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  1. That's a negative ghostrider, pattern is full When Clyde was in the shop for the better part of June 2017, I had a 2017 Ram Laramie for a loaner. I was very underwhelmed. Materials felt far inferior, infotainment was cumbersome (even after about a week), and the Hemi felt down on power compared to the venerable L86. The interior was decent, but it felt like they picked materials from the clearance leftovers bin. Never could get comfortable in the seat either. I see little reason to believe the new truck would be much different. Not that it matters, I'm diehard Chevy and Clyde is a permanent resident. Merely my opinion though.
  2. OUCH. Reminds me of when I was still in school, one of the kids on my floor was a lube tech for the GM dealer in town, and it was spring 2014. A local guy special ordered a Rainforest Green Sierra SLT, loaded to the hilt and a unique option combination. Somehow the transport driver knocked it OFF THE TOP OF THE TRUCK. Did a number on it. Needless to say they ordered him a new one.
  3. What did you do with your truck/shop today

    Drove to work. Added a bunch of goodies to the center console, it's a bit more full now. You could keep 3 dead hookers in there. Have some appearance goodies on order, as well as a roadside kit I want to spruce up a tick. My NightBreaker Lasers got here, only a week from the UK is pretty impressive. They look to be good bulbs, but we'll see. I believe my NightBreaker Unlimiteds are on 3 months now, so if past use is any indication, I won't have to wait long to try the Lasers.
  4. 2018 College Saturday and NFL Sunday

    Not yet, then again they are the Wyoming Cowboys
  5. Do you like your job/career

    You have my attention! What kind of stuff does your company make?
  6. Grumpy Bears 2015 Silverado 2WD

    LOL I took Clyde's first picture at the dealer's fuel pump. That was a great day! 75K is pretty remarkable for a tire in general, but then again it's a testament to your meticulous nature . What's the plan for new tires? Going to change wheels at that point, or stick with ye olde steelies?
  7. Stevan’s new Silverado

    Does Viper offer a phone app? The OEM fob has pretty good range to it. How far away do you park? Congratulations on the truck man! Looks SHARP!
  8. I'll take power naps in the driver's seat when I've had a long day, give me some decent sleeping gear and I'd have no qualms camping out in the bed. Given the need arose, it would be doable. No kitchen would suck, but for $10 a month I'm guaranteed a daily shower, just roll down to Planet Fitness. You could fit a decent mattress in the bed (my queen fit perfectly when I went to go get it). Keep some clothes in the back seat. Not ideal, but doable. Depends on what you're setting out to accomplish. Certainly deciding between rent or truck payments would indicate severe financial problems, but that's another question. Would I do it? Yes. I'm attached
  9. What have you done to your K2 today?

    Going for full on Storm Trooper? Friday I added to my center console. New First Aid kit with a shiny bowtie (same style as on the grille and tailgate ), Chevy branded emergency power stick, and some paracord to go in the first aid kit. That also is Chevy branded, cause I'm like a damn kid in a candy store whenever I see stuff like that. I also got a Chevy trucks microfiber cloth for kicks too. After browsing through the engine cover thread, I decided to go for one myself, I have some extra decorations in mind. Just have to wait for it to get here. Also got the emergency roadside kit (with the bowtie, naturally) on order to stash under my rear seat. Like the idea, and I have a few upgrades in mind.
  10. I will never understand this. MAYBE, every so slightly, from a guy who is used to cars. Even then, it's a FREAKING PICKUP TRUCK. With front end area the size of Rhode Island. What do they expect? I'm glad I got mine when I did. He may be the last of his kind. Sure, the turbo 6s have great power. But there will never be a match for the torque delivery or the feeling of V8 torque.
  11. accelerator "sticking"??

    If he has the 6.2+8 Speed the "sticking" is "tame" full throttle, when you completely FLOOR it it will really get things moving in a hurry XD It's supposed to be like that
  12. Dual Exhaust Kit Question

    I have a feeling you will be a happy camper
  13. When to change ball joints

    Yeah they didn't bother showing me, which was a part of my frustration. I will be doing bushings when the time comes, when you say steering links is that in the steering shaft?
  14. Oh sure NOW they make a floor liner that goes ALL the way under the gas pedal Glad to see your Sierra is coming together nicely! Looks great!
  15. Fuel tank size?

    Somebody needs to tell the damn bean counters at GM it's not the Great Depression. They do really stupid stuff in the name of saving a few bucks, and it comes back to bite them in the ass years later (i.e. cylinder head studs on the Northstar).

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