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  1. Curious how this turned out I was looking to do the same thing but can never find a console that doesnt cost an arm and leg
  2. https://gorecon.com/product/gmc-chevy-15-18-3rd-gen-body-style-heavy-duty-3-piece-set-smoked-cab-roof-light-lens-with-amber-leds-complete-wiring-kit-sold-separately/
  3. Thanks man, was looking into them. How much of a pain in the @ss is it wiring it? Not looking forward to pulling the head liner
  4. I have Chrome Mirror Caps and Door handles if you're interested
  5. Bump...I'm in Middletown area too, did you ever get this done? Ive been looking for a local shop and havent had much luck
  6. If you don't mind e asking how much they bang you for install?
  7. How difficult is it getting the cowl off? Any advice or tips appreciated
  8. Lol, then I'd have to get Dogs to get rid of the Cats so on and so forth
  9. Tried all this and bastards keep coming back, what a Pain in the @ss!!!!!
  10. Dislike, looks like a GMC Titan
  11. Def helpful feature when you're on a road with no posted signs
  12. Crew Cab all the way, I'm not that tall but its tight sitting in the back of a double cab
  13. I dropped the nut as well, how the hell do you get it back in?
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