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    That’s true but that’s not what I’m talking about. It’s easier to handle big power with a turbo. Your blower is going to be harder to control intake temps than a turbo for a high boosted pass. But pulling a boat through the mountains at low boost (like 6-10 pounds). Your supercharger temps will climbed and stabilize and turbo will just keep getting hotter. I like them both and they both have there place. I’m not trying to talk down either one.

    I haven’t put it on the dyno so I don’t no but the old butt dyno say it picked up pretty good. They say with header, E85 and intake or modified stock intake these newer 6.2 will put down 420 rwhp. Right now I just have the tune, modified stock intake and E85 sensor added. I will have headers very soon. since I run a 33” tire mine will never be an all out track truck I think I’ll go supercharger. A supercharger should just be slap it on and forget about. A turbo can be alittle more finicky. But turbo will make more power easier. Since boosting my daily I’ll go supercharger if it was a toy like your it would be turbo all the way. MPG who knows they both should be about the same as stock out of boost maybe just a tiny bit better if you drive it like a grandma since instead of down shifting it should just make a few pounds of boost to get you over a hill or pass a car slowly. Buy they both will drink gas if you put you foot in it.

    I bought my HP tuners from him and I’m learning to tune my truck NA myself. But as soon as I go Boosted he will be the one I’ll be using.

    It doesn’t have to be dyno tuned. The dyno will just help squeeze every last HP. You could buy a tune from someone like Atomic performance. He supplies you HP tuners program for your computer. Then you just email him back and forth using your credits to tune your truck.

    Not on the wedsite yet but they have them. https://www.performancetrucks.net/forums/forced-induction-159/2014-turbo-kits-554882/
  6. Flex Fuel Conversion

    I would have bought that too. But I was in a hurry for some reason. I should have bought that extension too but it's been on there for a few months now with no problems

    That link is still for a LT4 supercharger for a 2014+ motor. Not a LSA If you want a really good turbo charger kit that is complete. Trick turbo has the best one made for our trucks for around 4,500
  8. Flex Fuel Conversion

    Yes you could do that but then you have to replace all the fuel lines from the fuel rail to the gas tank because nothing matches up. This literally took me maybe 20 mins to add to the truck. And that includes me have to crawl out form under the truck to clean off. Because I forgot the Fuel line was still full of fuel when I decided to unhook it while I was laying under it

    Can't use a LSA supercharger on a GEV 5 motor. You can do a LT4 supercharger swap but for about 4500 bucks. Or you could do a SLP supercharger for about the same price I would just go this way for a complete kit if you want to supercharge it. If you want a Turbo Huron Speed is have a group buy on Performancetrucks.net right now. They don't have a 2014+ kit out yet but said they will have them in a few months. I may jump on the group buy next year when the 2104+ kits are out. With the group buy it almost as cheap as ON3 but much much better quality. https://www.performancetrucks.net/forums/forced-induction-159/huron-speed-2019-group-purchase-~-biggest-sale-year-~-554713/
  10. Flex Fuel Conversion

    couple more showing how far it is from the drive shaft
  11. Flex Fuel Conversion

    The red circle is where I cut the connector from it's stock location.
  12. Flex Fuel Conversion

    The red circle is the clip you pull the flexible fuel line out of. The green is the stock connector re soldered in it's new location. I just went to Lowes and bought a (4 in 1) 22 gauge wire and only used 3 of the 4 wires.
  13. Flex Fuel Conversion

    Sorry for the delay but I'll take pictures tonight of how I did my sensor.
  14. Flex Fuel Conversion

    No it doesn't move it that much. It's raining today so I'll craw under there tomorrow and snap some pics.

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