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  1. 195K and counting on the Silverado...6.2 still sans catch can, full AFM, and returning up to 20 MPG over 300-400 miles! Transmission got a new valve body due to suspected cooked solenoids....shifting indicates problem solved!
  2. If I had a newer truck I would take it off your hands If you do dumpster it I'll give you some coin for the Chevy Performance badge
  3. Closed. Captain Junk Collector is learning that not everything has scrap value LOL
  4. WOW. Shifts are massively improved. There's a tad of 1-2 crispness, but ALL shifts are exponentially better. After the initial startup there was NO firm shifts. Once up to temp they are a bit firmer, but I was driving up Casper Mountain, back down, and in a quite spirited manner, so I'm counting it as an absolute victory. Once massive improvement is that the lag has disappeared. Prior to service he would consider my imput of increased throttle for a few seconds, then bump down a gear in a firm fashion. The lag is gone and the shifts are noticeably smoother.
  5. Filter is a good idea, though reusing a filter at all seems odd. New temp sensor is in. Already noticed, while warming up the truck to check trans fluid levels, the temp gauge is much more linear and consistent. Gradual and measured temp increases, whereas the old one would rise, drop a few degrees, come back up, stop, drop again, then continue to climb. VERY excited to see how he drives, cause I bet it will be very noticeable improvement!
  6. THANK YOU! I don't yet have codes, but I do have the hard shifts and the erratic trans temp gauge behavior...My Cadillac behaved similarly when her trans harness went out. Headed to the dealer later today! Thank you again!
  7. Thank you for the reminder on the PCV valve. I'm thinking after 168xxx miles Clyde has earned a new one out of prevention.
  8. Digging the mods man. Practical and stylish!
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