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  1. New Truck Break-in

    I had a 624 mile ride home after I got Clyde. Dealer said the 55 mph limit wasn't imperative, just do not use cruise. I varied the RPMs all over the place. Generally 1500 to 2200, the highest was just under 3000 while climbing the divide on I90 in Montana. After 500 miles I figured it was ok to use cruise, so for the last 100 miles I sporadically used cruise control. When I got home I was showing my brothers and accidentally revved to 5500 rpm goofing off with manual shift. After that, he went into storage for 3 months while I finished school. After I jailbroke him, I proceeded to drive like I usually do: Frequent and all over. Changed the oil first at 5900, and have been doing 5k changes with Quaker State full synthetic. Driveline fluids every 35k (twice now, with no issues), and he is reliable as the sunrise. No oil burning, no leaks, and no abnormal engine noise. I'd recommend my method.
  2. Nick got me AmsOil HD metal protector at a great price, got it here fast, and surprised me with some PI fuel system cleaner! HIGHLY recommend! I look forward to doing business with you in the future, Nick
  3. OEM Chevrolet RD4 20" Wheels...again.

    Rims are being deposited for core charge tomorrow. Last call.
  4. OEM Chevrolet RD4 20" Wheels...again.

    This is the Chevrolet 20 inch polished aluminum wheel, option code RD4. 20x9 inch 6 lug pattern.
  5. OEM Chevrolet RD4 20" Wheels...again.

    Weekend bump - $250 local or $500 shipped. Going, going.....
  6. Say Hello To The Silverado's New 2.7L Turbo Four

    If it runs like the 15 Cruze I rented a couple years ago that would be cool. That Cruze seemed to have way more power than the rated 136hp.
  7. Which Paradigm?

    How accurate are the different versions? I've heard some are more than others.
  8. My quote (and picture!) made “GMC The Magazine”

    COOL! That is awesome dude! Congratulations!
  9. That was surprising to me as well. There's been times where I barely turn the key and he fires right off. Fortunately have not ground the starter. In XM, if you hold the up or down button, it will jump 10 stations at a time. In FM the radio autoscans. In TravelLink weather and in navigation, if you tap a spot on the map, it will center on that. There's a reset button at the middle of the bottom of the screen that brings you back to your GPS location. The integrated bed lights, when the switch is active, will come on in park. They will shut off in drive.
  10. Which Paradigm?

    It's amazing how far they have come with technology in that regard. They crash tested an 09 Malibu with a 59 Bel Air and the results were stark. The Malibu driver basically would walk away and the Bel Air driver would be lucky to survive.
  11. OUCH. Sorry to see that man. Plains out here put some good scratches on my left rear wheel. After some discussion I got them to replace it, but now I'm seriously worried about having anyone else touch them. I'd see if they would replace them. They break it they buy it.
  12. OEM Chevrolet RD4 20" Wheels...again.

    Thank you Michael! Bump - $300 local (250 mile radius around Casper WY) or $550 shipped.
  13. Chit chat

    Nice! The XPSs are nice units. Fortunately my grandma had a nice Dell Inspirion 3520. Since she moved into a nursing home last summer, I now have a nice Dell Inspirion 3520. Think I will add Windows 10. Windows 8 is WAY better than I remember, but 10 is just better.
  14. I love how the left wing snowflake easily offended whiner brigade wants to legislate everything they don't like out of existence. HOW ABOUT NO. That's what makes this country great. FREEDOM.
  15. If you only were going to be allowed one truck.....

    3: After I've found something I like, I will only modify if it A) is GM made or close in function and B) improves functionality. Bedliner falls under B, as does a tonneau cover. Wheels fall under A, new Michelins fall under B, headlight guards fall under B, and floor liners fall under B. The nice thing about my under pedal extension is that it doesn't impede pedal travel in all ranges, so I was able to do GM one better. The way I see it, I paid for my truck and for the engineering that went into him. GM put 13 million miles on test mules to crank out trucks like Clyde. Now only if we could get those bean counters to back off a tad So, to answer the question, like I do now. 4: No changes. We're in a golden age of cars right now. 6.2 liters, 420 hp, 460 lb-ft of torque, and 21 mpg highway. That's INSANE. I'm not the number one fan of plastics for air dams, grilles, interior bits, or mirrors, but they hold up and they reduce weight. I would greatly appreciate paint that isn't water based or parts that don't show sandblasting like they do, but GM has to deal with the EPA, and until recently those dweebs have way more power than they deserve. Sure, we should take care of the planet we have and keep it clean, but for crying out loud, let's do it in a common sense, moderate approach. Besides, I love Clyde. Great power, great truck fuel economy, great capability, and DAMN does he look good. Now I know I will have other cars during my lifetime, such as my Cadillac, hopefully a few more Cadillacs and Chevrolets, but I want to be able to either hand Clyde down to a kid or grandkid, or donate him to a museum when my time is due near. Perhaps this has a bit more actual application for me

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