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  1. For my own knowledge what does the stock map read up to.
  2. And my 4 year old acting like he's driving daddy's truck.
  3. 22x12 vision rockers on 33" federal with a 3" leveling it and 1.5" body lift
  4. If you changed you map sensor your logs with HP tuner VCM scanner will log boost while you have the laptop hooked up to the truck. If your running over 4lbs of boost I think it is you need to change your MAP sensor anyway.
  5. You could wrap them for not a lot of money
  6. If you already have HP tuner and added a flex fuel sensor. Here is a video on how to enable through HP tuner. Pmoore4321 also has a video on how to add a flex fuel sensor for about 60 buck. I did it on my L86 and it worked great. I just had to move the sensor to the connection above the front of the tank.
  7. You are correct about the crank I miss spoke but not forged rods. Right? Only LT4's
  8. L86 6.2's don't have forged crank and rods only LT4's
  9. Again I didn't say stock I just said "puts 380 rwhp" I didn't say that was stock. You said that.
  10. Your so quick to prove somebody wrong you didn't read. Above I said 380 rwhp, I did not say stock at anytime. Then with I said with headers they put just over 400 rwhp with headers and tune. Meaning if you going dyno it your probably going to have a tune. Then headers plus a tune would get you around 400. Have a nice day.
  11. Your just one of those people aren't you. Who the hell would think t1xx 6.2 if I said new 6.2. They just go where you can tune them just last week. Believe what you want and enjoy your BB tune!!!!
  12. Some people take pride in what they build instead of just buying stuff. Anybody can go buy a Trackhawk and don't get me wrong they are bad ass. But I need a truck that pull my wakeboat and a trackhawk doesn't have the tow rating to do it. So I'm left with boosting the truck i have since it pulls my boat great. It doesn't have to run low 10's just beat up on some sport cars.
  13. Well you can think all you want but your 100% wrong. All you have to do is YouTube 6.2 dyno number and you find plenty of examples of them make around 380 with just a tune and with headers and bolt ons over 400 rwhp. So what you drove one, I owned a full bolt on 2008 sierra with a custom tune and own now an L86 and just a tune on the L86 would walk my old denali. Now I'm cammed with E85. It rolls out
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