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  1. I doesn't look like any DI camaro came with a 6 speed automatic. You have to go back to a 2015 to get a 6peed and that has a L99 in it.
  2. The HP tuner repository has several 16 SS automatic files. I found a 17 ZL1 automatic but it's the 10 speed. What year did you drive? There have been several guys on Performancetrucks.net that run a ZL1 torque converters and have been very happy with it in there 6L80e
  3. This is the best thing you can think to b!%$& about You poor thing. I just did heads and a cam on my L86 with 4" of lift. I pulled a folding chair over to stand on and got to work. No need to complain to anybody just man up and do work.
  4. ^^^^ agreed The ZL1 trans tune is set up for a 3700 pound car and 675 horse power. The shift point would be so far off if you used it. It's a pretty simple copy and paste in HP tuner. But again it would be way off.
  5. Same here I had one stick at 125k miles. So it tore it down a installed TSP cam and LS7 lifters with DOD delete kit. AMF Dis-abler won't save you. I had all my AMF turned off and I still hurt a lifter. I have HP tuner so I turned it off my self several thousand miles before it happen. If the lifter wants to go it goes, You have to swap them out to not worry about it.
  6. Well your stock ones are 1.25" I believe. So you'll only get .75" raise out of them if you go with 2" blocks. Measure how much lower your back fender is from your front fender. And see if .75" is enough.
  7. 2008 Denali 20” wheels. These came on my last truck then I switched them out for aftermarket wheels. That truck was totaled with the aftermarket wheels and these have just been sitting in the crawl space of my house. It’s time to get rid of them. They are not perfect but price reflects that. They would be perfect for a declad project. The tires are no good Winston Salem NC
  8. Crazy how much the DOD delete changed from the L86. I had to look at the pictures a couple time because the valley looked nothing like my L86 when I did my cam and heads. I have the 218/226 TSP 5.3 cam in my 2014 L86 6.2 with the 6 speed 3.42's. I love it.
  9. To add to mine above I'm in a 2014 6.2, 6L80e trans. 3.42 rear with a cam and heads on 93. Put in E85 and it would be down 3-4 mpg.
  10. Same here with 33" 22x12 2.5 leveling kit and 1.5 body lift. At 60 to 65 I can get around 18-19 mpg if there is no stop and go. At 75 to 80 it's more like 15 to 16 mpg
  11. For those clips on the back of the intake. Un-bolt the in-take completely then pick it up and push the front of the in-take over the the drivers side as far as you can. Then come in from the the passenger side behind the intake. And use your tool to pop the clips out. Then cut those bitches off and never think about them again.
  12. Yea I can't wait. The plan was to do full bolt on's then cam then boost. But that lifter had a mind of it's on. I got a wideband ready to go on the truck now but I'll just wait until the end of March when I get the headers to add the wideband into the Y pipe. Then I'll redo the whole tune with the added headers and CAI. Then will see how this cammed 6.2 with bolt-on's and E85 does. If you haven't done E85 do it. You can feel the difference. I added the sensor for 65 bucks and just enable the stock table in the tune myself since I have HP tuners and you could feel the power it picked up.
  13. Right now I have stock CATs and stock exhaust manifolds on it. Along with the mild magnaflow 12909 that I had on my last 2008 6.2 with headers and loved the way it sounded. I say all that to say with the stock cat and exhaust manifold and mild muffler it's not real noticeable. I can here it but I know it's there. Now after I got it together I ran it for 30 mins or so without the stock muffler hooked up and it sounded just like you would think a cammed 6.2 would sound. But it would be to loud for my wife and 4 year old. And I couldn't imagine pulling the boat that way. But I'll have headers and not cats on here real soon and it should sound nasty once it all comes together.
  14. Well my tires and wheels are really heavy, like 115 pounds a piece for 22x12 and 33" mud tires. So don't take mine as what a truck with stock tires would get. But cruising down the hwy I get 18 to 19 mpg after the cam and around 14.5 in the city. I lost maybe 1 mpg after i installed the cam. BUT i think my right foot has more to do with it and the extra power.
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