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  1. I lost mine at 125K miles. I bought the truck with 90K miles on it bone stock. I immediately hooked up my HP tuners and removed AMF only. And didn't touch any other part of the tune to see if I would loose any MPG. Drove it that way a month and the MPG didn't change at all. Now i was runing bigger tires so It would ever stay in V4 mode. Then I enabled E85 and that all that was done to the truck until it lost a lifter. They are going to fail and there is nothing you can do about it.
  2. I'm not sure about BTR but with TExas speed they just spec a higher stage 5.3 cam for the 6.2. On my truck when I called them to talk about the stage one 6.2 cam. They told me it was to big of a cam for a truck with a stock stall. So they had me buy there stage 2 L83 cam. It's a 218/226 .635 .635 112 lsa It's pulls hard. What size is the L83 BTR cam?
  3. Get a bigger pry bar and put it inbetween the U joint. I just had to do this last week to drop my transmission.
  4. Very nice build. I have the same TSP cam in my L86 with some porting on my heads. I hope to have boost soon but I just had to pull the engine mysellf from two spun rod bearings. So I had to spend my boost money on pistons and rebiulding the engine. It's almost back together. It's just hard to get parts right now. But hey now I have a new crank with Forged Diamond pistons on stock rods. I'm curious how you like that cam with boost?
  5. Cam is right. Go get some Permatex Ultra Grey from the parts store. Just make sure you clean off the old pan really good first. Use brake cleaner and a razor blade. I'm putting my motor back together right now so I'm going through this too. If your going that deep and doing it your self. YOu might as well do a DOD delete and a cam. All your lacking is the removing the head bolts basiclly.
  6. I would think you need to go to a stand only ECU. People have done it with camaro's and corrvette's but I'm pretty sure it's done with a stand only ECU. Just becasue the LS is port Injection and LT is Direct Injection Why not just do Forged pistons and rods in a L86 with boost it could be over 1000 rwhp on porblem. And be much cheaper. Or you could do what I was just forced to do. I put drop in Diamond forged pistons for 950 bucks on stock rods. They say the stock rods are good for 900 rwhp. The stock pistons are the weak point. Even at 800 rwhp it will never hook on the street.
  7. I'm going back to the stock pump. But my truck motor isn't done yet.
  8. How many miles are on it. Did you have a complete failure?? I guessing he is pulling the motor then? If he puts a new oil pump on then he doesn't have to worry about the alingment tools. I didn't replace mine at 125K when I had a failed lifter. I also didn't pull the motor. But now at 175K I pulled the motor because of two spun bearings. So it's getting a new oil pump and forged pistons
  9. I believe the HPFP supply line comes up and over in a different spot. So that cut out probably won't work.
  10. They say the high pressure pipe needs to be replaced but it doesn't. I replaced it the frist time I took it off. Then read on the corvette forums that most of those guys aren't replacing them. I've have mine off aleast two more times with failing HPFP's becasue TSP said I needed a certin size lash cap and I didn't measure I just trusted them. So I failed two pumps before found a thread on the corvette forums on how to measure for a lash cap. I have never bought a new one sense that first one. Now my motor is getting forged pistons and I'll use the line I already have.
  11. Praying for you with that Number 7 misfire LOL!!!!!! Good luck!!!!
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