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  1. B Pillar Tick

    Update #2, the noise is back and better than ever! It’s fantastic, I’m about done trying, Ill turn the radio up and hopefully the truck spontaneously combust, went from my best truck ever to my most hated truck
  2. B Pillar Tick

    And the way I torque them down is get all the bolts started , push the steps up slightly , bottom 2 inner first; 2 bottom outer and the upper 4 same order in then out
  3. B Pillar Tick

    Torque Spec is 13-15 ft lbs, but honestly just go tight with a normal 3/8 ratchet and don't muscle it too much, should be held in by speed clips so the worse you can do it bend the clips, and if you do crazy pull the rocker so don't go nuts, and 2 10mm bolts for the grab handle, step rip and tear, these clips are a gift from the devil himself so make sure you have a trim tool remover handy
  4. B Pillar Tick

    update on my truck, finally figured it 100% out, most of the noise was my door and b pillar tapping each other and creating the contact spots like I mentioned, but still had a slight noise, so I noticed when I weighted my side steps it faintly clicked, long story short I loosened and re torque my side steps correctly and tada, no more turtle sex in my left ear, Ill post pictures when I get the chance, I closed a rag in my door and let it sit like that for a few days, hopefully it tweaked the door a few mm to resolve that, now I need to figure out my paint issue, oh and I just rolled 3000 miles today, glad this one is leased
  5. B Pillar Tick

    Tried that wasn't it , so tonight I wedged a cloth in between my door and the b pillar , quieted the noise drastically, not gone but live able, also found 2 contact patches where my inner door molding is rubbing of my paint on the b pillar awesome 🤘🏽
  6. B Pillar Tick

    My 15 was a double cab and I never had this issue, I talked to my gm technician buddies , never had this issue, checked for tsb none found of course , I'm at a loss
  7. B Pillar Tick

    I haven't , but my drivers side is so overwhelming , my passenger side might and I just never heard it , my 2015 interior was church quite, this one sounds like two turtles f#cking
  8. B Pillar Tick

    This is my truck driving home for work , still cannot pinpoint it
  9. B Pillar Tick

    I'm driving around with my trim off till I find this noise, I'm realizing its temputure temperamental, in the morning it's quieter and in the afternoon it's loud, clearly an issue if all of us are having it, starting to think it's a broken spot weld up high on the pillar
  10. B Pillar Tick

    Same here, i love my truck, I've been die hard gmc for 7 years now, but this noise makes me despise this truck, just took it for my last ride for the night with someone else driving and me in the back seat going crazy trying to pinpoint it, couldn't find a thing, I would bring it to the dealer but I'm very anal about my truck and they would just be doing the same thing I'm doing anyway, I'm going to see if I can get in touch with my old service manger and some of my gm tech buddies to look up bulletins, if not I'm calling gm
  11. B Pillar Tick

    I'm literally in the process right now of contuining to diag it, ive been chasing it since 330 today, not the windows, not the roof moldings, not the contact, not the striker, not the belts or seatbelt guides/ adjuster, I stuffed rags in between anything I thought it could be , I'm currently driving around with the trim off trying to find it, my only thought is the inner structure welds are broken, because I'm at a loss of things it could be, really irritating at this point
  12. 2017 sierra A/T crew cab I have the most annoying tick noise over bumps, coming from the b pillar behind my left ear and it is driving me brick house, I've pulled at the trim off put my hands on everything made sure everything is tight, stuff rags in between contact points, I've run out of ideas, anyone have an guidance for me, I'm a ex gm technician of 5 years , I know what I'm doing but of course my own truck baffles me..per usual any new bulletins or tsbs?

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