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  1. 2017 5.3 engine ticking sound?

    All of these trucks have a little ticking sound, nothing to be concerned of
  2. Bumping this post by giving a update on my truck just rolled to 70,000 miles on my 2014 5.3 V8. It has been lifted 6” on 35s since new, I bought with 38,000 miles two years ago. Matinance has only been oil changes always done at 6k miles and frequent tire rotations. At least every 6k miles sometimes 3k problems: The AC compressor went out around 45,000 miles the transmission coolant line in the front was leaking, replaced like and no issues (68,000) Alternator went out around 60,000 miles I got a superchips programmer, which is a must for a lifted Silverado. Truck drives way smoother on the highway as it actually stays in 6th gear going down the highway rather van bouncing between 5th and 6th also, if you are deciding between nitto trail grapplers versus nitto ridge grapplers, go the ridge. I was on the trail graps for about 10,000 miles and once they wore a little they got pretty loud on the highway. I’m at around 10,000 on these and they are much quieter and comfortable, yet still look aggressive like the trail graps. ive done a roadtrip to Colorado from Texas with the current set up and it was very smooth and comfortable . Depending on the wind direction, I get about 12-15 on the highway
  3. Painted bumper trim

    I would recommend just replacing it with a black one that is standard on most of the trucks. I don’t have a high country so I’m not sure if you can just take the chrome part off or not, but if you replace your whole bottom plastic with just a normal black plastic one, you’d be good (and can probably sell your chrome one)
  4. Much better than the ugly LT released a few days ago....
  5. 6” on 35s. Fuel couplers -12 offset with the tinted spokes. Looks great with the brown matches well!
  6. Which Tuner?

    I have a 2014 5.3 v8 with 6” on 35s. I bought it with all this on already and on the highway I always was jumping between 5th and 6th gear and was getting super annoyed. I finally went with the superchips flashpaq and it changed the way it drove. Definitely recommend it for anyone who lifts their truck. It can adjust a lot of things like tire size, which adjusts the speedo correctly, and has a couple preprogrammed tunes. I always drive in the mileage saver one which is tuned to save on gas and it’s amazing. I was going from 10-12 mpg to 12-15. Adjusting for the 10% off from my tires, I jumped about 2-3mpg overall. There’s also towing and performance tunes as well but I never use them. You can also change throttle response and shift points etc etc. best one out there because it’s only about $350 and doesn’t void the warranty. I believe it’s the 2845 that I have. Also yes, you can turn the AFM off.
  7. 2014+ Color Match Topic

    I did my 2014 silverado color match. I spent alot of time looking for a used painted bumper and found a rear one on craiglist and picked it up for 200. was a 2017 silver bumper, and yes, 2016+ fit 2014 just fine. I then purchased a paintable front bumper online four about 350 without any of the interior parts, so the mounting brackets and plastics and other parts i had to transfer from my original bumper to the new one. I got them painted for about $300 and put it all together. here is the finished product!
  8. For those who like to drift in the snow or need to turn off the traction control in sticky situations, hold down the traction control for about 5 seconds and the stabilitrak will also turn off, which turns off the traction control "even more". If stabilitrak is still on it will not let the wheels spin freely. This also works for other trucks as well, especially fords. This came in handy for the rental in colorado for doing donuts in the parking lot haha
  9. Grill Overlays? Anyone got them?

    Warning to anyone thinking of replacing their grill overlay: if you have the factory black plastic overlay it DOES NOT come out of the grill. Im not sure about the ones that have the Z71 badge but mine that is just black plastic did not come out when I went to replace it. The plastic is all connected throughout the entire grill.
  10. Ive heard of spring booster, but I have superchip and you can adjust it 20% more throttle response. it doesnt increase it too noticeably but it does a little.
  11. rear bumper is a hastle to take off. You need the right tools and possibly some help. You have to unbolt the bed and lift it a couple inches to clear the brackets. I had to do it with my 2014 when I color matched. turned into a 2 day job haha
  12. 2017 Exhaust system

    I put a magnaflow in my 2014 and it literally didnt do anything until I took the resonator off. Too quiet for me in my opinion, it honestly sounds slightly louder and deeper than my dads 2010 stock
  13. same thing happened to me, 2014 Silverado around 50K miles condensor went out. was quoted $900 but did it on my own for about $150
  14. Best miles per gallon?

    I have 6" on 35s. Got a superchip running the fuel economy tune. pure highway i get 14-15, city 11-12. or 33.8 if you really take it easy going down Vail pass in colorado lol
  15. Overland build

    looks great! Id like to do something similar to mine

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