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  1. I do about 20k per year on mine...I am willing to bet there are a lot of folks that put A LOT more per year than me...30K is just a break in...;)
  2. Thanks! I’m working to get the rears first and then the fronts... is the 3rd notch 2”? I plan on just maintaining my level...
  3. I'd really like some feedback with you get them installed....i am planning on going with Eibach when i can budget them...but use the factory springs...
  4. 70% of 487 pages? dang, that's impressive!
  5. Tyler, just because you don't ever take your truck off of the pavement, doesn't mean the rest of the south keeps theirs on blacktop...I use my 4wd way more for mud and rain than snow...if this would be a topic about who owns snow chains, your quote would be relevant...
  6. there is quite a bit of info on this site about it...some say anything over 2.5"...but certainly 3" need new arms...
  7. You can get the struts/shocks without springs and safe some money if you are just wanting to level (use stock springs for level, their springs for lift)
  8. Eibach pro truck series... that is what i am going to be doing...true 2" level in front and more stable in back...tires I have BFG KO2 285/65 on my stock 18....i like them...you can see in my profile pic if that is the look you want, or to go larger...
  9. I did this fix...and the click is still there...it is deeper in the steering column...
  10. Thank you. I don’t have a lift, only a front level... and the tires are about as large as I could put on stock rims without more lift and/or spacers...(285/65r18) I have been very happy with the look...
  11. Thank you! although it normally really isn't 'clean'' hahaha! here's a different angle when it was clean...and the topper...
  12. try this bowtie...with the slight chrome around it, it really sets it off with a 'highlight' but also gives you the black out feel...the angle of the light makes it look gray, but it is black...
  13. So just like the gas pedal lag... just a rigged spacing issue the engineers should have been better to account for! Thank you so much for posting!
  14. Replying to an old/dead thread hoping there is some new news...I can turn my wheel (in park) and I get the clicks... it isn’t the tie rods or anything related to the suspension... it is something in the steering mechanism...any more issues and/or feedaback? I have 58k so well out of the bumper to bumper warranty
  15. i am about to order from this site...for the motors not complete assembly...has anyone had any experience or other recommendations for these actuator motors? https://www.gruvenparts.com/2014-gm-door-lock-actuator-motors/
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