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  1. So I have a little issue with my transmission. Long story short my original transmission went out on my 2014 Silverado at 73,000 miles 4 months out of warranty in April 2019. I got it replaced by chevy because they gave me a decent deal because it was close to the warranty and its a manufacture rebuilt transmission. So basically when transmissions go out like mine, they send them to the factory to get rebuilt by chevy then put into another truck. Everything was fine with it until I drove from Texas to Colorado this summer. When I was driving on the higher elevation highways and going uphill the transmission was getting hot, got to around 215 a lot of the time. Id pull over when I could to let it drop but got as hot as 225. Normal operating temps are 195-200 per the manual. Normal driving its perfectly fine, just under load such as going uphill for miles in the mountains it was getting hot. So first question for anyone that lives in the higher elevations and mountain regions that often drive on steep grades, is this normal? I really do not imagine so, but I could be wrong. Second, could it be something that when installing the new transmission, something could be missing or not installed right? I know nothing when it comes to transmissions, but with engines you have the thermostat that deals with cooling of the engine. Is there a similar set up with transmissions that this could be faulty? Third, is there any good options out there for upgrading the cooling system for the transmission? If so, let me know because I take road trips all the time in my truck and I dont want to have to worry about the transmission overheating anytime im going uphill I took it to the dealership this weekend, but I highly doubt they will figure it out because it cant be recreated in the flatlands of the great state of Texas, so lets see what yall have to say.
  2. Unfortunately, you might be out of luck. My transmission did the same thing at highway speeds where it kind of shutters. Turns out 4th, 5th, and 6th were cooked. I have a 2014 silverado and it had about 73K on it. I was the second owner since 38K miles. It happened last April and I was just 4 months out of warranty because the first owner bought it December 2013:/. But chevy helped me out a little and instead of 5,000 to get a new transmission they knocked it down to about 3,500 because it was just out of warranty and there has been a lot of chevys in my family over the years. Its basically a rebuilt transmission from the factory.
  3. When the check engine light flashes it means the engine is misfiring
  4. I am looking for some stock black carpet mats for my 2014 silverado. If you have any laying around because you use rubber mats, hit me up. I have a 2014 silverado but I am sure they would all be the same for 2014-2018. I will pay for shipping, I am located in Carrollton, TX 75006 just north of Dallas. Thanks
  5. 75K on my 2014 5.3 V8 and no issues with the engine. Small stuff like AC condensor around 60K but the big kicker was my lovely transmission went out at 73K miles 4 months out of the 5 year 100K warranty. Otherwise trucks been good
  6. HIGHLY recommend Nitto Ridge Grapplers. Ive put about 20K miles on mine and theyre excellent. Look agressive but theyre pretty quiet on the road, even after the miles with them getting louder. Drove to colorado from Dallas and had no complaints. My truck is 6" on 35s but I will never run a different tire again
  7. I did a little DIY on my front and back bumpers to change out the chrome. I spent a lot of time looking and waiting on craigslist to find a used rear bumper and finally picked up a painted silver one for $200 from a guy who put a ranch hand on the back. Then bought a paintable front bumper online for about $350. Just bought the metal part so I had to transfer over the brackets and all that on my own. Then got both painted for $300 from a guy with a little shop. The back bumper has held up fine after almost two years but had to get the front bumper repainted again because i didnt clear bra it and got tons of rock chips. This time got it painted at Dentmax Auto Collision in Plano, TX and the guy who owns that place Vinny is a super nice guy and cares about the quality of work done. I put a clearbra on the front after he painted it and had no issues DIY and looking for used parts saved me a ton of money. Easily would have been 2000-3000 if I purchased and painted at the dealership. If you have the patience see if you can find a used rear bumper. Also a little tip, 2014-2018 the rear bumpers are the same, at least for the silverados. The one I bought from craiglist was a 2016 and I have a 2014. When I bought it i couldnt find anything about if they were the same or not, but it bolted right up (dealership told me they were different parts, but theyre the same) Probably more than you wanted but thats what I did for my bumpers!
  8. well my 2014 1500 only got to 73K miles before it decided to go. 4 months out of warranty too which sucked!
  9. Definitely just find some used inserts online if you can or get a different style from the aftermarket. One thing to note though is the standard black honeycomb grills do not detatch from the grille. I was trying to put chrome inserts on mine and it was all one piece, so finding stock black honeycomb inserts is probably impossible (so dont spend time trying to find that!)
  10. So far I have found Mothers Synthetic wax to be the best on my vehicles over the years. It really gives the paint good depth, especially on colors like red and brown. https://www.amazon.com/Mothers-05716-California-Synthetic-Liquid/dp/B006VU3762 . I probably put on a coat 2-3 times a year, just whenever I feel like my truck has lost its pop
  11. I have this on my truck. 2014 with 73k miles, has been on since new. Never had any issues with the lift and the truck still rides very smooth. I've taken it on many road trips as far as colorado (from dallas) as well and still rides nice and comfortable. It has factory front shocks too. What I like most and has been said above is all the angles are great with the lift, so it will help with wear on those parts. Even though this has nothing to do with the lift, I HIGHLY recommend the nitto ridge grapplers for tire selection. These tires are amazing. They look tough but have almost no road noise. I had nitto trail grapplers before and it wasnt too bad with noise at first but I put about 10K miles on them and they got pretty loud. I sold them and got the ridge grapplers and I will never go back Only thing is my transmission went out this week cost of doing cool stuff to your truck I guess
  12. Unfortunately mine went out this week @ 73,000 miles. I have a 2014 as the second owner. Of course I am 4 months out of the warranty (as the first owner bought it 12/21/2013), so I got stuck with the bill. It is 6" on 35s but still seems way too early to go out. Future tip for those who are just out of warranty like me, GM will cover some of the cost depending on loyalty to the brand. They ended up replacing the transmission with a "new" rebuilt one direct from GM. It would have been $5400 but they knocked the bill down to $3100, which is I guess a good price because I got a couple quotes from other transmission shops and it was all right around 3000-3500. They tell me chevy has a algorithm that looks at how often you service at chevy dealerships and how many GM vehicles you have owned and stuff then it spits out a number.
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