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  1. I know that under normal circumstances they typically have anything in stock you could be looking for spec wise. But has anyone ever ordered through them? Or know if they’ll take an order and give same/comparable discounts as the inventory on their lot?
  2. It’s the sound of snake oil being vacuumed out
  3. OEM battery in my ‘14 lasted me 95k and 3500 engine hours before I changed it. It tested as “marginal” at time of inspection in December and passed, but I changed it before the single digit temps hit.
  4. Haven’t seen much discussion on how well the head and fog lights on these trucks compare to the 16-18’s. Maybe that means they’re plenty bright. Anyone got any input? Better? Worse? Comparable?
  5. I have had the same LEDs since 2014 when i installed them, they work fine. Yes camera in tailgate from factory. Only thing I can think of is I had cleaned out the crevice between gate and bed a lot lately cause I was dumping sticks and leaves. Maybe connection/wire got pinched or damaged. Going to pull it into my heated shop at work and look around when I have time
  6. I’ve noticed the last couple weeks that in the morning or after truck sits for say 5+ hours in cold weather, I initially have no reverse light or camera function. Once I make a 10-20 min drive and it gets warm I regain function of both. I haven’t investigated it any further as it hasn’t been an issue for me as far as needing either function upon initial startup or immediate driving. But I have inspection due soon and I’m hoping it doesn’t act up on the tech’s.
  7. Whatever you see fit. Lots of opinions out there. I change mine when the OLM hits 0% whether it’s the first change or it has 100k.
  8. Yes it seemed like it was 100% blow by. Not at all anything that looked like outside contamination. And the idle seems to be close to normal now after a couple weeks of driving. No code/light anymore either. So all seems to good. Throttle body was replaced with an OEM one 30k ago. I’m running a dry washable filter (like MANY on this forum), not oiled.
  9. Appreciate your input, but I highly doubt that’s the case IMO. I have the OEM intake box, just changed the tube and have a dry washable filter. Main reason for that is that since I work in a dirty/dusty environment I wanted a filter I could clean often rather than have to constantly change it out with OEM type. Agree. However, at this point of ownership I’m not going to do either of those. Over 90k on it now and I will be upgrading to a crew cab in the next year or so. Not worth it to me to spend money on that when it’ll only get driven 15kish more miles. Thanks for the input
  10. No catch can. Sprayed the MAF with MAF cleaner. I cleaned my airraid MIT tube as well. I have a dry filter that I clean quite often as I work in a very dirty environment. Gonna see if idle cleans up after a week or so of driving.
  11. Truck threw the code for throttle body sensor (3rd time this has happened in 90k miles of driving). I decided to clean it and it was absolutely filthy considering Throttle body was new 30k ago (pic below). Cleaned the MAF sensor and air filter while I was at it. Put it all back together, code is gone, but I can’t get it to idle correctly again. Tried the throttle relearn multiple times with no luck. Does this not work on these trucks? Do I need someone with a Tech2 to do it? Thanks.
  12. One thing to note with these swingcases .. if you’re gonna run a tonneau make sure it works with the swingcase installed. I have a tri-fold cover and I just have to swing the box out to latch and unlatch the cover. The latch on the swingcase can get seized up rather easily so just grab the PB Blaster every now to keep it easy on yourself unlatching and swinging it out.
  13. I just had it looked up by a friend who works at a dealer cause I’m looking at buying new in the next year or so. No trace of it wherever he looked. My Wreck was in February 2016. 60k trouble free miles since repair.
  14. Debatable. Not all accidents end up on carfax or vehicle history reports. For example my 27k in repairs including a full frame replacement (and all airbags deployed) isn’t on any history reports on my truck. If I were to trade it tomorrow a dealer wouldn’t even know, therefore I wouldn’t get any less.
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