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  1. Did you recently have the engine block heater replaced under the recall? Apparently, to do so, they have to drain the coolant. When I had mine done two weeks ago, I drove it home with no problems. The next day, got a low coolant warning. When I called the dealer, they told me sometimes when the refill the coolant, they force feed it in and the level can be off, or something like that! They gave me a gallon to put in and I topped off the tank. No problems since.
  2. Is there a connection under the seats for the lights in the rear? Or do I need to run a wire under the carpet to the BCM?
  3. I stopped by the dealer today, it's part #23478709 - they want $54 for it. I don't know if your truck is still under warranty, but mine is and they are willing to cover it. I just have to bring it in to have them install it. Of course, looking online I can find it much cheaper! If it wasn't covered, I would be going that route. Good luck!
  4. I have the same issue, same piece fell off. I wonder if they got a bad batch! It looks like there is already a strip of VHB tape (or something) on it already, so tape on top of tape isn't going to work well. I used a couple of dots of hot glue just to hold it back in place so it wouldn't fall out or get damaged but that didn't hold. I'm almost tempted to get a whole replacement piece hoping they improved the stickiness of it. If you figure something out, definitely post it up here because I'm sure there are more people with this problem.
  5. Just be aware, the switch does absolutely nothing until you plug the harness into the back of it. There is a little pilot light on the switch and relay located above the overhead console that will click when the switch is activated. They won't do anything until you plug the harness into the back of the switch. I assume this is so you don't accidentally short out the blunt cut wire to a ground. I use this to power my mirror mounted radar detector and dash camera.
  6. You don't have the right headlight switch for the fog lights. The switch for the fog lights has the fog light symbol in the middle and does push in (see the attached picture). I looked up the part number for the one I have (84154108) and it's only a $34 part. Keep in mind, it's not an actual on/off switch. It is wired back to the BCM and triggers a relay. I would do a search on here to see if someone has successfully added fog lights using the OEM switch. But might be more trouble then it's worth.
  7. I had the same issue, wanted the LEDs in the mirror to activate automatically when putting the truck in reverse, but didn't want to get blinded in the face when I unlocked the truck at night. My solution was to install a relay. The relay is energized when the truck is running, deactivated when the truck is off. The coil on the relay is wired to terminal on the fuse block that changes the cigarette lighter plugs from batt to acc mode. The "jumper" between the white and brown plugs on the BCM are wired back to the relay to make/break the jumper. Truck is on - mirror LEDs follow the backup lights and/or cargo light switch Truck is off - mirror LEDs only follow the cargo light switch.
  8. I just looked on my sticker and have the "backup lamp feed" as well but have no clue where that would be. I know there is a connection block at the rear of the truck under the tailgate where the rear lights, camera, etc plug into. It's possible it is located there. It's possible it exists but not there. What I mean by that is I was looking for the "forward lamp wiring harness" that's listed with the package, but my understanding is the harness is a separate part that needs to be ordered. The truck is just ready to accept the harness. I guess they spin the wording on the package to make it seem like you are getting something when in fact you really are not. But good luck on your search! If you find something out, post it up on here.
  9. Here's the headlight switch mod you can do that will give you another "switch". This will only work with the engine running, and will also activate the exterior lights. It does give you a telltale indicator on the dash on the fuel gauge. There is a write up on the 1500 section that explains everything:
  10. After you open up the overhead console this is what you see. I've circled the heavy gauge green wire that's used for the +12V switched feed. It's just a blunt cut wire, I added the connector. You need to find the black plug bundled up there and plug it into the beacon switch. After you do that, the grey circled relay in the picture should click when you use the switch. If you need help getting into the console, let me know. It's a combination of clips and screws to get it apart and down.
  11. Looks like you already picked up a detector but just wanted to throw in a couple of thoughts for any one else looking... Escort is the best! Not only for their products, but because they stand behind their products. I have an Escort Max and had an issue with the mount not holding the detector. I sent the detector back to Escort and even though it was no longer under warranty, they fixed it for free and only asked I pay for the shipping. I have another Escort detector that I ordered a new suction cup mount - when I received it, the mount was damaged in shipping. Sent me a replacement, no questions asked. If you or anyone else is considering another detector in the future, also look into one that has red light and speed camera locations built in. You get an audible warning when approaching an intersection with red light camera or speed camera that may save you from a unfair ticket. And look into the dash camera Escort just put out. It piggy-backs onto the detector mount and uses the same RJ14 plug (one power cord for both) as the detector. I have it also and it's awesome!
  12. The power feed for the roof emergency light is in the overhead console. When you pull the console down, there is a large gauge green wire you tap into. You also have to plug the harness into the switch, it's not plugged in from the factory. I connected up my radar detector and dash camera to this feed (it's mounted to the rear view mirror). I can upload a couple of pictures of that helps you. I'm not aware of any "backup wiring" feed as part of the package, unless it was added to your model year (mine is a 2017). But you can change out the headlight switch with the one that has an auxiliary light feed control. It works while the engine is running. There's a thread on the 1500 section on that.
  13. My wife drives a Ford F250 and my Chevy is parked right next to it. I had a bird make a nest in my rear bumper, didn't even go for the Ford!
  14. Thanks for all the input. I decided to schedule a service for only the oil change. Apparently, there is still an open recall on my truck anyway, so I can get that done at the same time. Not going to use them after that. My last visit, they "forgot" to top off the DEF, so I'm not going to hold my breath for anything then the bare minimum. My DEF is reading 26% so I'll know right away if they top it off this time!
  15. I have a 2017 deisel and I'm due for an oil change very soon. I have my second "free" service available that I never used. My fuel filter is down to 7% and I was wondering if that would also be covered by the complimentary service. And this may be pushing it, but the truck still has the original wiper blades too. Do you think they would swap them out without charging me? If the only thing covered is the oil change, it's almost not worth it for me to take it there because of the distance. And I don't want to be caught in a situation where I call to make the appointment, get told one thing, only to have the story change when I get there! Funny thing is, I cannot find anything in the manual, warranty info, or online about the terms of the two free services that came with the truck, other than time and mileage. So any insight would be appreciated.
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