you can drive it, good on you. little too close for my taste.
  8. If a MPG slip compared to a highway tire is a concern, I would stick with a highway tire...if you are comparing two all terrain tires, that is a different conversation... 9 times out of 10, you are getting a larger AT tire than the normal stock...that cause two issues 1 the size is larger and 2 the weight will undoubtedly be heavier... if you NEED an AT tire...then get one...if you are getting one for looks, then don't complain about MPGs... having said all that...my KO2's have over 60k miles...we are nearing the end of life...they do slip on wet pavement from time to time, but if you are that concerned, put your truck in 4wd auto...and that solves your problem...never have i had it slip with that activated... i have not had a significant issue with the noise as the tires have aged, i have heard many of the Nittos get REALLY loud after a few miles... there will be plenty of people who complain about the KO2s, but quite honestly they are still the king of the hill when it comes to AT tires...so take that for what its worth...
  9. I believe this is what i am getting ready to do...but not go through a dealer...i have 66k miles...and have the p050d code...i was going to replace the spark plugs first...but might just have the shop do them and (more than likely) the injector(s)... sucks...this is a known issues and no relief from GM>....this might be my last chevy...
  10. with the P050D code...'16 silverado, ~65k miles, no extended warranty...the CEL has been coming on and off for quite some time...but since i checked it, it has always been the P050D code...first recommendations were to flush with injector cleaner...i have done that a few times...seemed to work eventually...but i am to the point it must be something more...would it be worth changing the spark plugs before i take it to the shop? that is one of the recommended fixes (and would be MUCH cheaper than injectors) but i dont want to just through away $50-$100 on spark plugs if they arent needed... if not, since i am out of warranty, i dont plan on going to a dealership...plan on going to a regular mechanic...any idea what the damage will be? sounds like the $1200 mentioned above was internal charges...i'm nervous what the bill might be... this has been the worst chevy (out of three, i have bought each brand new) i have every had...it is frustrating as hell...
  11. I do about 20k per year on mine...I am willing to bet there are a lot of folks that put A LOT more per year than me...30K is just a break in...;)
  12. Thanks! I’m working to get the rears first and then the fronts... is the 3rd notch 2”? I plan on just maintaining my level...
  13. I'd really like some feedback with you get them installed....i am planning on going with Eibach when i can budget them...but use the factory springs...
  14. 70% of 487 pages? dang, that's impressive!
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