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  1. Summit white parts needed

    I have a summit white bumper cover for a 14 Gmc all terrain.
  2. FS All Terrain Rims with BFG KO2s

    Sorry I forgot the size. 275/65r20. .
  3. selling my set of stock All Terrain 20" rims mounted on BFG KO2s with ~25K miles. rims are pristine except for one small curb rash about an inch long and on the outside of the lip near where it meets the tire, its barely noticeable. the tires still have lots of tread, no plugs or patches. ill also include a set of 1/4 or 1/2 inch spacers, can't remember exactly how wide they are. they push the tires out a little past the fender wells for a more aggressive look. I hate to get rid of my TMPS, but Im not gonna have them unmounted to remove them. so I can either charge more to include them, or it would be great if by chance they do sell, the buyer could ship me theirs in exchange for mine. looking to get 1500 for the rims and tires with TMPS exchange, OR 1600 without exchange. pics available if needed. I'm located in birmingham alabama. can meet within reasonable distance. ship at buyers expense.
  4. White or amber/yellow?
  5. WANTED: All Terrain wheels

    i have a set that i might be willing to part with. i have BFG KO2s on them. I'm in birmingham. let me know if you're interested.
  6. 2014, 52k miles, died today
  7. i stuck a needle in the holes in case they were clogged. anybody taken off the cowl or had this issue?
  8. i had the ICI magnums, but they were small and hard for kids and the wife to step on in certain shoes. i sold those and bought some stock chrome steps, then had them line-x, cost 200 for the entire things top and bottom to be line-x. indestructible and nonslip.
  9. BORA 1.25" Wheel Spacers 6x5.5

    they should fit, I'm running 1" and they clear my stock AT wheels, so 1.25 should be fine.
  10. Post Pics of Your 2014+

    loving that C10, my dad had a 69 C10 with a 305, 3 on the tree, that i learned to drive with. loved it, wish i had it now.

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