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  1. I had 285/75r17 on a 17x9.5 rim on my truck when I bought it with a 2.5 leveling kit with no rubbing. Now I have it with a 33x12.50 on a 22x12" rim with a -51 back spacing with 2.5 leveling kit and 1.5" body lift. I rubbed bad until I did the norcal mod. Now it will rub if I'm turning sharp across a ditch or something.
  2. The headers I had on my last truck didn't need any extensions for the wires. And I haven't heard of anybody else needing to extend the O2 sensors for headers. My old truck had cheap OBX headers. And I'm getting ready to get speed engineering headers for my cammed L86 and I haven't heard about anybody needing extensions.
  3. DAMN 427 I hear ya. Sorry I blew up on the Dyno I was really hoping to see what it could do with the stock block.
  4. Hp tuner sorry forgot to mention that
  5. Atomic Performance Just remoted tuned my Cammed L86 and did a great job. I would send him a log in the morning and by that night I had a new tune. H even worked Saturday morning on a tune for me since my first fire up and log was Friday night at 8:00 pm.
  6. Thanks I wasn't sure. I'll try and edit it.
  7. I have two L86 head gaskets for sell in the classified section for 80 bucks. This would mean you would have to buy them but your truck could be back on the road. Just went through this back order when I did my cam swap and DOD delete. So I have an extra set from TSP.
  8. There is enough room where the line makes a 90 at the quick release fit to fit the sensor and the fittings. That’s exactly the way I have mine. If you look at the thread I posted I put some picture of mine installed. The flexible line has enough slack in it to work fine. You just need to pull it out of the clip on top of the tank.
  9. I spent 65.00 buck to add my flex fuel sensor to my 6.2. Read this thread and here is the guy on Youtube I followed to do it. He has three video's about it I think. Even went into how to Enable it in HP tuner.
  10. I took the picture of the valve with 120K miles. I know the picture isn't the best but I was tired and hot and ready to go to bed. But that was the picture the worst valve I had. The other ones where closer to what the 80K catch can ones look like. I'm neutral on the catch can idea. Run it if you want because it won't hurt the engine. But don't act like mine is screwed because I I don't have one on mine. But for 350.00 buck no chance. I would rather put my money into speed engineering headers for 399.00
  11. I not sure what the exact location of the sensor on a stock flex fuel truck. But you could crawl under there and look for the sensor. The is on the inside of the drivers side frame rail just before the fuel tank. Right were the trans cross member comes across. The picture I attached is of a after market set up for trucks but you should have the same sensor plugged in somewhere closer to there. Because even if it's not flex fuel the same wires are there with the plug just attached to a dummy plug that is clipped to the frame. Mine isn't flex but the wires where attached to the frame were the main frame rail and trans cross member have a corner plat welded to them. If your not flex fuel it's only 60 bucks to add it then go back to your tuner and have him enable the tables in the tune. He should charge for that since you already paid him for a tune. If you had HP tuner I could show up how easy it is to turn on.
  12. This may not be what your talking about. But since you said flapping in the wind I'll mention it. When I put my 1.5" body lift on I got a metal sound coming from what I thought was the engine bay. I couldn't figure it out for a few days. It was driving me crazy!!!!! I was sure it was coming from the engine bay. Then I crawled under the truck one more time and found the heat shield above the muffler had worn into two pieces. And with the body lift I was now getting enough air in between the body and muffler to make it flap around. I pulled that bastered off right then.
  13. Look for the stage 2 cam kit. You need to the DOD delete kit too and that all from them https://www.texas-speed.com/p-5412-texas-speed-performance-l83-53l-camshaft-package.aspx
  14. https://www.performancetrucks.net/forums/gmt-k2xx-trucks-general-discussion-221/first-ever-cam-swap-l86-will-take-any-advice-555280/ The Link has videos I watched to help explain what to do and why they helped. I’m not a mechanic at all, I was just willing to give it a go. So you find out all my mess ups too. But I had some good guys coaching me through it.
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