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  1. 2015 Silverado with 146,674 miles and 3,674 hours. 39.92 mph average...not bad
  2. Thank you for the input. Seeing as you work on these for a living I believe you. What happens, does the valve body get gunked up inside? Or does the wiring harness for the temp sensor deteriorate?
  3. Yeah hit up black02Silverado, Nick will hook you up
  4. Up to 146,600 and counting Lumbar section on the driver's seat got stuck. Wouldn't trip at all. In a random shot in the dark I grabbed the bottom of the seat back and gently tugged towards the front of the truck. Wouldn't you know it, it works just like new. Now if I could find the sweet spot for my seat it wouldn't be a problem lol
  5. Could be the rack as well. My Cadillac would get the death wobble after hitting a bump, and the rack in that car is shot.
  6. 15 Silverado with 146k and counting 1-2 shift, is a tad leisurely in the mornings, improves as the truck gets to operating temperature. Otherwise my 8 speed is a beast. Very reliable. Thinking if I retorque the valve body bolts at my next trans service (151k) that should help with the 1-2 shift. Fluid always has looked good coming out too, got that nice new(er) trans fluid smell to it and the same color as going in.
  7. It's a small block Chevy. The answer is indefinite.
  8. Congratulations on what I presume is a new house!
  9. Looks like yours turned out quite nice. I considered doing that on mine, but the bowtie didn't sit quite as nice in the grille, and the LED surround looked odd with the halogen lighting everywhere else on the front end. Body shop had the beast for 2 and a half weeks back in November. Got him back and the fender looked odd, I figure whatever I can massage it out. Get home and find paint damage...that's odd. Go back to the shop the first week of December, 3 days after I got him back, and they say sure we'll repaint it. I figure ok, no big deal. Yeah. Right. Get home, look closer at the paint damage, and it looks like there's rust underneath. That can't be good. So I figure they are repainting it, let's see what's underneath. Big ol' rust spot from their botched previous repair, a shitload of bondo, and the fender itself is wanked pretty good. Looked like somebody had tried to weld it at some point. Raised holy hell with USAA and the contacted the shop. Shop told USAA no biggie, just a repaint. Their tone changed when I took it down again (after my digging). Office lady said wow there is a lot of filler on there. YEAH NO SHIT Take him back in right before Christmas, they are very quiet. Owner's not clued in, she says that afternoon I should have him back. Rest of the shop is like noooooo going to be a few days. Day after Christmas I get him back, wow looks much better. Get to thinking, I check the rear of the fender right under the FM antenna...huh the paint defect from their 17 repair is gone. Turns out they replaced the fender. Much happier with that, it will do better long term. That and me avoiding reflector poles and wildlife. Middle of January I took some me time, and got some truck service time in. New radiator, condenser, radiator hoses, thermostat, headlights (right one had a busted mount crudely glued on by the shop), new grille, new fogs and fog bezels, new bumper spoiler, skid plate and filler panel, new wheels, tires, center caps, and new forward lighting. Took me 8 days, but totally worth it. AC works again, no DexCool smell every time I walk by the right front, and the trans fluid tends to run cooler cause the fins on the cooler aren't crammed with dead bugs. 145k and counting. Trans service in 6k, can't wait. New GM fluid again, and I think the valve body could use a re-torque.
  10. If I won the lottery I would have lots of gas for my dream truck....which is at home in the garage. Bet I could get a few APBs on me.... would love to do that. Load up my Z71 duffel, maybe a couple other bags with clothes and toiletries, turn my phone off, and vanish.
  11. I can't help myself Was she blonde??
  12. I'd like to see someone with an electric car do what I do in my Silverado. They can't.
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