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  1. Will they fix this if your way out of warranty. My 2014 is doing this for sure. I was just going to do it my self, but if they'll do it for free they can have it. LOL
  2. It shouldn't lose any unless it's dripping. But did you check the fluid?
  3. You need to go to the auto parts store and get a mechanincal stethoscope. Then place it all over the engine. When you get to the spot it's ticking will be really loud. So put it on the valve covers, oil pan, vacuum pump. Any where you can think of. You can use a long screw driver too and just put it on the engine then put your ear to the other end. But for 10 bucks it's a great tool to have in your tool box. It's saved me alot of money.
  4. It's for the brakes and it's oil cooled. The originals are known to go out and send metal shaving through the whole engine and take it out!!!!!! The dealer will replace for free if there is a problem. I took my L86 in a had it replace. I just told them I experince two times, while pull my boat at slow speed it pushed threw the brake like they went away for a second. Which is a syntom of it failing and it did happen once. It's on it's own strech serpentine belt coming off the back of the balancer pulley. It's located on the lower drivers side of the engine. Right by the frame behind your inner fender wells.
  5. Well as soon as I get my LT2 intake and ZR1 throttle body installed I should have all the bottle necks taken care of. But no matter what drive train loss and weight is still going to hurt us. But a cammed L86 isn't something to sleep on.
  6. Anybody know the part number for the colder CTSV or ZR1 thermostat.
  7. No not yet I had an older brother pass away from cancer last week. So the last few months have been crazy. Hoping to drop it off in a week or two to get it welded in place. If it drones I'll try it with the stock rear resenator clampped on temporarily to see how it sounds with it. I'm hoping no drone with it dumpped. But it doesn't sound like thats going to happen.
  8. The only time I’ve had them higher is when I was tuning form part throttle fueling tuning and I didn’t want it to go into PE.
  9. I tried it with higher numbers at the upper RPMs. But what found was if you where holding a gear and then rolled into WOT smoothly. I could create a situation where it doesn’t go into PE. Had it happen a couple times while I was logging and making second gear hits remember Vettes are much lighter and it take a lot less effort to get them moving.
  10. This guy if you scroll through his video's to about 4 years ago. He has a bunch of different muffler comparision videos. Here is what a XR1 will sound like on your truck. With the stock stuff.
  11. yes to all BUT the vacumm pump it on the lower driverside on the engine bay. My bad lifter ticked all the time and went up with RPM.
  12. Go get a mechanical stethoscope from the auto parts store. They are like 10 bucks. put it to the valve cover on the drivers side. If it’s lifter tick you’ll hear it really loud. If not there put it all over the engine bay. a long screw drive works to if you put it on the valve cover then put your ear in the screw driver. But for 10 dollars I would just buy a stethoscope
  13. Yea I had it welded up but I did the same with the OBX Y pipe too. But I had the muffler shop do a three bolt flang for me and I used some Rimflex crushable gaskets. If you haven't heard of them they are great. They crush to ensure a good seal.
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