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  1. That is the thing, I have not noticed a ride quality difference at all, which I find odd. If it wasn't making a noise I probably would not have noticed anything was wrong actually. On my old truck when the shocks went out, I would hit a bump and the front end would bounce up and down for another quarter mile, I am having none of that this time.
  2. So would you recommend the Bilstein leveling shocks?
  3. Thanks for the responses guys. I knew that quote they gave me sounded absurd - just wanted to be sure. I thinking of getting some bilstein 5100's and finding a shop to put them on for me.
  4. I have a 2016 GMC Sierra 1500 Z71 SLT, 39K miles; recently I have been hearing a clicking/popping noise coming from the front right wheel well. I took it to the dealership to get it looked at, and they come back to tell me my shocks are bad, which it not what I expected to hear. They quoted me $1.1K to install new shocks, does that sound right to y'all? It sounded a bit absurd to me. Of course now I am on youtube trying to figure out if I can do this myself. How hard would it be - for someone who hasn't done much other change the oil myself and maybe change a belt here and there - to change my front shocks by myself? Or should I just pay someone to do it?
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