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  1. Damn, wish that was a heated wheel.
  2. Illuminated Door panels

    Anything ever come of this project? I passed a CTS the other day with the led piping on the doors and thought looked cool.
  3. Did you have to install a level to run these tires? I'm looking at the BFGs for my stock level with 20s.
  4. GTG seller here. Bought some roof racks from him and the deal went very smoothly. Sometimes I wish I had gotten a topper instead of a bed cover. GLWTS
  5. If i'm understanding correctly, he wants to be able to automatically lock the cover after he's already pushed down on the lid and twisted the handle. if you do a search on here for the remote tailgate opening mod, that might give you enough ideas to make it work.
  6. I think the more important question is how many beers can you fit in it?
  7. great, never thought about this before. now it's all i can think about.
  8. That XR looks pretty sweet. good luck with the install and enjoy the cover
  9. I'm actually on my 2nd one. I showed them a video of it leaking after about 2 months and they sent me a new canister. i think the first canister was old stock because the sides of it were clear as opposed to black on the current one. I'm not sure when this 2nd one started to leak between the slats as I learned to just deal with it. But I'm going to video it leaking again and send it to them to see if they'll warranty this one as well. I love the cover, but hate that so much water gets in the bed now between the slats and also the drain plug gaskets.
  10. Here it is I believe. Or something very similar. After going with it for awhile, I ended up just drilling out the other side hole to fit the tube as I found out that the brass adapter would get clogged with dirt or other debris and it would leak out from the gasket. I almost drilled holes out the back of the bed towards the cab, so I could slide stuff all the way to the back but never did. I'm interested to see how your cover does. Mine is coming up on 3 yrs old and it's leaking from in between the panels and also from the drain tube gaskets. Not too happy about that.
  11. Installed the OEM Corsa sport exhaust. Sounds pretty good and install was a breeze.
  12. FS: 14-16 5.3L OEM Exhaust

    Just swapped out the factory exhaust and wanted to see if there was any interest in the factory set up? Comes off a 2016 5.3l CCSB. Located in zip 20105, Northern VA. Looking for $100obo Will work on getting pictures posted shortly.
  13. don't forget to miter the bottom ends at 45 degrees to get it lay flat on the bed. I used a 2x8 and somewhere there's a thread with the exact length to cut. I have too much stuff in there right now to take it out and measure.
  14. If I remember correctly, yes you can take the cover off to access the lock cylinder
  15. Drive it to Carmax and see what they'll offer you for it. Then figure it's worth another $4-$5k

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