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  1. Thanks, I'll try that. It's possible it's an issue with my camera. If it gets power it comes on right away, but if the power "flickers" (like when starting the truck on some fuses) it shuts off. I'll try it though. Thanks!
  2. Nice setup, very similar to mine, except I don't have a rear camera. What fuse did you hook it to? My camera shuts off every time the auto-start comes back on. It thinks it's getting plugged back in, it's pretty sensitive. I tried the fuse with the radio, but because the radio starts up when you open the door, the camera then shuts off when I turn the truck on.
  3. Yep, this is exactly how mine fit. I was hoping they would tie in to the to screws facing the tire (the black ones in your picture). I'll have to keep an eye on the area, I suspect mud and other crap is going to build up there pretty quick. I can't complain too much, I got them for $88 last week on amazon (looks like they're $109 now).
  4. Just got these and installed them. Does anyone else have a little "gap" near the bottom of them where the "mud flaps" are connected? The instructions didn't say anything about connecting them to that area, and mine seem a little long.
  5. Installed Westin Pro Traxx 4" steps today.
  6. I went with the westin pro traxx 4" stainless steel from autoanything. I like them, though I'm sad I lost some ground clearance. But my wife's been complaining about hopping up in there Before: After: Close Up:
  7. For me coming from an 07 F150: The engine pep! My 07 F150 5.4 was a dog compared to this. This feels like a sports car! Bed size - Huge! (See next bullet) Size of double cab with NO suicide doors. The reason I didn't consider the ford was I needed a full size bed, but didn't want suicide doors. The double cab on my chevy can fit me in the back seat (6'1), and I keep the full size bed. Now I don't want to spend 5hrs in the back seat, but it's perfect for an adult to ride around town back there.
  8. Nice! I love my double cab. Those tires look real sharp, makes the truck look very aggressive! Might be an option for me when I'm due
  9. Mine came with the chevy floorliners, I replaced them with ones from Husky, I'm much happier with the Husky. It's my understanding though, that there's 2 kinds of floormats from chevy, a "cheaper" kind and a higher one. My truck came with the crappier of the 2
  10. Funny, I feel the same way about my bimini top on my boat
  11. See my post on this topic here, which includes the service bulletin: Although, it's happening for us when the engine is cold, not hot.
  12. It doesn't sound exactly like what you're seeing, especially since you used a meter, but there's a service update; BULLETIN N192267870: BATTERY SAVING NOTIFICATION. Basically, the computer thinks the battery is low and informs the drive (via text and email too). But since you used a meter, it might now help, unless the alternator stop charging? Not sure. Anyway, it might be worth taking your vehicle to the dealer and having them do the update.
  13. OK, just got back from the dealer after my first oil change. I asked him about the ticking noise and he knew about it right away. He also said "you're not going to like the response from GM." He told me there's a service bulletin on it, #PIP5606E: Ticking Noise From The Engine Here's what he gave me: So the solution is to "let the engine warm up for 5 to 7 minutes." I guess I'll live with it. Luckily it says it's covered under the powertrain warranty, so that gives us 100,000 miles.
  14. Yep, the same noise I get on my 5.3 2019 4x4 double cab. My truck is at the dealer now getting an oil change, I'll see if I can call them to get them to look at it. I doubt anything will come of it.
  15. There's another thread on here, where the user has it in writing that GM acknowledges this as an issue, but they have no fix for it. See this reply to the thread: I wonder if this is something we should start documenting.
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