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  1. Looking for help here. I have a clicking coming from under the driver’s door/floorboard. Only happens when the temps are between 65-85 degrees, but is most noticeable on muggy mornings (unfortunately every morning on my way to work during an SC spring/summer/fall). I have tried tracking this down since I bought the truck 2 years ago. I’ve had my buddy rock the truck back and forth while I’ve been under on a creeper and the noise sounds like it’s coming from the cab mount, but I can’t be sure. I have read about the older models needing an insulator, but I haven’t seen anything about the 14-18s needing them. Has anyone had this issue? By the way, the truck has been to the dealer several times and two off roading shops. I have ruled out any issue with the suspension. Here’s a link to the noise: http://www.youtube.com/shorts/6AhDCAg2gtk
  2. Did the OP ever find a solution? I’ve spent two years chasing this similar issue down in my Silverado. noise here:
  3. Thought I had it fixed. After 2 years of chasing this, the body shop identified a broken spot weld under the weatherstripping at that runs along the door sill. They welded it and I went noise free for a week. It came back today. Gonna lose my mind before this is all over
  4. Anyone have a different outcome with this? Mine started recently (49k miles on the truck) and I want to get to the bottom of it if possible.
  5. Ever find a solution to this? Mine is doing this as well and the battery is not old or low on charge.
  6. any chance you have a video of the noise? Trying to track down a similar noise on my 18 Silverado.
  7. I have a 2018 LT. The climate control button with the direct and floor ventilation flickers on and off. Anyone know what is causing this? If I can fix it myself, I’d prefer to go that route since the truck is no longer under warranty. Video attached. FullSizeRender.mov
  8. I drive a 2018 Silverado Z71 LT 4x4. Last truck was a 2016 Tacoma. I have it at the dealer for some warranty issues and an oil change (32k miles) and I was told the truck is due for injector and throttle body cleaning. They said the maintenance is usually done between 30-35k miles. Is this legit? Sounds a little early for cleaning/flush on injectors and the throttle body. I put almost 50k on my Tacoma and didn't have to do anything other than oil changes, a cabin filter, and tire rotations for scheduled maintenance. The Tacoma sucked though, which is why I dumped it... for those wondering.
  9. Anyone ever hear what sounds like metal clicking when they open the rear doors on a hot day? I’m getting a noise on both sides from under the cab when I first open the doors. The truck has to be sitting for a while for it to happen.
  10. Mine has been really bad. Any temp between 65-85 and I’m screwed unless the sun is beating down on the truck. It’s going to the dealer again Monday.
  11. I haven't found a cool day in central SC when I had time to go to the dealer. I'm already setting my work calendar for October and November so I can spend multiple mornings at the dealer.
  12. Mine has gotten substantially worse this year. I bought the truck in July 2018 and the ticking went away whenever the temperature was above 85 or below about 65. This morning, it was 55 in SC and the thing did what I captured in the video above. On the bright side, the dealer might actually be able to hear what I've been bitching about for a year. On the other hand, if I have to listen to this all throughout the winter, I'll be in the market for another vehicle.
  13. I don't have concrete proof of this, but I'm going to venture to say that isn't going to solve our issue. The Colorado and Canyons ended up with a TSB that recommended set screws inserted above the pass through connector (about half way up the b pillar). The pass through connector is where the wiring harness goes from the door into the b pillar. It's a rectangular cut out a few inches tall by an inch or two wide. Our issue is clearly coming from something in the base of the b pillar/the metal under the truck above the pinch welds. I've had the dealer pad the hell out of my pass through connector and it hasn't done a whole lot to change my situation. I actually captured a video under the truck this morning of my ticking noise. I'll upload it to youtube and edit this post so it can be viewed.
  14. I wish that was all it took for me. No running boards and the noise happens almost every morning... except when I take it to the dealer. My rear door on the driver's side also ticks when I open and close it after the truck has been sitting in the heat for a while. Once I open and close it 2-3 times, the noise goes away.
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