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  1. I don't know if it's loose, i think it's that cable track that vibrates against the window. There's a good picture of it in the other thread. I'm going to try to shove something like a few pieces of paper between it and the window to see if it temporarily fixes it. If it does, I'll have to find something more permanent and less-hacky.
  2. There's another thread discussing this: they seem to think it's related to the power sliding window and the track the cable lays in. OP, do you have a power sliding window? I'm going to try removing my headrest and see if it stops the rattle.
  3. I forgot to ask the dealer for it, and when it went around to detailing I guess they threw it out I wish I had it though.
  4. I wasn't a fan at first, but now I think it looks bad ass I still hate the "power tailgate" and wish that was reserved for the LTZ and higher models, I have no use for it.
  5. So glad I found this thread, this has been driving me crazy. To summarize, it's not the jack and not the passenger seatbelt (in my case anyway). I also have a power sliding rear window so I suspect that's it. Please post any solutions you come up with. I'm going to tackle this on the weekend if no one comes up with something. Not sure what yet
  6. Good question, I'd love to to know the answer to this. Because I've heard that the fog lights don't come on when you use the high beams. Whereas if you wired it to the headlights, they would always be on if the headlights are on. I would prefer that.
  7. Agreed! If there was a "manual tailgate" as an option I would have sought it out. Seems like a very gimmicky feature. Do you know what your dad had done, and has it worked since they did whatever they did? I'm looking for a solution.
  8. I have the exact same issue. When I pull on the tailgate with even a little pressure (guessing about 5lbs with 1 hand) and press the release button with the other, I hear the clicking, but nothing happens. I noticed it when I had some doors for the house in the bed and I had to unload the bed one door at a time lifting over the sides because it wouldn't open. I took it to the dealer today, they checked for recalls and service bulletins, found nothing. The dealer said they tried it on another truck on the lot and it did the same thing. Now I'm wondering if I should take it in again. How "normal" is this issue? Members that aren't having a problem, have you tried pulling on the tailgate while you press the release button?
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