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  1. Yes sir. Got them put on a month ago and they fit with no rubbing. Checked last week to see again and no signs of it occurring.
  2. Thanks. Assuming you have no rubbing with this setup I would think/hope I can just do the bilsteins at 3rd setting and have no rub. Getting the tires on tomorrow at stock height and they should clear. But I’d love to level some as my 14 was leveled like this
  3. Thanks. Is the Rugged off road spacer under the strut or on the top?
  4. Been trying to comb through this and utilize search function but..anyone with a 16-18 with stamped steel UCA’s running the 5100’s up front at settings 2, 3, or 4 and a stock 20 inch rim with a 33 inch tire (275/60/20 specifically) and have zero or minimal rubbing on UCA? Having a hard time finding answers on this
  5. This is what I want to do. However, Any rubbing on UCA at all with this bilstein and tire size setup? Do you have the stamped steel UCA’s?
  6. Interesting. I keep reading that many people rub with that size tire on stock 20’s when they level it at all with the stamped arms. I’m going with this tire size this week on my ‘18 with no level (yet). Still no rubbing? I’d love to go bilsteins at 1-1.8 inches but I’m afraid of rubbing the UCA’s. I’m hoping they’re gonna clear ok with no level but of course I’d love to raise it up some as well after
  7. As the title says. Looking to go 275/60R20 BFG KO2 on my stock height 2018 crew cab standard bed max tow. I’ve searched and read through a ton of posts on here but have seen nothing recent. Seems that rubbing the sway bar or UCA won’t happen at stock height (only with level with stamped steel UCA). But I’m wondering about the wheel well liners or mud flaps since I do a good bit of driving on rough terrain. Thanks.
  8. All depends on driving conditions and personal preference. I drive in a lot of dust for work. Clean my dry air filter 1-2 times a year and change my cabin air filter every fall, whether I drive 25k a year (I used to) or 12k a year (as I do now).
  9. I know that under normal circumstances they typically have anything in stock you could be looking for spec wise. But has anyone ever ordered through them? Or know if they’ll take an order and give same/comparable discounts as the inventory on their lot?
  10. It’s the sound of snake oil being vacuumed out ?
  11. OEM battery in my ‘14 lasted me 95k and 3500 engine hours before I changed it. It tested as “marginal” at time of inspection in December and passed, but I changed it before the single digit temps hit.
  12. Haven’t seen much discussion on how well the head and fog lights on these trucks compare to the 16-18’s. Maybe that means they’re plenty bright. Anyone got any input? Better? Worse? Comparable?
  13. I have had the same LEDs since 2014 when i installed them, they work fine. Yes camera in tailgate from factory. Only thing I can think of is I had cleaned out the crevice between gate and bed a lot lately cause I was dumping sticks and leaves. Maybe connection/wire got pinched or damaged. Going to pull it into my heated shop at work and look around when I have time
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