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  1. Exactly. I thought I had an afm lifter failure. But it was a broke spring and bent pushrod. It happened while towing at 2500 rpms.
  2. Yeah mine was set at 800 and it wanted to creep hard.lowered to 750 and its about perfect
  3. Couldnt have been better. Communication was great. Just all around easy to deal with
  4. Its because the pull didnt start until 3000 rpms. Its definitely got way more torque than stock. I asked the same thing. On a stock converter as well.
  5. There was still some timing we could pull and make more but since I tow we it was best to leave it
  6. This is not the vvt stage 2. Its the stage 2 under 5.3 cams. Its their truck stuff. Its confusing they list l86 cams with lt1 cams. I will post sheet if i can find it. Tons of torque
  7. It idles around 800 probably gonna turn it down 50 or so. No problems on stick converter. I will get a clip uploaded as soon as I figure it out
  8. Just for info. Had an afm lifter fail and broke a spring as well as bent a pushrod. Did the afm delete through texas speed. Installed trunion upgrade, tsp stage 2 truck cam. .635 .635 218 226. Pacesetter headers into the one big cat out to a borla xr1 with y pipe into duals. Airraid Modular intake tube with stock box and k&n filter. Ngk plugs and new wires. Truck made 412 hp to wheels at 5200 and 460 lbs torque at 4000. Stock 20 inch rims and tires. Installed and tuned by lsxperts.
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