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  1. Do you have any updates on your truck? Mine is at the dealer now...this is the response: "We did get the truck in with a technician an he is recommending replacement of the rear defrost. Your truck was not part of the original recall for the rear window thermal event, the parts and labor to replace the glass would be roughly $1685.00". I replied that I feel I should not have to pay anything for something that is obviously a manufacture defect and with a very high risk of fire. He then mentioned that he can a cost assistance where I would have to pay a deductible and GM wi
  2. Greetings from Alaska... Has there been any fresh info on this? I have gotten hit with it this week. No window explosion but I did get some smoke and crackling. I pulled the fuse and gonna have the dealer diagnose it. I hope they cover this cost because up here I am looking at almost a grand out of pocket. Cheers.
  3. I need to get the back up another inch but it is also on a slight slope.
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