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  1. EXACTLY! Until they can shrink the front end (never), improve efficiency of the internal combustion engine (possibly), or significantly streamline it (and ruin ground clearance), you'll see a plateau they cannot crest.
  2. Chevrolet Bright Finish Center Caps

  3. Excellent color, glad you got a new rig! Dig the new wheels, the RD4 Chevy wheels are the best looking wheels to appear on a Chevy truck ever
  4. 1500 6.2L not running right

    Is the check light on?
  5. 2014 5.3 VVT Cam actuator

    Glad you got it fixed. For anyone else reading in the future, replacing a quart with Marvel Mystery Oil, running that combo for 1k miles, and doing a change, can also help clean things up.
  6. Better yet hide under the truck and swipe their feet out from under them, or in the bed and then beat the shit out of them when you catch them. I think I may have a very hard time not going to prison if I catch somebody messing with my truck.
  7. Chevrolet Bright Finish Center Caps

    Bumpity Thumpity $40 shipped
  8. Qwank's 2017 Regular Cab Z71 build

    Me too. The second I saw the K2s for the first time I had to have one. Once I found these wheels I had to have them on my K2 Diggin the rig qwank. You've done an excellent job dude
  9. HATE My High-Beams

    I love your choice of adjective I am very happy to hear this. I have NightBreaker Lasers on standby, my current set of NightBreaker Unlimiteds is still going strong. Best automotive lighting EVAR
  10. Chevrolet Bright Finish Center Caps

    Bump - $60 for the set. Shipped to you.
  11. I've heard EBC are good, no experience with them. My brother's Camaro has Centric parts, they seem to work well. Just asking, why aftermarket as opposed to factory?
  12. Survey - Self Driving Vehicles

    For teenage women , the cell phone addicted, people who don't/won't full appreciate the privilege of driving, I'm all for self driving cars. I for one love and cherish the privilege of owning my own vehicle, modifying said vehicle to my tastes, and going for drives. Long, short, straight, twisty, I love being behind the wheel. I fully intend to keep that going the rest of my life. Besides, the older I get, the more I find I am happiest with the results when I am in charge. Then things get done right. Self driving is like communism. Looks good on paper. Then you get the goons who ignore the safety warnings, people who illegally modify the self driving systems, and left's not forget the likely countless cars that will have viruses from owners or hackers. There are a wide number of ways self driving can go wrong, and naturally it will be well after it's implemented that said problems will arise.
  13. Sorry to hear of your misfortune. You would think you'd be good to go with a new vehicle, evidently not. Hopefully they are simple, quick fixes. GM should have another look at their supposed quality control.
  14. Jalopnik is the internet equivalent of 14 year olds who decide what car is best based on their top speed and how race-car-y it is. That is all.
  15. Chevrolet Bright Finish Center Caps

    Sure do!

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