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  1. Ford non-turbo. There's really no other option. RAM - Reliability issues (yes, all trucks have them, but RAM is notoriously bad) . Nissan - Might not be around in a few years, especially the Titan. Toyota - Old ones were reliable but had terrible gas mileage, new ones are still too "new", so maybe in a few years. Honda Ridgeline - Just on this list to ruffle some feathers :D
  2. Do you know if this can be used on a truck without maps? It says update. I have an SD card slow and a maps button, but my truck didn't come with the SD card. Here's what my build sheet says:
  3. "Better" in which way? The most important thing with CBs is the antenna. Personally, I like the president radios, but they're a bit higher up in price. They make some ultra compact ones though. My advice is narrow down to budget, features that you want/must have, and focus the rest of your money and research on a good antenna. Good luck!
  4. A lot of "preppers" are in to radio comms (ham and CB), so there's been an increase in the sales of them I'd say in the past ~5 years or so. Or maybe that's just my observation
  5. If it's real, I like the front but dislike the bed. Looks like an avalanche with the sidewalls. Makes the bed less-usable IMO. I don't think it's a real photo, the silhouette on TFLs upcoming video doesn't show that:
  6. Same here, I've drove almost 1,000 in the southeast with the ham radio on 146.520, I never heard anything. CH 19 on the CB though, is pretty active. Especially if you get near larger truck stops or in the city. It lights up during any traffic jam.
  7. Do you have any info on how to do this? Mine is "sticky" at times, maybe I need to make an adjustment. TIA
  8. @Transient I ended up putting mine on the bed rail near the drivers side cab. I can unscrew it when needed (parking garage or car wash). Probably not the best for reception, but works fine for my use.
  9. Thanks @Silverado 4x4 the TSB you mention looks exactly like the problem I'm having. I'll going to mention it to my dealer.
  10. I'm interested in this too. I have an LT with the larger radio (Sirius XM, HD radio, etc), but my trailer setup only includes the light test. I checked and I don't have the module, it sounds like it takes more than just buying the module, maybe a flash from the dealer?
  11. Don't sweat it Chris, we all do dumb things with our trucks sometimes. Anyone here that says they haven't isn't being honest An expensive mistake, but a good story (when the pain wears off).
  12. They don't have the stuff in your screenshot, but I saw that have some accessories that fit the current silverado: https://builtrightind.com/pages/product-result?rq=yr_2019~mk_chevrolet~md_silverado-1500 anyone have an experience with the "Tech Plate"? I'm wondering if I could mount it on the underside of my arm rest lid (like in their pictures).
  13. Android auto is fine, until you don't have reception. I know you can do offline maps, but it's also much quicker to just click the nav button and pull up a map of the area. My father has it in his truck, it's super handy when you're somewhere you're not familiar with, but didn't plug your phone in. That's why I'd love to buy the SD card.
  14. Is this the only way to get nav now in the silverado if your truck didn't come with it? I have an LT, and i have a nav button the bottom left (near the climate/audio buttons), and when I click the nav button now, it wants me to subscribe. Is the SD card option completely out?
  15. From my understanding, sport mode (and trailer mode for that matter) changes more than disabling the auto start/stop. I believe it changes shift points too. Many (including myself) have purchased this: https://www.autostopeliminator.com/collections/gm/products/2019-silverado-sierra-autostop-eliminator Yeah, it's $100, so that's up to you to decide if it's worth it to you. For me, it was.
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