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  1. Seems like mine does what you describe... every time there is an update, and/or the truck has set a few days. Powering it off/on with it plugged into the truck works most times. Sometimes recycling the power to both. Best, John 2017 Silverado LT Samsung S7
  2. I want to re-install the stock AM/FM antenna mast. Of course, now I can't find the threaded adapter, it goes between the base and the mast. Anyone got an extra they don't need? Thanks , John 2017 Silverado LT
  3. I read most of the replies on this topic. I hope I did not overlook this diagnostic question: "Has anyone tried placing a couple hundred pounds of weight in the bed of the truck?" I placed some sand in the back of mine, rides a whole lot smoother. Seems quieter, too. John
  4. The storage interests me. Are you near Austin TX? Best, John Peek KF5ZMD
  5. Quoted to add: Folded a towel 4-6 layers. Placed it on the floor in the opening between rear passenger door and rocker panel as close to the hinge as possible. (Closed the door on it) Been working for the past month. I'm much happier now. The towel gets wet when it rains, or truck gets washed. I can live with that a while. Best, John, KF5ZMD
  6. Hope springs eternal. Folded a towel over to @4 layers thickness. Closed the rear passenger door on it, it's next to the b-pillar, below the rear door hinges. A small amount hangs out from under the door. Noisy hinges I learned about here, post #84: https://www.coloradofans.com/forums/177-2nd-gen-interior/266250-rattle-near-seat-belt-cover-5.html Been out on several trips, and it's working so far, so good. Wish me luck. Best, John
  7. Tried all that. While the rubber boot was slightly loose, this suggestion did not fix my rattle. Back to the drawing board.
  8. 84 ° this afternoon. It seems to do better when it's cold. Best, John, KF5ZMD
  9. Well, she-ott. Fix didn't take. Back to the drawing board!
  10. Oops, I just had the one photo of the seatbelt electric wires. Sorry. The b-pillar cover is all held in with clips. Remove the bottom door sill covers front and back and it all just unclips. Pretty simple. Remove the front and rear door sill plates by lifting them straight up.....the b pillar cover should then come off by firmly pulling it in the exact opposite direction from the post it is attached to. Hope this is helpful, John, KF5ZMD
  11. I am cautiously optimistic that I've found the cure for my passenger side B Pillar ticking. Went through almost every suggestion in this forum. Finally, I removed the lower pillar plastic cover and saw that a couple wires connected to the seat belt mechanism were very close to the cover itself. The wires are at / near floor-level. They were like almost rubbing the cover. See image. I then wire-tied the wires to the metal B Pillar. I noticed in the middle of the B Pillar is a wire bundle. Just for giggles, I wire-tied that wire bundle to the B Pillar, too. Been a dozen or so trips since, and the dreaded B Pillar tick has been fixed. So far. Best, John, KF5ZMD
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