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  1. Hey everyone, I figured I’d give a small update on my truck. I took off my McGaughy’s 7-9” lift and replaced it with a Cognito 10-12” lift and installed some fancy rock lights. Nothing against McGaughy’s as they make wonderful kits that ride great, I just wanted the Cognito kit for the height and intentions of running a bigger wheel/tire setup in the future. My immediate plans for the truck as of right now are to install my Texas Speed 223/227 cam, dod delete with plugs, ARP head bolts, LT4 head gaskets, Chevy performance ls7 lifters, Comp cams phaser limiter, hardened push rods/valve springs/retainers and long tubes. I’d like to add a Circle D torque converter, smaller pulley for the procharger, Kryptonite hubs/tie rods, traction bars, Pro Comp leafs with a 4 inch block, and possibly do a new set of Texas Speed heads to the list as well. Way into the future plans: 24x16 forged wheels of some kind and 38’s, regear, built trans, Fox/King coilovers, Deaver leafs, and maybe take the procharger off and go turbo. Part of me also wants to take the truck back down to stock and sell it to get a 16-18 with lower miles/8spd and swap everything over too but ehh idk I suppose I can swap the front end over and just live with the mileage and 6l80. I hardly drive the truck, maybe once a week if she’s lucky. Let me know what you guys think!
  2. pgamboa or to whom have the same year/model with same features who has done the swap, Ya'll certainly have my ears perked. I have a 2014 Denali with the DL3 mirrors and I'd like to change over to the DQS mirrors at some point. It looked like there were a few Denali's and High Country's with the power fold tow mirrors in this thread, but all I have seen thus far seem to be 16's thru 18's. (I stopped reading after about 15 pages and just decided to post for you to clarify some questions I have.) When converting over; 1. Are the harnesses pgamboa sell or the GM harnesses plug and play? 2. I'm assuming a door harness of some sort needs to be installed in order to have the parking lights and cargo lights equipped on the DQS mirrors to work? 3. As for the memory seat/mirror memory, I do not believe my truck is equipped with this feature, I will double check the RPO codes in the glove box for this but is a different harness required for this as well? 4. Do you opt for the GM mirrors or are the 1A Auto/aftermarket mirrors just as good? I'd like to have a set of mirrors that don't shake when going down the road like some of the older style aftermarket mirrors did. I sold my junky aftermarket mirrors on my '07 and purchased GM mirrors strictly for this reason. 5. Finally, I have a friend of mine that has some Boost Auto tow mirrors for his 2012 Duramax and they seem pretty nice from what I've seen. Have you had any experience with Boost Auto mirrors? I'm pretty sure they also sell harnesses as well but I could be wrong. Here is the link to their website: https://boostautoparts.com/ Thanks in advance, John
  3. I left one on the photography page but figured I'd leave a pic on this one too. This is the most recent picture off of my camera of mine but she was bone stock when I got her. This was "pre-procharged" as well lol.
  4. This is the most recent picture off of my camera of mine a few days before the procharger went on. Let me know what ya'll think!
  5. Freaking IN LOVE with the look of your truck. Pretty dang good with your camera too! Props
  6. My '07 had it bad. Had 223k on it. Took it to 2 dealerships, one of them was willing to rebuild it, came back doing the same thing. From my understanding they call it a "flare." It lurched and shifted pretty harsh pretty much every time it shifted from 1st to 2nd. I know the tune and lift, wheels and tires don't help, but when the truck was stock, surprisingly it was worse and did it from 2nd to 3rd. Also had a delay in Reverse with an occasional bump and clunk. It never got any better, but it never got worse. It was weird though, sometimes if you got on it then it would shift like butter. Funny thing is the '14 I just picked up has got a 6L80e and has something funky going on in it too. Drives good but when truck is warm, under light driving, stop and go, its got a weird shift. Good thing it's still under warranty (and bone stock). I'll probably take it to the dealer this week and see what they can do. They know me better than to tell me "it's normal" because something is definitely wrong with these transmissions. A lot of the 5.3's I drive at work, I usually never see an issue. I usually only see it when it's paired with a 6.2L and an AWD or 4WD platform. I've driven a ton of Yukon Denali's, Escalades, etc. and they all have a sort of "hiccup" between those gears for some reason. Whatever goes on in a 6L80e, the world may never know, but something voodoo for sure.
  7. I've detailed a ton of 2014-2016's and I'll be honest, I don't see the O.E liners in them very much. Nice design aside from under the pedal. I've seen a lot of Husky Liners do their job but over time may begin to warp around the edges. WeatherTech's digital fit design is tried and true. They can take such a beating and still clean up and fit exactly like brand new. Just my .02
  8. We had a photo booth that we also used as storage haha but when I did use it, I was okay with it. I loved the results on interior photos but exteriors looked half decent only because I had over head lighting and none on the sides. I tend to never use flash on exterior shots only because I'm afraid of getting hotspots or reflections off of the headlight/tail light.
  9. Thanks yall so much for the feedback! I was playing around with my lasso tool and paint bucket on my profile picture, still have yet to get a filter though I'll probably pick one up here soon.
  10. Hey guys, Sort of new here but anyways, I have been taking pictures of trucks as a living at a dealership for about 2 years now. My boss put a camera in my hand and told me to take pictures of all of the inventory. "Sure, no problem, just point and shoot" I said, Boy was I wrong... The first few trucks I shot I couldn't even tell what kind of truck it was because they were that bad... But here I am today still shooting pictures so must be doing something right. I do enjoy it and have seen some major improvements in my photos in the past year or so. Going from just completely washed out, blurry, horrendous photos, to finally some that are actually presentable for a website, but I'm still not satisfied with the quality of the majority of my photos. It seems now my issue is getting rid of reflection and getting the color back on the truck. For example, this is a truck I am currently working on, but if you look here, the color of the truck is actually green but the further down the doors to the fender you go, the less the color green of the truck - more reflection. This is starting to become common in a lot of my exterior photos from various different angles. I use Photoshop 11 and a Canon Rebel T1i with a Canon EFS 18-55 mm lense for exterior shots (no flash) and a Sigma 10-20mm Wide Angle lense for the interior (with the help of a camera-mounted external flash). The area I shoot in is open, basic, simple and isn't much but just the backdrop and the truck (truck obviously being the focal point). I go at all different times of the day which gives me different results but the reflections seen in the paint is all too common no matter what time I go. I would post more pictures but the forum won't let me so if you want to see more, go to www.goldenmotorsonline.com. I know I won't be able to get rid of the reflections, nor should I but I know there has to be a way to reduce this effect. Either through photoshop, or behind the camera, Any suggestions/feedback would be awesome!
  11. Just wanted to introduce myself. I've owned it for about a year now. Bought it stock from the dealership I work at. We installed the lift, tires, wheels and steps. Just finished up putting a sub in this week. Truck runs and drives like a Cadillac even with the lift. Did I mention it's got 215k on it? Few things I've noticed on the truck that I was hoping maybe I could get figured out that has left me scratching my head... - Hesitation between 1st and 2nd gear. Not horrible but enough for you to notice. Trans is the 6 speed. It's weird because it feels Sort of its slipping Or like I'm letting off the throttle. It's been like that since before the lift tires and wheels. Originally it was from 2nd to 3rd, but we dropped the trans pan and did a flush. Also took it to one of the dealers to get "rebuilt" about 9 months ago now by one of the guys we know. Since then it has been doing it only from 1st to 2nd gear. Hasn't gotten any worse surprisingly. I baby the truck and drive like a grandma and never tow. Sometimes it shifts harder and sometimes not so much. Very inconsistent. accelerating at low speeds (like a grandma) I feel it more than if I were to give it a little more gas (only sometimes). It looks like a few people have had this issue with their 6 speeds over the span of a few forums but they were all dead ends. I'll save my other concerns for another time since that was practically a book I just wrote. Any help would be appreciated!!!
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