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  1. Looking at putting the 8” BDS strut spacer kit on my 2015 Silverado Z71. any one have any reviews, info, experience with this new kit? was going with the 6” BDS but my 18x9 wheels with 0 offset will require too much trimming on 35s thanks!
  2. That’s funny cause everyone else I’ve talked to with Pro Comp on their trucks hasn’t logged a single complaint. Even searching the internet will not show any complaints with pro comp GM suspension. I drove a few trucks with pro comp basic suspension lifts and thought the ride was good. So I would imagine the coilovers to be even better. The price is appealing. What are you running? Or what is your previous experience with any of the above listed? I prefer to hear from people who may actually have direct experience with the product. Do you have direct experience with pro comp or any of the brands you listed? thanks!
  3. So I was all settled on installing the Fabtech 6” basic lift then the 4wheelparts guy tells me Pro Comp is running a $500 rebate on the 6” coilover kit which is usually $2400, now $1900. The Fabtech kit w/ their stealth shocks and front spacers was $1600 something. Should I spring for the upgraded coils? Vast ride improvement? 85% on pavement driving occasional off road for hunting/fishing thanks
  4. Looks great!! offset of wheels? Looks like they stick out about an inch? im scheduled to have the same lift installed at the end of April. Is the ride quality noticeably different? Did you upgrade to the Stealth shocks or keep the fabtech basic shocks? How’s the turning radius? Any other input would be much appreciated! after seeing yours I can wait!
  5. Thanks for taking the time to help me out would love to see some pics of your truck as well, may help the decision making g process, wheels and tires and everything
  6. Thanks mikedeezxxx ride quality is good? Close to factory? think the upgraded struts are worth it? Could you please post a picture of your front suspension ??? That would be killer man!
  7. Literally zero reviews. Makes me wonder, good or bad? i can spend $1700 for upgraded front struts and rear shocks for 6” lift, or go with any number of kits with the strut spacer for less shopping lift kits is overwhelming
  8. I’m shopping lifts for my 2015 Silverado Z71. Yes I know BDS is the best, and everyone loves Zone, and most people hate RC.... but what about Pro Comp? 4wheelparts suggested their 6” Pro Comp with new struts, upgraded shocks, improved ride quality etc (they own pro comp so I’m not surprised). Seems like a good price and 4wheelparts is a reputable installer with their own warranty on labor/workmanship, which is a nice piece of mind. the kit looks good and I have yet to find aNy bad reviews about pro comp on the web...but that’s the problem.. I can’t find ANY reviews about 2014-2018 GM Pro Comp 6” lift. here is a link to the kit I’m considering. Thanks in advance. I’m planning on running 35s https://www.4wheelparts.com/p/pro-comp-6-inch-lift-kit-with-pro-runner-shocks-k1171bps/_/R-DFCW-K1171BPS
  9. Pro Comp 6” with upgraded struts and shocks is what he told me keeping factory wheels
  10. 2015 Chevy Z71 dbl cab , 5.3L V8, 3.42 rear axle I was quoted $4549 for a 6” ProComp suspension lift, 4 35x12.50x18ProComp AT tires, wheel spacers, alignment/balance, out the door. I’ve attached the quote. the salesman said “we install these lifts all the time, including dealerships, the ride will be very close to stock. I don’t think you need to change gears. for every 100 suspension lifts we install, only 5-10 people change gears. The Chevrolet’s do great.” Opinions??
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