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  1. B Pillar Tick

    I don’t have side steps and I have the noise every damn morning.
  2. B Pillar Tick

    Can you take a video of the noise you're getting so I can compare it to mine? I'm getting a noise from the b pillar, but also an identical noise from the metal frame of the truck under what I think is the speaker in the driver's door. If I can solve this by buying running boards, it will not only solve my issue but also make my wife happy. Thanks!
  3. B Pillar Tick

    Mine is doing it without running boards. I've actually contemplated getting running boards to try to curb the noise. On another note, I sent a video in an email to GM customer service last week because my ticking is getting progressively worse. It used to only make the noise between 70-80 degrees (which is literally every morning for me here in SC) but now it can be heard periodically even when it is in the high 90s... it all has to do with whether or not it has exposure to the sun. Mine is definitely either pinch welds being bad or something inside the structure of the B pillar and the pillar where the front door hinges are connected. I'm going to bother the hell out of GM to fix it under warranty... then it's going right to a body shop.
  4. B Pillar Tick

    Anyone have an update? Mine is occurring daily at this point.
  5. B Pillar Tick

    I'm still getting a ticking in the b pillar, but mine has also developed the ticking under door sill below the driver's door speaker. It is the identical noise with the same consistency. It's bizarre. I'm hoping it's just a response to whatever is touching that's causing this mess to begin with. Anyone else experiencing this?
  6. B Pillar Tick

    Has anyone been able to consistently replicate this noise? I drove to the dealer this morning with the clicking and luck would have it, it stopped in the 15 minutes I waited for the tech to come ride with me.
  7. B Pillar Tick

    I uploaded a video of where I think my noise is coming from. I was working the back door back and forth and you could hear the metal under the b pillar clicking. It didn’t totally go away like I thought when I was recording the video, but the pressure helped reduce it. Sorry about the shaky camera at the end.
  8. B Pillar Tick

    I hope it works for you, but I've tried that and had no impact.
  9. B Pillar Tick

    Still looking to see if anyone with running boards was able to solve the issue by retorquing their bolts.
  10. B Pillar Tick

    Some metal inside or under the b pillar is expanding and tapping. I think it is a combo of heat and humidity because we have had days here in SC where the temp is well into the 90s and I don't hear it, yet 70-80 degrees on a damp morning and the sob is rattling like there's no tomorrow.
  11. B Pillar Tick

    Has anyone with running boards successfully fixed this by re-torquing the bolts? I'm considering putting running boards on if it'll fix the problem. At this point, it might be cheaper than constantly taking off of work to go to the dealer only to hear that they can't replicate it.
  12. Do you have any photos or a write up from the service dept?
  13. How did they fix your clicking issue? I have it on my silverado.
  14. B Pillar Tick

    I’ve spent more time than I’d like to admit under my truck with my wife working the door, jumping on the door sill, etc, and @wreckdiver I’m most certain you are correct. There are areas under the truck where the sheet metal is stamped together at an angle - with the obvious one being right under the b pillar. That is clearly where the noise is coming from. Maybe a set screw will hold it into place? I have an appointment next week but I’m skeptical that they’ll make progress given everyone else’s issues. I’m bound and determined to solve this.
  15. B Pillar Tick

    I’m becoming more convinced that this noise is coming from metal either under the truck or under the metal near the door sills. Normally the noise radiates through the b pillar, but this morning it was most evident under the driver’s door speaker. @drtyTshrt @sierra1412 have yall received any updates? Has anyone with running boards been able to permanently fix this?

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