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  1. can you send me a total including shipping for the air raid and mirror caps to 35173. thanks.
  2. stock oil pan, and ive changed my oil a dozen times and its never read low or done this.
  3. about a month ago i got a low oil pressure CEL, check the oil 3-4 times, the stick was dry. ive noticed my 14 AT burns oil and its usually a couple qtz low when i change the oil. i was about 1500 miles early on a change so I added 3 qtz and then there was enough on the stick to be over the low line. fast forward to today when i changed the oil, 8 qtz drained. so for some reason when the stick was dry it actually had oil in it. anybody every seen anything like this.
  4. I’ve got aN extra summit white gmc all terrain bumper with sensor holes. It had a small dent in it. The body shop pushed it out but the paint cracked a little.
  5. there is no 89 tune, its either 87, 91 or 93. i installed the 87 flex advanced tune and I gotta say, its a totally different truck. i disabled DOD, increased throttle to 7%, firm shifts, adjusted tire size. ive had my 14 AT for 5 years. i love the truck but the thing that aggravated me was the throttle response. when driving at partial throttle, or going uphill, or going to pass, there was always a half second delay when punching it. y'all know what I'm talking about, that hesitation and then lunge once it kicked it, even feeling as tho it didn't know what gear
  6. just got my i2, here we have 87, 89, and 93 octane. i run the 89 octane, should i use the 87 or 89 tune?
  7. Could you tell a difference with the tune. I know it’s just a basic tune but was there a change in performance?
  8. bump, i must be lucky because mine doesn't move at that point. i have a 2014 AT with adjustable pedals. I do have some play and wiggle in mine but its where the sliding parts of the adjustment apparatus is. I have no movement at the firewall. mine actually has a black plastic piece behind that lower bolt part that holds it tight to the firewall. mine moves right to left about 3 mm. i cut some thick rubber and crammed it in between the 2 pieces causing it to not wiggle. i was disappointed to say the least. i was hoping for at least some flex at the firewall. i will sa
  9. thanks, i emailed them yesterday with tons of questions. just figured somebody would have an estimate.
  10. about how much is that on top of the price for this?
  11. so if i buy this from you, i still have to pay them a license fee and tuning fee?
  12. Does this have a custom tune for your truck or is it the base tune? Pretty simple to use?
  13. Here is a pic of mine after the install. I’m running 295/60r20 in ridge grapplers, which run wider than other brands. I get a little rubbing on the liner, which I pulled back, and a little on the sway bar. Overall I’m very happy with the eibach setup. I have a tiny amount of rake, and the ride is much better imho.
  14. Damn 5000 for that. They can respray that tailgate and the bedliner. The gate looks like there is nothing other than paint damage. That plastic piece costs 50 bucks. I know because I replaced mine after leaving my tailgate down while towing my trailer. When i turned the crank hit the tailgate and damaged it quite a bit. I was able to get it repaired for a decent price. The tailgate alone costs 1000.
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