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  1. 2016 Denali Cluster for Sale

    what i really want to know, is who is Pete? lol
  2. That's too bad. I think I like the looks of the back rack better.
  3. I see you took off your back rack. Will it work with that wing?
  4. Cab marker lights install, part 1

    This was the punch I was thinking of. But yeah, dremel would be the cheapest option
  5. Cab marker lights install, part 1

    They make a square punch for the holes. My wife would kill me if i told her i was cutting holes in my roof.
  6. Today Only: 20% Off Everything!* Celebrate Dad and save with coupon code PICKDADSGIFT. Ends at 7pm PT. Min. $50 purchase. Get something good!!!
  7. Yeah, they have. This one is a Dick's exclusive, but now I'm just wondering if i really need both a kayak and a solo canoe? Does a kayak get me anything I'd be missing with a canoe?
  8. Have you tried using a USB cord? I downloaded all my old CDs and any other music I had on my computer to a thumbdrive and just plugged that into my truck. Basically the same thing as XM. Plays at same quality that I copied the music over at.
  9. Drone won't be bad inside the cab. I'd be more worried about the chopper noise if you don't have AFM turned off.
  10. Damn, $380 now with 20% off sale going on. https://www.dickssportinggoods.com/p/perception-hook-105-angler-kayak-15ptnuhknglr105xxpsk/15ptnuhknglr105xxpsk i think i'm going to have to pull the trigger at $380. Seems like a pretty good kayak for that price
  11. Dick's was having a pretty decent sale on kayaks and canoes for memorial day and i really wanted a hook 105 model. Decent price at $450, but couldn't swing it with the wife. I'll eventually get a kayak at some point, but right now with little ones, canoes are definitely a better option. I mainly hit the shenandoah and i'm waiting for a few weeks with no rain to try out my new canoe. It's just my luck that i get a new canoe and then can't use it for weeks. lol
  12. I have two canoes, a Discovery 169 and a discovery 119. I just picked up the 119 which is basically the same size as a kayak but i'm also able to bring my 7 yr old with me in that.
  13. Magnaflow Exhaust

    Do you still have AFM on?
  14. Different charging mat

    Can anyone confirm whether the Samsung s8+ will work with the wireless charging pad? or is it too wide and I'd need to upgrade my mat? I have a 16

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