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  1. Almost forgot one...AC Condenser was replaced along with the radiator due to a catastrophic leak I believe was from the top driver's side of the condenser. This is a known issue with early K2s. Chevy redesigned the condenser and added a plastic shield in front of the trouble area. So far it has worked. After the recharge the AC works better than ever and the transmission cooler functions perfectly too (the trans cooler occupies the lower half of the AC condenser in my Silverado). For what it's worth Mahle built my current condenser. When I replaced the radiator I replaced the hoses
  2. Several people have asked when I plan to replace Clyde, or how long I'll keep him. Unless he's damaged beyond physical repair, he's here to stay. I love my Silverado. 11/10, would definitely drive again!
  3. Exterior plastics tend to show wear, especially from rocks. I am referring to the black air dam, aerospats in front of the rear wheels, and obviously the mud flaps. Wear improves when some goon learns patience and doesn't follow winter traffic too close. I prefer sand to salt for sure, this is just a side effect of that. Infotainment continues to work very well, and it adapted seamlessly to my Iphone 11 I got in March of 20. Prior to that it worked well with my Microsoft Lumia. I have kept up with map updates and they serve me very well. Additionally, the SiriusXM Travel Link is e
  4. Exhaust: I had swapped various front pipes and tried entire new systems to eliminate the obnoxious howl above 4k on the Chevy Borla system, with no luck. For some reason I decided one last go with a Chevy Borla I sourced from Findlay Chevy in Las Vegas. For whatever reason that did the trick! New system and tips and it sounds like it should! Quiet at cruise and LOUD at WOT. VERY happy! It even has a nice bark at cold start. I surmise the old muffler has some internal issue causing the howl. Perhaps it's time to get out the old boroscope. Bodywork: No issues. There's be a few accid
  5. Thanks man! Will do! Yeah build date is 9/19/15, I wonder. Yeah Z82 gets you the trans cooler, 7/4 pin connecter in the bumper, the 12k hitch, and other goodies. If you have the L86 odds are you have a pretty sick rig in terms of options, so I bet you might That is very impressive! I don't doubt it, it runs very well. They just give it some equally studly electronics!
  6. Glad to hear it! The L86 is legendary! Glad you like yours too...it really is weird (but great) that it runs so well with no real fuel economy hit. Me too...no valve spring issues whatsoever. He's a LATE 15 build though, so I think I may have got a lot of updates that came down the line in 16.
  7. Shifting would gradually deteriorate as the trans warmed up. I say above 170 because one night after replacing the wiring harnesses I sat and idled until the gauge read 171. Once I proceeded to go driving the symptoms had glaringly worsened. I have Z82 trailering provisions, so part of that is a transmission cooler that occupies a fairly large section of the AC condenser. GM thought it would be good to install a thermostat, if you will, that bypasses the cooler until 192, at which point it opens. Since I've modified it to constantly stay open, the trans consistently runs 120s- 140
  8. Wheels and tires are doing well. I've come to accept aluminum wheels show rock damage a little more due to the nature of aluminum. New RD4 wheels and Michelin Defender 275/55/20s went on at 140k miles. Same wheels are still on, and have weathered fairly well. I dinged one dropping my lug socket on it, but it's very minor and I'm sick of spending money on minor issues . The Michelins have worn well, with my first set getting 81k miles. The second set lasted from 140k to 207k, due primarily to my bad habit of running pressures a tad high. They grip well, handle snow very well, and stand up to l
  9. SO, at 181,524 miles, the valve body for the transmission was replaced, a drain and fill was performed, and a new valve body learn was performed at White's Chevy in Casper. The Chevy FSM says the new valve body has to be learned to the TCM for proper function. That was an adventure, as I do all my own work. Once I replaced all the related parts, I coasted back out of my driveway, and managed to coast downhill 75% of the way to the dealer, seeking to avoid causing any issues. The last 25% of the way was covered at 3 mph in 1st gear. The valve body resolved all shifting issues. Hars
  10. In the spirit of my 100k update, I figured I'd add one for 200k My experience with the K2XX platform over the past couple years. Drivetrain: No axle seal leaks or bearing concerns. Radiator was replaced at 140k due to a weeping leak caused by an exuberant thermostat that opened too quickly. No issues since then. 4WD system operates very well and has no issues. Due to cost effectiveness, the rear differential fluid was changed to AMSOIL 75W90 at 193k. Fuel mileage improved noticeably (1 mpg/tank), and the gains seem to have held, so I will continue with it. The easy pack
  11. On May 19th, 2021, 5 years, 2 months, and 15 days after getting Clyde in Missoula, MT with 27 miles on the odometer, I hit this milestone.
  12. 195K and counting on the Silverado...6.2 still sans catch can, full AFM, and returning up to 20 MPG over 300-400 miles! Transmission got a new valve body due to suspected cooked solenoids....shifting indicates problem solved!
  13. If I had a newer truck I would take it off your hands If you do dumpster it I'll give you some coin for the Chevy Performance badge
  14. Closed. Captain Junk Collector is learning that not everything has scrap value LOL
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