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  1. Yes, the Morimoto headlights are great. Yours looks great as well! As I mentioned in my prior post, I'm going to mod (i.e. cut, solder, shrink wrap, etc.) LED strips in place of the bowtie itself. This will allow me to place the strips behind the 'CHEVROLET' letters. The factory harness (and tie into the headlights) is for the sake of avoiding working with pins, etc. With my goal being further power control over said LED strips, I will incorporate a wireless RF remote set up. This should incorporate the ability to have the lights on/off. This is the part I've ordered is here. I don't anticipate any issues and will have a video up when complete. https://www.superbrightleds.com/moreinfo/wire-harness-relay/vehicle-ready-led-controller-wireless-rf-remote-key-fob/3162/6821/
  2. I did the design and had a shop stitch it for me. I'm having them do two more in dark red to match my Siren Red Tintcoat vehicle color.
  3. Mission accomplished. Custom designed Z71 logo.
  4. Its because I'm going to mod the harness for use with another set of LEDs and want to control the on/off function of that set up.
  5. Phil, Are you aware of any mod to this set up that allows one to control the on/off aspect of the bowtie? I like the plug and play aspect of this but would like a limited degree of control over its function.
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