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  1. Heck, that's perfect! Nice find. What are you going to do with the other 28?
  2. Foam tape? High density 1/2" thick could stick to the bottom and you could cut a slit from the top for the cords to go through. Cheap, replaceable. I might try it. Edit: Google or Amazon search cable clips. Many options and ideas.
  3. This one. I got the set for my 2018 sliverado 4x4. Fits great. This set replaces the plastic OEM set with aluminum plates (2) plus adds an additional transfer case steel plate. All hardware is included and uses factory mounting holes. I think this is similar to the Z71 factory setup. https://www.gmpartsgiant.com/parts/gm-shield-kit-23441827.html
  4. Tires. Tires can make a very big difference in ride quality. Go to Tire Rack and filter on ride quality. There are large differences between tires and some get hard as they get older and ride poorly. Try lowering the pressures a bit to see if that helps.
  5. I got a Katskin pandemic-xmas special + coupon for $1300 installed, directly from Katskin on my 2018 LT crew. Installed locally by one of their certified installers, dropped truck off/picked up same day. 3 year warranty on seats and install. I love them. They look and feel great. Only downside is it takes longer for the seat heaters heat to make it through to your butt and back.
  6. This forum is about modding trucks. Why do you even visit here if you ****** about someone asking about modding their truck?
  7. My XR with a slim silicone cover "fits". But, when plugged in for Carplay, the cord sits on the edge and the phone doesn't sit flat in the center tray any more. If not plugged in the phone lays flat.
  8. You could go to Amazon and search both models kits and see if they have the same part number.
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