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  1. Mine was loud so I had put a qtp twintronic screamer muffler with electric cutout in line with it and just opened cutout to straight borla. it blew the twintronic apart with the boost on the dyno. that's when i went dual. Qtp replaced under warranty if you want a muffler. 3.5 in/out. you could slap any cutout on it. cheap
  2. Did you get the xr1 installed. I had the xr1 15 inch with headers no cats on the factory 3.5 pipe split to duals. It was a drone monster. Now i have 3 inch duals with large magnaflow dual in dual out. Doesnt drone as bad but is more raspy at wot. Thinking about going dual xr1. Can hear cam fine with magnaflow though
  3. Yes they did. They said put a vacuum in bypass actuator and see if it holds and isnt malfunctioning. Also this 2.9 whipple displaces considerably more air per revolution than a 2300.
  4. I understand for sure. Spoke to whipple and they said with all my mods and cam spec I should be seeing at least 8-9 lbs. Its got me wondering. Stock is 11 with that pulley.
  5. I agree on the peak numbers and yes it pulls way harder. The cam only has roughly 4 degrees of overlap if my numbers are correct which isnt much even for a blower. Im just trying to figure out if I have an issue with the bypass or its actually right. Seems like peak numbers and boost should be higher. I think the 4.00 pulley is the stock size. Im at 3.75. Sooo......
  6. I just installed a whipple 2.9 on my sierra. Running a 3.75 pulley. Other mods are 1 7/8 headers, tsp stage 2 630 630 218 224 113. No cats borla xr-1. Tuner tuned really conservative due to me towing but it still seemed low. Dyno before with everything but blower was 413hp 460 now its 500 565. Im only seeing 6 lbs boost on mechanical. Everywhere I have read that pulley should be closer to 10 psi. Am I wrong or could it be the bypass actuator? Thanks guys
  7. Exactly. I thought I had an afm lifter failure. But it was a broke spring and bent pushrod. It happened while towing at 2500 rpms.
  8. Yeah mine was set at 800 and it wanted to creep hard.lowered to 750 and its about perfect
  9. Couldnt have been better. Communication was great. Just all around easy to deal with
  10. Its because the pull didnt start until 3000 rpms. Its definitely got way more torque than stock. I asked the same thing. On a stock converter as well.
  11. There was still some timing we could pull and make more but since I tow we it was best to leave it
  12. This is not the vvt stage 2. Its the stage 2 under 5.3 cams. Its their truck stuff. Its confusing they list l86 cams with lt1 cams. I will post sheet if i can find it. Tons of torque
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