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  1. Interestly enough, found similar for 2019 T series guys, under difference TSB 9-NA-121 https://static.nhtsa.gov/odi/tsbs/2020/MC-10174268-9999.pdf
  2. Patient - 2019 1500 LD, 5.3, 6 sp, 7200 miles old, Covid-19 negative. Symptoms - 2-3 second shutter / shake / rumble, during light acceleration, 30-40 MPH and low RPM. Happens while both in V4 mode and while in v8 (manual w/ transmission set to L5). I thinks its the torque converter, but surfing the forum I see this issue mainly referenced to 2015+/- K2s and I'm not sure if they changed the trans in the final years. I'd appreciate either a TSB # or a link to another posting were I could find the TSB. I'd like to be able to take to my dealer and say "HERE....READ....FIX" (politely). Many thanks!
  3. Honestly, Red is growing on me. What started as merely a financial decision (to good to pass up), is turning into a real love affair. She has some quirks, but the forum is helping our relationship to grow - thanks guys ? Question at hand - Is it normal the the background of the DIC to be a shade of washed-out grey, instead of black. Its seams even at mid-way on the dial, the background is only a few shades darker than the text, no matter if its day or night time. First time posting images, so forgive if they don't appear. https://i1096.photobucket.com/albums/g322/aquici1/20190921_091732.jpg https://i1096.photobucket.com/albums/g322/aquici1/20190921_091715.jpg
  4. Thanks. I guess the verdict is in - concerns with buildup behind them necessitates regular removal. Sounds like extra work (the removal process) that can be avoided with a quality spray-on coating. With the spray on, simply get up under the well and start cleaning - no need for removal.
  5. Yep. Right now I'm concerned with the wheel area. I also spray the undercarriage, but I go back to the pockets of salt water that are trapped between the liner and well. Without taking the liners off each washing, that will always reside there (and I'll hear it munching away at my steel while I lay in bed at night). Like Kickass noted, it doesn't seem specific to any one area. Not sure about the other states, but my area of PA now immediately sprays down a layer of liquid brine solution, at the slightest hint of a snow flake. So basically, we are driving on white roads December thu to the begining of March.
  6. Good info. I work with a guy out of Buffalo - serious winter - serious road salt. Do you think doing under/bedcoat, before doing liners, would have helped? Do you think just doing several coats of under/bed-coat and going without liners is a better route? I'm looking at the wheel liners like drop-in bed liners - the back side just abrades the factory paint and compromising the protection of the factory paint.
  7. Hoping to get some feedback. PA roads being with they are, with potholes every 10 yards, its almost like commuting to work daily on gravel roads. I have the factory liners on the front and depending on the consensus, I'd entertain pulling them off, applying a coating, and reinstalling for the benefit of sound absorption.
  8. 2 cents from the newbie. Had an '95 Dodge Dakota (till it was totaled) and a 2010 Colorado (until traded in 2 months ago). Both served me well, but I'm happy to have finally graduated to a real truck. Great forum, glad to be a part of it.
  9. Has anyone ever removed their liners and inspected the wells' steel several years after being installed? My concern is, since the liner is not chemically bonded to the steel (eg undercoated, bed-coated, etc), there could be pockets of moisture trapped between the backside of the liner and the well steel, that never really evaporates. I would think this collected moisture could pose a real problem, especially at weld points. I understand that the liners themselves will protect the surface of the factory painted wells from being compromised from stones, etc., but what about small pinholes or shallow coatings that might exist in the factory paint (especially at welds). My '19 LD came with front liners, and I'm looking for some feedback for my rears.
  10. Looking to install some boards on my '19 LD and was hoping to get some long-term feedback on how your IC-HDs are serving (or served) you.
  11. Thanks to both for the feedback on bumper - so mechanically, it will bolt up and electrically, I might be better served just running a new power/control circuit. So it will be bolt/wire and play. Regarding the free WebMD consultation, I'll take it as a simple case of newbie hazing?
  12. Recently purchased a 2019 Silverado LD Custom, in Red Hot. I love the truck, but my eye sight requires better road illumination at night. My front bumper is Red Hot steel, without sensors and without driving light cut outs. I'm thinking of keeping an eye out for a used Red Hot OEM bumper with the factory cutout for the driving lights. Two questions - 1) will I simply be able to bolt up the OEM bumper, and plug the OEM diving lights into an already existing plug/harness, that is currently just tucked away and unused because I don't have fog lights and 2) are there good aftermarket driving lights available that don't look "buba"? The design of the front bumper only really has two recesses where they could be mounted, but those recesses are occupied by the tow hooks AND behind the grill looks undoable, since the automatic louvers that close at high speed come pretty close to the back side of the grill when open. Thanks for your thoughts.
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