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  1. That doesn't look good. DexCool dries white. May be time to do a block test.
  2. None. Gotta get the GM Borla system, it has a GM part number. Will start with 1930.
  3. Update, now at 128,288 miles. Still on factory ball joints. Tire wear is exceptional.
  4. Glad you like it! Yours looks sharp, that color is sweet!
  5. They are starting to appear in numbers around here too. Incidentally, I've seen several AT4s, followed by a few Trail Bosses. The new Silverados are starting to proliferate fleets as well.
  6. 2015 Silverado LTZ Z71, 123,249 miles. Shifts smooth, and things really pick up when you floor the loud pedal
  7. Tire rotation at 5,000 miles is an extremely good idea. I have Michelin Defenders on Clyde, and they are rated at 70k miles. I'm going to get at least that out of them, and if I keep my tire pressures in check better, the next set will go even farther. I have a bad habit of running them a tad high at times (I work nights at the hospital, so I often do cold checks and sets after I get off at 6:30 a.m. That can make for some high pressures on the highway). I get that handled and I won't wear the centers as fast. That and again, a great opportunity to spot issues if you do it yourself. Found a screw in the right rear at the time, never would have seen that otherwise. It's also a great chance to check brake pad wear, strut condition, bushing weathering, etc. Basically start with GM recommendations and modify that to what you like. Yes, I have spent some coin at the local GM dealer, my price king dealer in OK, and a few others on eBay. But I plan on keeping Clyde forever, so it is worth it. And it is very nice to have a vehicle that is reliable as the sunrise. I can and will go anywhere at the drop of a hat due to my aggressive maintenance schedule.
  8. The severe schedule is a good place to start. Once you get some samples off that, you can adjust off that. I picked 5k oil changes because it seemed long enough to capitalize on synthetic oil, but not so long that damage would occur. Now that Clyde has a few Blackstone reports to go off of, that is a great interval. Wear metals are below average and the oil has some life left in it. Cheap insurance. Having seen the benefit of a good brake bleed (especially with a MityVac), the improved brake performance alone is worth it. Differential fluid, Transfer case fluid, and transmission fluid are all great opportunities to inspect your gear. I started at 35k intervals because it seemed like a good idea. After two of those I briefly went to a 45k fluid change interval to see how that would work out. The fluids did look slightly more used, (though that's not always a good indicator), but there was no sign of anything wrong. The trans fluid was a bit darker. Not burnt, it still had the reddish pink smell and that characteristic Dexron HP stink to it, but I figure I'll go back to the 35k interval. It's kinda nice when the used fluid doesn't look very old, gives me the warm and fuzzies.
  9. YES I'd like to tell some people "It's a joke, not a boner, don't take it so hard" but THAT would make people mad too. Jokes are exactly that. Meant to be funny. People who get mad at that kind of stuff are taking them too seriously.
  10. Returning from California, with a 96 DeVille in tow on a UHaul dolly, I marveled at how well Clyde did. Sure, he's got the 6.2L with towing provisions, but still maintained speed up hills very well, and when he did need more oomph he'd turn up to 2500 rpm. Then again, I did have my cruise set at 55
  11. Yuck, does not sound like fun. Have you guys got drilled yet? This summer has been particularly dark. LOTS of ugly storms, tornadoes, hail, and they are frequent. There was softball size hail roughly an hour and a half east of my location on the 4th. Makes me glad I work at a place with a parking garage, and have a garage at home for Clyde. Now if only I could sell my brother old Camaro...
  12. My Cadillac is on jacks awaiting her new power steering rack. That will be insane driving with power assist again. First part of June I ended up getting a parts car. From the LA area, purchased new there. It's in great cosmetic shape. The engine, on the other hand, is blending coolant with engine oil to make a nice milkshake, so it's likely not much more than a boat anchor at this point. Makes for the perfect body panel donor though!
  13. Looks like you got the trans cooler mounted in a good spot, should be out of the way of road debris. I was gonna say maybe add some screen in front of it, but that doesn't look to be necessary now. Otherwise sounds like you're well on your way Engine cover looks sweet, I just did that myself. Neat how a minor thing can spruce things up. Other members have used Chevy/GMC emblems off crossover engine covers, that's something to consider. That and if you don't want the Caddy emblem I'll take it off your hands
  14. Damn. So now instead of leaking at the crimp points they just don't even stay on. Great. Can we get some damn quality control over here?? SHEESH
  15. Clyde the SIlverado and Alexandra the DeVille. Working on them, maintaining them. Traveling Wyoming Highways (good way to see LOTS of stuff you normally wouldn't). I collect Wyoming License plates as well, that is fun. One of my Cadillac buddies got me a train set for Christmas a few years back, and I enjoy it now just as much as when I was a kid. Just gotta quit being such a damn rivet counter
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