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  1. Ugh, mine is getting worse again, no horrible, but not better. Doing it at 40mph now. Very minor, but I notice it. Krusty, what the progress report still smooth or smoother?
  2. Good luck. Of course I would be curious to see if you get anything resolved as in fixing the issue.
  3. Well, I'm not really buying the lost email bit or that you cannot remember what you wrote given how steamed you portrayed yourself. Seems phishy, but lets say those reasons are legit. Where is your dealer info/resolution based on your claim GM wants to appease you. It's all a bunch of crap if you cannot show us proof of your issue, dispute and or resolution. Filing online or by mail with the State Attorney General is not a big deal and it really is nothing more than a middle-man for contacting your complaint source. Companies are not scared by contacts from A.G., B.B.B, & DMV. There is nothing legally investigated, it is merely an exchange of information until a true claim warrants further investigation, yours not being one of them. I know this due to my own experience reporting a dealer for false advertisement. If you truly did get a repsonse from GM, I doubt it was them begging you to give them a chance to rectify things, but more like a general response stating they apologized for the inconvenience and issues you're having and asking how they can settle your concerns. And that's what I'm going with until you can give others "real tangible facts" to help their troubled trucks out. Otherwise your post is just considered as bullcocky, rubbish, crackersnackles, trolling......i.e., not helpful. P.S. If you prove me wrong , I blame it on my confusion manifested from trying to figure out if the noises from my own truck is a squeak, clunk, thump, tick, thunk, slap, knock, chirp or screech in comparison to the numerous noise posts on this forum. Actually, I have a headache and felt like story telling to calm my discomfort. Cheers
  4. You know it, more miles = magically goes away. Service manager time or higher.
  5. Yeah, the "clean/lube fix" is lame and it means one would have to do it constantly. Good luck with new leafs, hopefully that works, but I wonder if it will be the same part resulting in the same issue.
  6. Post your claim (omitting personal content) so we can cut and paste.
  7. I'm a member of the rear thunk club. I still haven't narrowed it down, but my feeling is it the suspension as others have stated. It only happens under 5mph (at least that's when I notice it) and when I go over a slight bump or backing in the garage (slight incline). Seems to be only the passenger side. I had the rear squeaks too, dealer cleaned and relubed the leafs, it is slowly coming back. It started around 10k miles. The sound is different from the transmission clunk or axle clunk. Which of course I have as well. Wondering if the Yoke might be loose too. I wish I could get my dealer to get rid of the transmission clunk. '17 1500 4x4, 15k miles
  8. Every once in awhile I will get a low level clunk, but the conputer has cleaned it up since It started out. However, I feel my mastering of the gas pedal was the real cure. It's second nature to me now. My gears are pretty buttery on the top side. But never have been on the low end of the gears, but not that rough either. I'm just glad I don't get annoyed daily by that conputer goofing up with the low gear clunk crap. But now I gotta prove to the dealer to get rid of this squeaky clunk crap from the leaf springs/yoke/shocks. It might be one, two or all of them.
  9. I know some have better anti-theft freatures than others and that primarily, I'm thinking, comes down the the release system. Some seem too easy to release with a coat bent hanger shoved between the topper and tailgate to pull the release cable.
  10. Are you saying all noticeable shifting is completely gone or just the bigger annoying clunk? Meaning do you still notice a slight shift abnormality (not the clunk crap, but something) at the slow speeds or are all gears like butter now?
  11. I was looking at those, but that price tag. I like the hard top tri fold of a tonneau. Just not sure if it's what I want for space use in the bed with the cover down. A friend has the Backflip hard top tri fold and really likes it. Pricey as well, but not as pricey as Undercover, look very similar. I wonder which is more secure from theives, Undercover or Backflip? Not a major concern of mine, but wondering which holds up better to break ins.
  12. Not really worried about leaking, just looking for some basic coverage from elements and keeping thieves away (by slowing them down a little ) from my stuff while in the bed while I turn my back for a moment. I thought about a tonneau, but was liking the extra height of the shells for vertical storage space. But then again, a tonneau provides zero visual obstruction unlike a shell. I like that the Lomax has a very low profile and is a no-drill install. These are a bit pricey and don't really like the box space taken up near the cab, but pretty secure it appears.
  13. I like how this one looks and seem very well fitted, but again Can-backs are pur-rye-cee for a soft top.
  14. Just got word on this repair. I have a sensor that started a very minor weep leak, but as leaks go, they usually get worse. I took the truck in again, (told them the last time it was in for an oil change that the sensor was leaking), and now they are replacing the oil pump control solenoid. Said the timing cover has to be removed to access it. That may be true or I'm confused as the sensor is in the front. Here's a pic of the sensor I found leaking, it's the one on the left. This is under the water pump. Told this would not be related to oil consumption, but only controls oil flow.

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