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  1. I bought a TSP cam kit while these head gaskets where on back order and didn’t know it. I sourced other head gaskets some where else so I could finish my truck. TSP just sent me the head gaskets from my kit. 80 bucks shipped for both. I only took one of them out of the box to take a picture.
  2. The dealership should have your head gaskets any day now. Texas Speed just shipped the head gaskets for my cam kit that I never got. So if they don’t get your head gaskets and want to buy some and just take them to them. I’ll have mine Tuesday and willing to sell them at a good price. I don’t need them now.
  3. My old denali with a 6.2 full bolt ons had 180K miles when it was totaled. I owned it from 90K miles up and never did anything to the 6L80e. My current 2014 L86 that I just cammed has 122K miles on the stock 6L80e. I'm not worried about it either.
  4. I have mine set up that way but haven't pulled my boat yet.
  5. Your not going to blow anything up a 3400 rpms. It's not even working that hard
  6. All headgaskets are on back order, L86 and LT1 use the same gasket. I just went through this on my L86 just over two weeks ago. I took mine apart to do heads and cam only to find out after I had it apart the head gaskets where on back order. I got Texas Speed to send me the rest of the cam kit so I could start putting the cam in and get ready for the heads. What I ended up doing is called local dealerships to see if they had any on the shelf. If they didn't I asked them if they could look up in their computer for any dealerships that showed them in stock. Then called those dealerships to try and get them to ship me one. Several dealership told me no and where holding them in case a customer came in for work and needed it. Nobody in the country is going to have 2. But i sourced mine by calling all over the country. The dealership isn't going to do this for you but you could and it will just cost you 50 bucks a gasket and what ever they are going to charge you for shipping. One dealership wanted to charge 40 buck just for shipping one head gasket. I told them to kiss my ass.
  7. There's somebody over on performancetrucks.net looking to sell his stock Y-pipe off a 2014 5.3. https://www.performancetrucks.net/forums/gm-parts-classifieds-23/2014-silverado-stock-parts-555226/
  8. The whole plan was to do full bolt ons first then heads and cam. Like my last truck but i hurt a lifter and scored the cam so I just tore into it and replace the cam and did DOD delete and heads first. I got just a few bolts left and I can load the base tune and crank it for the first time tomorrow.
  9. Just bumping it for you. If I hadn't just blown my budget for my truck on a cam and heads I would totally swap you out. And I'm NC sorry I can't make it work.
  10. Remove the fender liner makes it so much easier.
  11. Fuel injector replacement

    I hurt a lifter and scored the cam with 120k miles. So I decided to do TSP 218/226 cam, DOD delete and have the heads re-worked. Well I guessing since my injector had been in the head for 120k miles all the dirt and grime sealed them to the heads. My neighbor and I spent an hour trying to get the injectors and rails out of the heads. The result was two bent fuel rails and two bent injectors.
  12. Fuel injector replacement

    For anyone else that run across this thread and needs to know how to get those bolt out of the fuel rail. They just punch right out. But you need to punch them out because you can't just pull on the washer to pop it off. I put my old rail in a vise used a punch to lightly tap them out. One small hit with a hammer and the punch and they pop right out. Then to put them in the new rail I inserted the bolt and place the rail and the bolt flat on the table. Then I used a socket to top the washer to tap it down into the rail.
  13. Best muffler with headers

    This guy has a couple video's of the aero muffler with and without headers on his thread. https://www.performancetrucks.net/forums/gm-engine-exhaust-performance-21/my-2018-sierra-6-2-exhaust-554901/
  14. Fuel injector replacement

    Any techs out there know the answer to the above. I got the rest of my motor together now. I'm going to try and press them out today after work.
  15. Fuel injector replacement

    Anybody know how to swap the bolts that hold down the fuel rails to the block. I pulled my rails and injector for a cam swap on my L86 and the injectors where stuck in the block so I bent the fuel rails getting them out. I have all the injectors swapped but the new fuel rails didn't come with the bolts installed in them. And the bolts on the old rails don't just unscrew out.

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