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  1. Here is a pic of mine after the install. I’m running 295/60r20 in ridge grapplers, which run wider than other brands. I get a little rubbing on the liner, which I pulled back, and a little on the sway bar. Overall I’m very happy with the eibach setup. I have a tiny amount of rake, and the ride is much better imho.
  2. Damn 5000 for that. They can respray that tailgate and the bedliner. The gate looks like there is nothing other than paint damage. That plastic piece costs 50 bucks. I know because I replaced mine after leaving my tailgate down while towing my trailer. When i turned the crank hit the tailgate and damaged it quite a bit. I was able to get it repaired for a decent price. The tailgate alone costs 1000.
  3. lugs fit perfect in the pockets, use stock lugs to fasten these to the hub.
  4. they are 1 inch think. https://www.roughcountry.com/gm-leveling-lift-kit-1307.html?find=2014-gmc-sierra-1500-4wd-374092
  5. Used, includes longer bolts. 35 shipped.
  6. got a white one from my AT that has sensor holes, has a small ding in it.
  7. i installed my kit this weekend and i have a sound coming from the rear that sounds like something is loose. Ive retorqued everything and all is tight. i only unbolted the shock and shackle for the block. i don't know else it could be, anybody else have this sound. Nevermind. A shock bolt was loose. I’m pleased with mine. Lifted about an inch higher than my level kit. I have minimal rake with the 2 inch blocks. Definitely feels more planted. My ranchos were soft. No more body roll or bounce.
  8. I will have some for sale in a few weeks, probably with Bfg ko2s. I’m in Alabama, where are you located?
  9. I’m very interested in buying this kit for my 14 AT. I already have the rough country front level kit and was wondering if I could keep it on there with this eibach kit to get another inch. Anybody have any thoughts?
  10. I have a summit white bumper cover for a 14 Gmc all terrain.
  11. Sorry I forgot the size. 275/65r20. .
  12. selling my set of stock All Terrain 20" rims mounted on BFG KO2s with ~25K miles. rims are pristine except for one small curb rash about an inch long and on the outside of the lip near where it meets the tire, its barely noticeable. the tires still have lots of tread, no plugs or patches. ill also include a set of 1/4 or 1/2 inch spacers, can't remember exactly how wide they are. they push the tires out a little past the fender wells for a more aggressive look. I hate to get rid of my TMPS, but Im not gonna have them unmounted to remove them. so I can either charge more to include them, or it would be great if by chance they do sell, the buyer could ship me theirs in exchange for mine. looking to get 1500 for the rims and tires with TMPS exchange, OR 1600 without exchange. pics available if needed. I'm located in birmingham alabama. can meet within reasonable distance. ship at buyers expense.
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