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  1. Been a while since this was started. Has anyone figured out which wires need to be diode'd to make the cargo lights activate with cabin lights, whether switched on inside or my opening the door, like older GM trucks did, or Ford and Toyota trucks do?
  2. Buying my lease

    I'm in a similar predicament. Have a '16 SLT double cab with the 6.2L, 4x4, Nav, Heated and Cooled seats, 8 speed trans and the buyout in January is $32636. The prices for similar new design 2019's are outrageous and there are no giant incentives yet. There's giant incentives for left over 2018's, but they are just what I have already albeit newer, under warranty and monthly lease a tad more than what I'm paying now. Pending no giant offers in January on newly designed '19's, I'm going to buy mine, as it appears to be a good deal. KBB reads for mine, trade in value $27972, private party value $31162. NADA clean trade $32550 and clean retail $34925.
  3. Cargo Lights on with Reverse Lights

    Hmm. Will have to try this. Could Grjfef have wired something wrong?
  4. Looking to do some mods to my '16 Sierra (suspension lift kit, wheels, etc). Located in CT, looking to see what shops members have used with positive success. The only one I know of and have visited is Truck Toyz in Rocky Hill (https://www.facebook.com/trucktoyzunlimited/). Any thoughts?
  5. 19' Silverado Double Cab

    Saleswoman at Banks in NH said they can start placing orders on October 20th. So presumably manufacturing shortly thereafter.
  6. I agree, no deals yet. I too am less than 3 months from my turn in date of my leased '16 Sierra and I've been looking. I agree some of the best deals for discounts are at some of the largest dealerships (Laura in IL and Banks in NH) but it's just dealer discounts, no current manufacturer incentives for sales nor leases. And a salesman from Banks even told me the lease financing rate even increased in November from 5.04% in October to 5.42%, let alone the residual's aren't as good either making lease's crazy expensive, making monthly lease payments nearly as expensive as 100% financing purchases. He went on to tell me that GMC is aiming for a upmarket crowd, hence why only crew cab Denali's were introduced first. Time will tell.
  7. Front end noise

    Had a similar clicking sound from left front wheel when the wheel turns past say a certain clock point you'd get 3 clicks, but only when the steering is turned 3/4 or full left or right, front or back travel. Repair invoice reads "Retorque control arm bolts per PITS5533B", & retorque both the frame crossmember. Sound is now gone.
  8. My daily driver is my '16 Sierra SLT 1500 w/ a 6.2L. My sunny day car is my '05 Corvette Convertible, now with 56xxx miles. For one, at 6'4", the drivers seat doesn't slide back far enough nor does the wheel tilt up high enough on the new C7's to pivot my way in & out without the top of my thighs rubbing on the steering wheel, unlike my C6. Additionally, my car still gets looks and is fun to drive, so why not keep it around?
  9. Thank you all for the comments on this dealership. I've been watching their site for a while to see what happens to prices, and they have been far less than anyone else that I can find. Will be exploring them as the end of my lease is approaching.
  10. Frenchsquared, you don't state specifically where you're from. But there was another post about the LED headlights (I being a contributor to it) not melting wet snow that accumulates or gets kicked onto your lens in the winter. The HID's in my last truck, '13 Silverado didn't have any issues, only with the LED on my '16 Sierra, since they make very little heat. I had about a quarter size hole melted in the snow on the lens one night from the LED. Just a FYI.
  11. Got a letter today from GMC regarding updating my navigation system to the 2018 version. It's $139.99 plus free shipping, now using a USB stick. Anyone know if this can be shared amongst other vehicles like the old navigation discs could be burned to another disc for sharing?
  12. No, not at least in 2016, at least on my truck.
  13. Put mine on the bottom too. Fits perfectly and works well.
  14. Xenon/LED's and snow

    i second you Sean. With my truck recently I experienced the same thing, and wondered WTF has happened to my forward lighting until I got out to look and only a small area was cleared/melted. In my last truck, a '13 Silverado with HID/Xenon, I didn't have any issue nor have I ever with the old halogen bulbs. I wondered just the same, is there a fix out there?
  15. New England Mud

    Mike, the roads that follow the CT river, from the Rocky Hill ferry up to Wethersfield & the Putnam bridge are cool ones. There also is a off road dirt track in the meadows there for dirt bikes & quads. Occasionally floods, so there tends to be large puddles too.

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