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  1. Have you pulled the valve covers and check the valve springs. L86 I known for breaking valve springs!!!! I speack from experiance. But If you want a good cam. I have had a TSP 5.3 stage 2 218/226 32% over in my L86 for almost 30K miles now. The plan was to be boosted by now but. I just haven't pulled the trigger. To many other toys. It runs hard for a full bolt-on NA truck.
  2. Pulled RZR XP4 1000 with a heavy dual axle trailer thourgh the WV mountains this weekend. No problems. It's like the media, I hate that it happen to you. But out of the thousands that are out there it's a small percentage that have problems
  3. I got 167K on mine. Bought it with used 101k miles on it bone stock 6.2 L86. Heads, cam and full bolt-ons done by 125K. Big tires and burnout and she is still doing good. Doesn't mean it won't let go tomorrow. But for now I sleep good at night.
  4. I happens but along as it didn't mess anything else up. It's a pretty easy fix. Still sucks I have a love hate relationship with my truck. Mine broke a valve spring at 105K miles and it was cheap and easy fix. Then at 125K miles it stuck a lifter. So I pulled it apart and put a TSP 218/226 in it. Now I enjoy messing with SS camaro's and mustangs
  5. Pull the valve covers on that side and see if it's a broken valve spring. Mine broke on number 5 at 105K miles. It didn't drop or bend the valve. So it was a quick and easy fix. It's pretty common with 6.2's. They have since updated the design of the valve springs.
  6. Enough to make a small cloud LOL. Hard to explain and I should have made a video before I fixed it with the SOI table. It's not a just a puff. If I hit it hard at a stop light, it was enough to make to see two lanes coming through the cloud. It was black smoke but not as thick as a desiel. I mine would clean up above 4,000 rpms. But thats also when my SOI would drop back down to 320 to 330.
  7. aem 30-0300, But in futher reading, other people with camaro's and vette that where blowing black smoke didn't show up on the wideband as being super rich.
  8. In my situation your right and wrong. LOL Your wrong because I leaned mine out to .87 to .88 lamaba and it still blew smoke on 93. Your right because even though the wideband was reading .88 the SOI was injecting to long and spiting raw ruel out of the exhaust valve and causing black smoke. But this wasn't effecting the wideband.
  9. Remember just becasue you set it for 280 doesn't mean it spray's at 280. In my simple mind the 6.2 computer it set up to run the SOI at a certin point on 93. Then when you enable E85 the SOI mulitpliers for E85 advance it to far. And you get up into the upper 350's. If it was me I would just log your SOI pirmary and then you'll know how far it is advancing immediately. Also Higgs said to him 280 seem to land right in the middle of where it needs to be.
  10. I wanted to come back to this thread with a definite answer for blowing black smoke on 93. Earlier in this thread I said I leaned it out and it did help some. But I mainly run only E85 which burns reall clean. So when I would go on a road trip I would load up with just 93. And the black smoke is still there. Not as bad as stock PE tables but still there. So Lucas287 I don't know if you saw the thread on HP forum about "How far do you let you EOI drop". Lots of good info on that thread. I can post it if you like. Anyway I started logging my SOI. Which
  11. I'll up load another video to YouTube tonight of it after I have played with the overunder speed in the tune to get more chop. The TSP 218/226 is a great cam for the L86. But with a quiet exhaust is barely noticable at idle. I have ran the 12909 on two 6.2's my 2008 denali full headers and catless and the L86 headers and catless. And like it on both, the only reason I'm changing it now it to hear my cam better. If i didnt have a cam I wouldn't change a thing.
  12. I have the 12909 with headers and catless y pipe. It will tame it down. BUT with my cam I've been wanting more to hear the cam better at idle, So I've had a XR1 sitting in my closet since Christmas. I just haven't had time to get it put on. The 12909 is a good muffler and pretty loud at WOT. But if you heard you truck with stock manifolds and muffler then just switched out the muffler to a 12909. It's no louder than the stock muffler, just deeper. It wasn't until I put the headers on my truck that it came alive. In fact my wife even said you spent money on that muffler beca
  13. I wanted to add to this. When I first started running E85 after adding my headers. There was a flat spot in the crusing area when running E85. The truck would down shift on hills that with 93 it would just hold that gear up the hill. How I fixed it was to add 1 to 1.5 degrees of spark to those area's in the main spark table. Then E85 table will add or subtrack from that number as they need to. This little adjustment didn't give me any Knock on 93 but made the dead spot completely go away. I think dailing in the rest of my tune really helped too, like lucas287 said!!!
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