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  1. I just had my engine rebuilt due to a NON-DOD lifter detonating. all the DOD lifters looked fine after 125000 miles. did a delete setup.
  2. stock 20 snowflake rims mounted on Nitto Ridge Grapplers, 295/60s. $1300, buyer pays shipping, will meet if local. stock air box assembly $30 stock Bose speakers(6) $50 summit white front bumper cover $free located in Birmingham Alabama.
  3. and you didnt put any kind of inline filter or catch can before the brake booster?
  4. that was my first thought but I don't want to risk oil getting in the brake booster.
  5. that's risky, if you mess up that manifold that's an expensive replacement, plus id be afraid of small pieces of plastic getting trapped then sucked into the engine.
  6. recently had motor rebuilt due to lifter failure, gonna do a vacuum pump delete since DOD is gone. was gonna run the brake booster to the intake manifold port that usually goes to the PCV for vacuum but not sure where to get vacuum for PCV. I was considering just putting it to a catch can without vacuum, or another option is a TB spacer with a side port to supply vacuum for the brake booster and leave the PCV where it is. any thoughts?
  7. I would suggest replacing a few more parts while you're at it. the intake manifold needs 8 new gaskets, id also replace the timing chain and tensioner, new water pump gaskets, new cam bolt, front main seal, fuel pump gasket, harmonic balancer bolt, and both fuel lines under the manifold.
  8. update, got the truck back runs great. quiet again. one issue, my oil pressure is on the high side so he ran a diagnostic and its showing a po6DA. I was getting a po6DD before that's why I replaced the oil pump and solenoid. this code means the solenoid is stuck open causing pressure to be high. by my gauge it shows around 50-60 but his reader shows it spikes up to 70-80 under heavy throttle. we think it might be a wire issue because the code shows up on his scanner with the key on without it running, but my truck doesn't show a CEL.
  9. bringing this back from the dead. just completed a DOD delete AND oil pump replacement. now getting a po6DA. was getting a po6DD before this. that's why I went ahead and did the oil pump replacement. I don't have a check engine light but my mechanic is getting it on his diagnostics. runs fine, oil pressure is 20-40 at idle depending on temp, and anywhere from 50-70 during driving and acceleration. he can see the solenoid is working, he can turn it on and off with his device but sometimes it malfunctions. thought it might be a wiring issue but just wondering if anybody has had this before.
  10. update. shop tore it down. intake lifter cylinder 8 (non DOD) exploded sending shrapnel into the engine. that was the tick that started a year ago and got worse all of a sudden when it broke apart. camshaft bearings all messed up. having new ones put in tomorrow. i had already purchased LS7 non DOD lifters, stock non DOD camshaft, and everything else needed to do DOD delete. had also purchased a new oil pump since we were tearing it down because i got a few P06DD codes, as well as replacing timing chain and tensioner, removing vacuum pump, and replacing the torque converter with a Florida TC. hopefully it'll run another 125K miles.
  11. mine ended up being a non DOD lifter that basically exploded (after driving it for a year while it was clicking) and sent metal thru the engine. now replacing cam bearing, camshaft (which i was doing anyway), going ahead and doing the oil pump, DOD delete with LS7 lifters, and new aftermarket torque converter while its accessible.
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