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  1. Edited my listing. 2016 Sierra SLT. Meant to say HID headlights.
  2. I've got a 2016 Sierra SLT with the LED headlights. I like the look of the HID headlights (with the amber park light on the end) that the 2500's and other trims offer. Does anyone know if the wiring harness'/plugs are universal or the fit would be the same?
  3. Has anyone changed their set up to go from the current 6 lug to a 8 lug using an adaptor of some kind to be able to fit different wheels? I like the chrome 10 spoke Denali HD wheels from the 2016-2019 model years.
  4. I just started a new thread under the Engine, Driveline & Exhaust section. But I received a letter from GMC today stating they're extending their coverage to 10 years or 120000 miles for a condition that affects some 2016 model year Sierra's with the 6.2L engine that has rough transmission shifts or hesitation during acceleration. As I asked there, does anyone think this letter is GM finally owning up to what we've long complained of?
  5. I got a letter in the mail today from GMC regarding my 2016 Sierra with the 6.2L engine that "may have a condition that affects the electrical connection to the transmission oil temperature sensor. If this condition occurs, rough transmission shifts or hesitation during acceleration may occur. Additionally, the Malfunction Indicator Light (Check Engine Light) would illuminate and a diagnostic trouble code related to the temperature sensor would set." They're extending protection to 10 years or 120000 miles. Has anyone else with the 6.2L engine received this letter? Does anyon
  6. So while turning steering wheel, left or right, a clicking noise is heard, inside only, by any occupants, but not heard outside. Seems to be coming from under the dash area. Cannot be heard outside. Local mechanic tried spraying silicone grease in steering wheel shaft boot under dash, to no avail. Any ideas?
  7. Link from slide187 doesn't work (not directly to thread).
  8. I recently saw a 12" touchscreen Nav/HVAC unit like the Dodge trucks have. Either from Linkswell (http://www.linkswellinc.com/products/t-style-radio/2014-2018-chevy-silverado-gmc-sierra-generation-iv-t-style-radio/) or Phoenix Automotive Inc (https://www.phoenixautomotiveinc.com/collections/newest-products/products/px6-six-core-special-12-1-android-8-1-vertical-screen-navigation-radio-for-chevrolet-silverado-gmc-sierra-2014-2018). Has anyone used or installed or have one of these? What's your take?
  9. What fuel octane is the owners manual calling for with the 6.6L?
  10. Htttrh, I'd suggest getting the wire harness to make it easier. It'll plug into the large opening in the left side of the passenger fuse block then it has the snap fittings for the lights themselves.
  11. Not certain of what UCA's I have, but I did have to add the 1/4" spacers.
  12. If you call RC, they can tell you what will work or what you'd need to make it work. They were good about it when I called and asked before buying my 3.5" lift. I've got 33's (275/60/20).
  13. For what it's worth, here's two more pics on his way to 19.6 he got. And GM125800, I suppose you haven't traveled on I-95 south of VA thru the Carolina's. It's about as flat as your highways in TX. And he indeed has the 5.7L, as he either tows his 21' Chaparal boat or his 30' travel trailer. Now I'm not trying to defend the Tundra as a loyal GM fan, but just throwing out there some credible evidence. No fake news here.
  14. So I asked the brother in law with his '17 Tundra to grab a screen shot or two of his MPG going to SC from CT, to help him defend the Toyota faithful. You'll see that on I-95, south of VA where it's flat and less traffic, I posted his best MPG of 19.6, evidently obtained with the cruise control on and relatively low temps.
  15. With the purchase of new Nitto 275/60/20's, they did rub on full lock until I had a lift installed with spacers. No more rubbing.
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