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  1. Good start, though the mileage is a bit high. Shockingly price isn't too out of line based on what I've messed with on KBB, especially if it's in sound condition. 'Pick your preferred options, color, etc, name a top price you're willing to pay, and let the games begin!
  2. Oh yeah. Gingerly peeled the barcode off the unscathed bottom, hermetically sealed that biohazard in two grocery bags, and hucked it in the dumpster out back.
  3. That's weird. I was really worried about that because I love my TuneSelect (got the max number of saves allowed) so I used a saver cord and hooked up my DieHard out of my Cadillac. Worked like a charm.
  4. The wind can be insane. I live in Casper, WY, and the wind can get atrocious. Back in October of 16 we had 70 mph gusts out of the SW. WY 220 heads southwest out of town, so I drove that for 50 miles, stopped, and returned. On the way out I got 15.4 MPG, and on the way back I got 36.4 MPG.
  5. Glad it didn't hurt anything. Sounds like an odd occurrence more than anything. People aren't perfect, but based on your description of the tech it doesn't sound like lackluster work.
  6. Still available? What does the flapper look like?
  7. Doubtful. If they have nobody to build anything it would make sense they wouldn't bother with taking orders. Sorry man.
  8. WELCOME TO THE DARK SIDE! If that beast is anything like mine you'll LOVE it! Best of luck dude!
  9. Looking, will let you know if I find it. Do you have one of the older designs? EDIT I think I found it It's at the top of page four, old vs new
  10. I was laughing so hard I was in tears. You guys are a freakin' riot! For those of you doubting the possibility of these occurrences, I once had to clean up a coffee mug filled with crap. In the Sporting Goods department of a Kmart. People are rotten. Sad but true. So very very very true.
  11. What you may save now could cost you down the road. Inexpensive parts like that are tempting, but if it seems too good to be true, it probably is. I would try Moog as much as possible.
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