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  1. Auto start options

    Thanks for the info... under options all you can do is adjust fan speed. Figured it could be shut off completely. If it’s 15 below there’s no sense in running the heat for atleast 10 minutes.
  2. Auto start options

    Just wondering how to adjust presets for auto start. Heat comes on every time I use auto start and would like it to stay off until I turn it on. Any help is appreciated.
  3. CAI

    I just installed a k&n system (#63-3082) and have now put about 40 miles on it. Sounds great, also noticeable throttle response and truck only has 1800 miles right now. From AutoAnything it was discounted to about $185 total. Good luck deciding
  4. I'm so upset..

    I have noticed on here a lot of people having problems with the 8 speeds. I remember a comment someone left about looking at buying a 1500 with the 8 speed that GM had bought back from owner most likely due to the 8 speed. I have a 2018 1500 with 6 speed and it’s impressive by any means, plan to have a tune done to not only adjust shift points but also deactivate the cylinder deactivation
  5. Thanks for the helpful ideas, I figured there was going to be a gas cap. Some weather stripping on backside of gas door could also help... that and a dust cover should do the trick
  6. Post Pictures Of Your Trucks

    2018 that I purchased almost two weeks ago now.
  7. Has anyone found a good fix for keeping fuel filler neck free from water and or ice? I went to get gas today for second time in new truck and saw ice after opening gas door. I skipped filling up and vaccuumed out any ice below first gas tank opening. If ice water can get in that also is saying it isn’t air tight which also isn’t good.

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