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  1. just got a set installed on my truck last week. I love the look of them and so far they feel great(obviously). costco has a $110 off promo running on the BFGs right now if anyone is on the fence.
  2. I've often thought about making some of these, but keep getting distracted with other projects. I remember my grandfather had built something similar for his 83 chevy.
  3. With money being the way it is, I decided to just go with the 275/55s and put the additional money towards an alignment after i get them installed. i was also worried that Costco would freak out about installing a non oem listed size.
  4. trying not to hijack this thread, but in looking at the KO2s, is it worth $80 to go up to a 275/60 over the factory 275/55? It looks like Costco is running a promo on BFGs as well. Trying to figure out if there's really any real benefit to just an 1" taller tire?
  5. Thanks for info. I mainly do Hwy and pavement driving, but do occasionally find myself driving through construction sites and getting all muddy. :D. Wet traction and handling in the snow are also important. I have always liked Michelins and Costco is running their Michelin promo this month, which has me leaning towards the LTX. But the BFGs really do look good on our trucks.
  6. That does look good. I'm debating between the BFGs and Michelin Ltx. I can't wait to get rid of these SRAs.
  7. Is anyone running 275/60/20 BFGs All Terrains on their stock setup?
  8. man, virginia never has anything good like this for sale.
  9. edit: missed the part about no fumoto. i think either one you are looking at will be fine.
  10. I"d be interested in the lower bumper filler with license plate bracket if you decide to separate.
  11. Installed the heated steering wheel on my 2016 LT. Install was easy and straightforward. Really should have done it years ago.
  12. I thought I remember reading where the frameless mirror was slightly smaller than the oem one though. So keep that in mind.
  13. what's up with that poor christmas tree? lol
  14. i used .095 line from my string trimmer to get the handles back on my 16 LT. I swapped them out for Escalade handles. For your wires, I would see if you can find the wiring diagram for the two door handles. you might have to just re-pin the plug
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