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  1. Really like the look of those pillars, did you dab or buy those like that?
  2. I could definitely see a market for this conversion if it was decently priced and someone figures out a way to make a bolt in molded bezel that doesn’t interfere with the AC vents.
  3. Been having this vibration in my truck for awhile now. I had my diff fluid and rear end fluids changed to Amsoil and at least since then had this vibration sound. It goes away over probably 50 percent throttle. Any idea what this might be? Ignore the ice jiggling in the cup. https://imgur.com/a/ouRGGyz
  4. Was pretty disappointed in the ‘19 interior that my dad has in comparison to my ‘17. This looks like it fits the price tags of these trucks much more.
  5. Yep, actually got them to reimburse me for the part behind that. I think it’s a certain order you have to take the distribution block off or something.
  6. Turns out the kid at Advanced blew a fuse putting the battery in, $345 later I’m back on the road .
  7. Changed my battery last night at Advanced and my power steering went out. Had to get a tow to the dealer, little frustrating.
  8. What are you all using to get the scuffs from the door panels and plastic bits treated?
  9. Installation was really easy after taking awhile to break the balljoint and I would say I’m pretty pleased with the Motofab 1.5 level. I only took one picture but I think it looks much better in person than the quick pic I took right after rolling out of my garage. I think the look is pretty subtle, but that may be because most trucks from my local dealership come with a 2.5 level with 275/65 K02’s so that’s the look I’m used to seeing every day on this body style truck. Ride quality is the same and it kept some rake in the truck. At first I would say it’s not that big of a deal until you notice a stock truck and how low the air dam is to the ground.
  10. Installed my 1.5” Motofab level a few days ago and have had the tires on for awhile. Still adjusting to the AT tire noise, but outside of that they’ve been great.
  11. Just switched from the Goodyear’s to these in the P rated 275/60r20 size on my ‘17 and am loving the look. Just need to level and align it now. Are you guys getting a slight high pitch sound from the tires? I was expecting a little more noise but I’m new to all terrain tires and would feel better knowing it’s the norm. It’s not crazy but it’s different from what I’m used to.
  12. Ordered 275/60R20 from Amazon last week and they should be arriving today. Excited to see how they look on the truck, just need to get it leveled and aligned.
  13. I’m curious if it be possible to get the surround camera function to work similar to how it does on the T1 trucks if we add the front and side cameras? I’m interested in the HMI upgrade, but the surround view would be an interesting upgrade too. If not would the third party surround camera options still work with this? Thanks again.
  14. This is really exciting. Was hoping this would be an option for these trucks one day and seems like it may be coming sooner than expected. Keep up the good work.
  15. Do you have any more pictures of the tire on your truck from more angles. I think these tires might fit my needs.
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