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  1. With the purchase of new Nitto 275/60/20's, they did rub on full lock until I had a lift installed with spacers. No more rubbing.
  2. Anyone running the N-FAB bars?

    A lot more about them here. Good luck.
  3. Silverado vs Tundra

    Currently I have a '16 Sierra dbl cab w/ 6.2L and brother in law has a '16 Tundra 5.7L dbl cab, both of us have tonneau covers. Around town he gets 14-15 mpg, I 17. We did a family trip 200 miles, all highway, 4 vehicles in a caravan, so we were all the same speed (70ish). We reset our trip computers before starting. At the destination, the 6.2L averaged 21.x, the Tundra 19.x. He thought with my 6.2L I'd be worse off. But I believe the AFM & 8 speed trans helped immensely. Mine is/was a lease that I bought as the original owner/driver. Before purchasing in January, I couldn't find any deals on the redesigned '19 GMC's so I explored the Tundra. The ride was ok, felt higher up. Power was good. But interior was outdated. With polarized sunglasses on, I was unable to even read the NAV/radio screen. Needless to say I passed on it.
  4. Front left wheel bearing on order now to my local mom & pop shop, creating a hell of a racket in noise. Only 40k miles.
  5. Other threads on this, but I applaud you Sour_Squirrel for doing this yourself. I paid to have it done on my truck.
  6. Swapped out my OEM Goodyear's to Nitto Ridge Grappler's (275/60/20) a month ago. I like the look of them and look forward to trying them in the snow, but in the mean time, they're as noisy as can be at anything above 35 mph, especially on the highway. Contemplating just getting a spare set of rims with some smooth street tires like the Goodyears again.
  7. Cab lights done

    If you get the complete wire harness, which naturally has the ends for the lights, the other end plugs into the large opening in the passenger fuse compartment and it's complete. Or you can get funky and I've read that the grey with purple strip is the hot wire for the marker lights.
  8. Cab Marker Lights

    PM sent to you Yeti1007.
  9. 3.5" RC suspension lift, factory OEM cab lights, 275/60/20 Nitto Ridge Grapplers. Ride is similar to non-lift. Tires are noisier than stock Goodyears but the appearance is cool. Haven't had the chance to try them in the snow yet, but the ride/grip in the rain is fine. e
  10. Cab Marker Lights

    Finally got it done, courtesy of Truck Toyz Unlimited in Rocky Hill, CT.
  11. Cab lights done

    Finally pulled the trigger and got it done on my truck, along with the lift, courtesy of TruckToyz Unlimited in Rocky Hill, CT.
  12. Now that Rough Country offers three versions of their 3.5 inch, specifically the version with the new angled/forged upper control arms with ball joints, has anyone installed these and can report on them? They seem to be the fix for past issues with ball joint angles using the factory upper control arms. What say you?
  13. Has anyone with a truck out of bumper to bumper warranty taken advantage of this falling under the powertrain warranty, which tends to last longer?
  14. Does anyone think this would be covered under the powertrain warranty which I believe is longer than the 3yr/36k mi warranty, which I'm over?
  15. Headlight deicing

    I commented about this last year after I too had my lenses iced up. No one commented with any fixes. )

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