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  1. My issue is that they won’t admit there’s an issue, I had it in 3 times for them to look into the stutter and every time they tell me it’s normal and it can’t be duplicated. I even tried to show them what I meant and they denied there’s was anything abnormal. Might wait until the transmission blows up ffs. Or trade it in another year or two. I’m so disappointed.
  2. Hey guys, so I am 99% sure I have a TC issue. I have a 2018 5.3 6 speed and I am looking into buying a new TC through AC Delco as they supply all the GM parts for the trucks we use here at work. I have tried a diablew tune to fix everything and it worked flawlessly for about 3 weeks and then the shudder came back and the downshifts came back harder than ever. The RPM needle has started bouncing again as it shudders it’s way up a hill. However I can’t seem to figure out the part# for the TC that I need and I can’t seem to find the transmission model either. I believe it is 6L80 if I am not mistaken. Any help would be awesome thanks guys
  3. Let me know how much because the dealer is telling me they can’t duplicate the problem so I’m honestly at the point of paying cash to have someone (maybe not even the dealer), change my TC.
  4. You can change shift points, firmness, and torque management with the intune i3 platinum. There’s also parameters for the ECM(engine) as well. The platinum is used for the newer GM trucks and I believe when you purchase it, it comes with an unlock! Mine did because I got it through a guy who does custom tunes and he worked it all into a package deal.
  5. Exactly my thought man. My first GM truck and because of this, possibly my last, but I am happy I have saved my investment with my tune!
  6. I wish I could say the same. I ended up getting a diablosport tuner with a custom tune in hopes to fix my issues and it certainly made my truck bearable but it still clunks when slowing down up hill. I have 0 shudder issues now though! Still sucks that I spent all this money and then some more and the truck still clunks and downshifts rough from time to time. I want to trade really bad but financially it’ll put me in the hole so I guess I’ll have to deal with the “bearable” drive..
  7. I have a level though lol. But apparently it seems like I’ll have to save up some money and do a lift. My original plan was a 6” BDS, but I didn’t consider having to regear from my current 3.42s which is obviously much needed for 35s, and off-roading especially. Guess I’ll run the smaller set up until my warranty is up!
  8. I shouldn’t have said hate them but I gave the Duratracs a try and I certainly prefer the BFG KO2s. In terms of general street usage especially. However as I’ve been getting into off-roading a lot more, I’m kind of leaning towards maybe going to a full on MT. I never really used the KO2s off-road, so I might try those again.Like I said I notice they’re considerably better than the duratracs on the street anyway.
  9. Question for the off road guys on this forum.. I am looking to up my tire size on my leveled 2018 Z71 Silverado. I put the 2” RC level in and took it off-road and it performed much better than I had expected. However I hate the good year durotracs and want to upgrade my tires and get a bigger size, I was thinking 33s. Now I am just wondering if I put 33s on a 20” rim how that will perform off-road. I know some people say you can run 33s without rubbing but I’m assuming that’s only on road use. Would love to hear some recommendations
  10. Did you end up getting the fluid change for your 6speed? I have an 18 6 speed and it shudders and clunks like crazy.
  11. Ever find a fix for this? My 18 has the same thing too
  12. Hi all, I am new to this forum and decided I would post about my issue since I can’t seem to find anyone with the same issue on a 6speed 2018, only 2017s and below... I have an extremely annoying fish bite/stutter when cruising up light inclines on the highway and while the stutter is happening, my RPMs are bouncing ever so slightly (probably about 50-100). It’s minimal bouncing but it almost replicates what would be a misfire or a transmission issue. Truck has 22000 kms on it. I have been dying to get a Diablew tune but I really want to see if I can get this issue fixed beforehand. I brought it to the dealer twice and they checked the TCM for updates and nothing. They checked for TSBs and nothing. They took it for test drives and “could not duplicate the issue”. I’m getting sick of my dealerships lacking desire to fix my issue. Has anyone had this issue and got it resolved? Would love to hear any feedback. Thanks.
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