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  1. How difficult is it getting the cowl off? Any advice or tips appreciated
  2. Lol, then I'd have to get Dogs to get rid of the Cats so on and so forth
  3. Tried all this and bastards keep coming back, what a Pain in the @ss!!!!!
  4. I swapped Sensors over to new Wheels no issues
  5. 2019 GMC Sierra - Spotted On the Road - Images

    Dislike, looks like a GMC Titan
  6. Speed indicator tab

    Def helpful feature when you're on a road with no posted signs
  7. Crew Cab all the way, I'm not that tall but its tight sitting in the back of a double cab
  8. 2014+ Door Handle Removal

    I dropped the nut as well, how the hell do you get it back in?
  9. Thanks for the input guys, much appreciated
  10. Anyone have any rodent issues? I have a 2017 2500, two weeks ago started hearing an annoying rattling noise coming from the glove box. Come to find out something, assuming Mice have gotten into my glove box and started leaving A-Corns on top of my in cabin air filter. To makes matters worse some of them fell into my blower motor while the heat was running and seized my motor. Of course Chevy wont cover it under warranty so $500 later i have to pay for a new blower motor. I heard moth balls or peppermint spray work, or dryer sheets. Tried all 3. This morning heard the same dam noise, took apart the glove box and more fing Acorns on the filer. Anyone have any similar experiences, any tips on keep these little bastards out of my truck would be greatly appreciated.

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