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  1. Surprise! Chevy drops 2021 Trailblazer Out Of Nowhere

    Young people don't want to drive period. They want Uber and Lyft to come get them so they can keep their faces buried in their smart phones. Gotta get those oh-so-valuable likes on social media!
  2. 01-02 cab swap to an 03’ 2500

    I would think the cab is the same, but I can't verify that off the top of my head. Check with a trusted body shop, and if it's doable, hell yeah for 300 I would
  3. A GM / Ford Merger???

    True, but Ford fanboys can cool their jets about "built without taxpayer dollars". Not necessarily true.
  4. A GM / Ford Merger???

    Ford didn't need a bailout but they were all too happy to take a $5.9 billion gift for fuel efficient technologies.
  5. 1SLOW1500's Turbo truck build

    How did you cut the skid plate?
  6. Truck Norris 2.0

    Sweet rig! I like how the dealer has hail shields..great idea. I saw that for the first time in Nebraska and was surprised I haven't seen it more often in my neck of the woods.
  7. 2018 Chevrolet 2500 HD rear tire spin

    Could be the type of tires on it, though how much gas you give it is subjective. I can get my 15 Silverado 1500 with the 6.2 to spin the tires but there is significant throttle application involved. Could be the newer trucks have more torque management.
  8. Best way to flush brakes

    Wowza the Gear Wrench tank looks sweet, lotsa coin for that though. The harbor freight system looks good too, but I don't have an air compressor. That Allstar performance bleeder bottle though, that looks like a handy little deal. Glad I asked! Thank you for the answers guys, looks like I have some shopping to do!
  9. Engine misfires

    I don''t think Cylinders 2,4,6,8 are all AFM, that would mean your engine is only firing on one bank when in 4 cylinder mode. You'd have some weird vibrations. 1,3,5 and 7 are all the left side cylinders. 2,4,6 and 8 are all right side. Bearing this in mind, I would bet good money you have a single issue causing this, and cylinder 5 happens to be suffering the worst. I'd start inspecting wiring for the injectors on that side, as well as the common wiring for the ignition coils. You may have a excessive oil weep past the spark plug grommets in the valve cover on the left side, but you'd know you did if the plugs came out oily. Misfire, to me, seems to indicate an issue with air or fuel delivery, or problems with igniting the mixture. Bad lifters seems a stretch, but anything is possible with these newer vehicles. You could also get something like this: https://www.amazon.com/Depstech-Endoscope-Inspection-Megapixels-Smartphone/dp/B01MYTHWK4 and have a look in the cylinders yourself. I got one of these, this brand in particular for Christmas, and I used it for a general inspection when I changed my spark plugs about a month ago. They work extremely well and provide some good imagery as well. Case in point, the attached image shows Cylinder 2 on my truck (at the front of the engine on the right side). You can see the crosshatch on the cylinder wall, the top of the piston with a little bit of carbon buildup, as well as the tip of one of the valves and a little bit of carbon build up on it too. Quite easy to use and a good intermediate inspection step between what you've already done and engine disassembly. Good luck, and keep us posted. We like helping and it's nice to see how things turn out so there's future reference.
  10. The L9H option and the trucks it came in.

    It was an option in extended and crew cab Chevies, Not necessarily the LTZ. Case in point, a member has one for sale I think in 09 they were initially an option in crew cab trucks, and as the years went on they broadened the offerings, such as extended cab in 2011. Best bet is to check the Service Parts Identification label (if pictured) on the ads you check.
  11. Wheels for Pac Blue AT4

    Black chrome!
  12. Looking at part numbers, I'd say probably not. Will keep looking, but currently I'd say no
  13. 2015 Silverado Z71 LTZ, 6.2L V8. 114,991 Miles. Coming up on my next brake fluid flush at 116xxx. Last time I did the ol' pump the brake pedal to cycle new fluid through the lines. That was kind of a PITA, so I'm inquiring about easier/more efficient methods. I know parts stores have the one man bleeder kits, NAPA has a reverse bleeder, and I've even heard about gravity bleed. Would there be any benefit to pumping the brake pedal with the truck idling to let the ABS pump do the work? Open to ideas. Thank you!
  14. The benefits of a steep driveway

    Mufflers also have a drain hole to prevent them rusting from the inside out.
  15. Your logic seems to be spot on with a bad injector, especially if you've ruled everything else out. Are you getting the P050D code? Many members with injector issues on the K2s have consistently reported that.

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