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  1. No need for fuel addivtives or fuel cleaners. I’m 99% sure the noise was due to oil being over full. It’s incredibly stupid how different the dipstick will read from 30mins after running the motor to a few hours later. Just need to figure out this freaking dipstick so I can get real oil readings. Annoying shit.
  2. Just shy of 19K. Noise went away with taking 1qt out. Have no idea whats really in it now, but my guess is even after draining for 45mins, there’s at least half to 3/4 qt, maybe more, old oil in there given how dark the new oil was when I took out the qt. There has to be a lot of places for the oil to sit in these motors. I drained the pan and then took the filter off and oil just gushed out from the filter tube. So I can just imagine areas where it sits and cannot flow down on its own.
  3. 6.2L = 8qt and diyer2, an oil change can cause motor issues e.g., too little, too much will cause issues.
  4. No lights or DIC oil warning.
  5. My guess is putting 8qts in with the stuff left in the system was causing a lifter or something issue. I took a qt out and the noise went away. I hate how the dipstick reads. After sitting over night, the hatch mark side, inserted facing the firewall, showed plenty over top hatch. I took out a qt and its still over hatch and the opposite side of the stick reads at below the dot by tip. Say what? I think this stick reads weird.
  6. Nope. this freaking dipstick. It’s reading above hatch mark now and below the dot by the tip on the other side. That’s a huge difference. And was after I took 16+oz out, basically a little over a quart. I gotta imagine there’s quite a bit left in there even after draining for 30 to 45 minutes, becuase the new oil is dark when I drained that amount. So I have 7quarts new in there, plus whatever was left in the system from the drain, puts it over hatch and under tip dot. Freaking baffling dipstick and changing oil is not something new to me.
  7. Oil is at the 2nd dot away from the tip.
  8. The ‘17 Sierra 1500 6.2L idle is a little weak and its knocking or ticking some. This is the first time I changed the oil, other times by dealer. Oil pressure looks normal. I put in the required 8qts 0w/20 dexos 1 Gen 2, dipstick is fine, put on the a new oul filter (same as others), and all Acdelco as it has been. Do these motors take a little bit to run correctly after an engine oil change? Never had a motor do this.
  9. Okay. I’ve been using ACDelco dexos1 gen2 #10-9143, (I think it’s the same as the Mobil1, just rebranded) 0w/20 for $5.21qt, and ACDelco PF63E $8.21 (but I get it for $6) all from the dealer a few miles from the house.
  10. Anyone using the ACDelco oil on their 6.2L
  11. You seem like you might know. Just trying to confirm the acdelco oil 0W/20 part #for our ‘17 6.2ls. 

    1. Krusty


      I have just been letting the dealer do my free oil changes for life...........

    2. Logroller


      Ah-ha, I see.

      hiw about all of your truck tow numbers. Have you figured all of them out? This is what I came up with, but still not sure all are correct (truck weight and payload max for example) and still need to figure some others out.


      Truck curb weight 5547lbs ???

      - Max payload 2030lbs 

        (However, Passenger/cargo not to exceed 1869lbs, because this lower number 

      factors in 26 gallons of fuel  

      at 6.3lbs per gallon)

      - Max GVWR 7600lbs ???

      - Max conventional trailering (3.42 rear axle ratio) - 11,700lbs

      - GCWR (3.42 rear axle ratio) 17,700lbs

      - Rear gross axle weight rating - 4300lbs

      -Front gross axle weight rating - 3950lbs









  12. Ugh, mine is getting worse again, no horrible, but not better. Doing it at 40mph now. Very minor, but I notice it. Krusty, what the progress report still smooth or smoother?
  13. Good luck. Of course I would be curious to see if you get anything resolved as in fixing the issue.

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