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  1. They’ve claimed to do it more than once. Plus I don’t understand why they would tell me to do it when it wouldn’t work. I’ll talk to them tomorrow and make sure it does work because what you said sounds completely possible.
  2. I’ve spoke to HP about it and they told me that I can use a spare it would have to be flashed with my current trucks info before sent to them to be unlocked. I’ve talked to 2 separate tuners that use HP and they also have told me they can get me a spare tcm to use so that I’m not out of a truck waiting for the tcm to be sent back.
  3. I’ve wondered about that but never knew it would work. That would be a lot easier and somewhat cheaper. Anyone know the part number for one? It would still have to be flashed for my truck though correct?
  4. I’m wanting to get my 17 Sierra 6.2l with 8 speed tuned but the only thing that has kept me from it is sending off the TCM to be unlocked. I’ve found some that claim to fit my truck on eBay but don’t want to order until I’m sure they will. The ones I have found all have the same serv# as my current TCM and are also all T87A. The picture with the numbers that are circled is of my current TCM and the other is of one I found on eBay. Would it work? They say they are new and never installed so I would have to have it flashed to my truck before being sent off if they do work.
  5. It helped without a doubt!
  6. Cut a piece of rubber and put behind the bracket and it removed the flex. Still want to get the pedal commander though. This helped but it’s still not what I would like.
  7. I have adjustable pedals from what I’ve read on here they don’t cause it just went and checked and that’s not the case at all I have a ton of movement
  8. What setting do you run it in?
  9. Been thinking about getting a pedal commander to help with the throttle response on my 17 6.2L. As much as I would love to tune it right now Im just not in a place where i can do it. Form everything ive seen people seem to say the pedal commander works pretty well but none really with the same truck as me or very recent. Has anyone on here ever had one on a 17 or similar 6.2L? Are they worth what they cost? Any input would be appreciated.
  10. Which ones mine or the other ones? I’m sure you mean the others. The vinyl shines good but it’s not as clear on the truck as it is on the sheet. How to they stick on is the back solid adhesive or a bunch of different pieces?
  11. It’s not awful but I would like it to shine more.
  12. Are the pillars any different on 14-15s than 16-17s because I would actually buy a set and replace the vinyl because it doesn’t seem to shine as well as that
  13. No block at all. The front set about an inch lower after leveling it so I pulled the block to lower the rear. Here is a pic from about a week ago. It’s not as nose high as it looks or you might think
  14. The bottom one is with it remote started so brake lights are even brighter. Reverse lights really aren’t the brightest anymore even with leds. I’ve seen some brighter leds I may try because backing up at night is not the most fun thing to do
  15. No I removed them. Had to adjust my headlights too I got flashed constantly. Cops flashed me just as much as everyone else. I used some pre cut carbon fiber 3m I got from someone on Etsy for my front emblem and that made it really easy. Should look good I’ve thought about doing my roof also.

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