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  1. Black Bear Performance

    Anyone have experiences with the tune smoothing out the rough downshifts/occasional clunking that occurs when coming to a complete stop?
  2. Noise behind drivers seat

    My 2018 has a similar issue. I thought was under the seat for a while until I could get my wife to drive it. It's coming from the bottom of the b pillar, right?
  3. What ended up being the problem? Have the same issue as the original post
  4. What ended up being the problem? Have the same issue as the original post
  5. B Pillar Tick

    GM released a TSB for the Colorado and Canyon #PIT5632 but hasn't provided a fix yet. If you go read some of the Colorado forums, they're having the identical issue. Apparently the TSB was opened in September of 18 and reads: "Engineering is investigating this concern. The root cause has been determined and best path to repair is being evaluated. Attempt no repair at this time. DO NOT put expanding foam in the pillar, this will not repair the concern and will make the eventual repair more difficult. This PI will be updated when the repair procedure has been established." If anyone can provide additional info beyond what's on gm-trucks about this issue, I'd really appreciate it. I love my truck but this constant rattling in the b pillars is awful. Bob - I've had the dealer take my b pillars off and remove the black rubber around the wiring harness. You can see a small gap between the two layers of sheet metal but you can't get anything down in there to see what might be touching. I don't believe you'll be able to accomplish anything by taking the panel off and disconnecting the wiring harness.
  6. What ever happened with this? I have a ticking coming from the lower part of my b pillar.
  7. 2017 GMC B pillar rattle

    Ever get a solution to this? I have the same problem when it gets above 70 degrees out.
  8. B Pillar Tick

    Anyone know how to remove the trim to get access to the inside of the b pillar? Some instructions would be greatly appreciated! Update: Got the pillar off. Definitely coming from the rectangular cut out where the wire harness goes to the door. The post about the two pieces of metal is spot on. Now I’m just hoping my dealer will do the same thing.
  9. B Pillar Tick

    Anyone ever find a solution to this issue that didn’t include spray foam?
  10. Any update on this? I have an 18 5.3 6 speed. It did some funky stuff between 500-1000 miles and was awesome after that. I now have 2300 on it and the torque converter is definitely doing some weird stuff. I get a odd lunging feeling when downshifting 3-2 and some banging under the truck from time to time when stopping. It also wants to downshift when I let off the gas on a turn in my neighborhood and then when I reapply the gas, it slams into gear. I'm hoping I'm still in the learning phase. I sold my 17 Tacoma because it shifted like straight crap for the whole 40k I put on her.
  11. Do you have any pictures of this? I'm going to attempt this this weekend to try to solve mine.
  12. Seat squeaking?

    Did you ever get this resolved? Everything I'm seeing online are folks reporting front part of their driver's seat. I'm experiencing the same as yours where its the left bottom part - very different from leather rubbing. Thanks!

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