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  1. Rear window leak

    And they want to give robots the task of driving us around. YIKES!! Sorry to hear of the issues with the windows guys. I can't imagine the frustration and disappointment of having your new and expensive truck have an issue that should have been taken care of in the first month of design. Here's to a speedy and free repair for everybody affected.
  2. Slackers! Glad it was an easy fix though!
  3. YEAH BUDDY! Thank you for sharing! THAT is a SWEET CAR!!!
  4. Fuel question

    I've never heard of that, more than likely it's an isolated incident. If that were true I would think BP would be nonexistent in the United States. If YOU have had good luck with BP I would trust YOUR experience first and foremost. Flex Fuel as in E85, or the usual E10 found at most pumps?
  5. Clearly you have a leak, based on symptoms, it's in the engine compartment. I would take it in for service immediately and drive as little as possible. Engine compartment fires are bad news.
  6. We're gonna need more pictures of the car in that photo please I've had good luck with DieHards in my Cadillac. She's had a couple alternator issues that have drained batteries before, a recharge and they are back at it. Given Sears current situation though, I can't say I'd recommend them. Would hate to have to drive a few hours to get a battery. The Delco I currently have continues to surprise me, coming up on 3 years, and at 105,137 miles, it still works very well, even with the cold snaps we've been having. Absolutely no hesitation out of the starter, be it from the ignition switch or remote start. I will occasionally get the Battery Low Start Vehicle message, but that is in cold weather with multiple accessories on. Even then it takes some time to trigger, like 7 or more minutes.
  7. Ultimate tow?

    The whole concept of railguns is insanely awesome.
  8. EpicLT's 2018 Silverado LT CC

    Those are nice, really clean up the appearance. Can't hurt that they keep road grime and other stuff out of the cross members.
  9. Marv88 2016 Silverado LS Regular Cab 5.3L

    Nicely done Marv! Your dedication to detail and accuracy is outstanding!
  10. 8 speed transmission ?

    2015 Chevrolet Silverado LTZ Z71 with the L86 and the 8 speed 105,124 miles. 35K on Original factory trans fluid, 36K on ACDelco Dex HP, and 34K on Mobil One Black Label LV ATF HP. NO issues. At all. Smooth shifts, no shudder, no slamming gears when downshifting, nuttin! Shifts great as is, shifts even better when you're in a hurry
  11. Nuts! At any rate the Summit stuff is blue label, so I have no problem picking some up. Thank you again qwank! You are the man! Now to find the trans cooler line out of the trans...that will make my fluid swap more thorough AND cleaner!
  12. 14-18 Chevy Borla 6.2L Side Exit Exhaust System

    Bump. Price is now $800!
  13. Hopefully Ford has quit using the highly effective and expertly sealing composite (plastic) oil pans.
  14. What to Linex

    Captain Smartass says you should Line-X the bed <RUNS> Seriously though, bumpers would be good, lower 6 inches of the outside AND inside of the rocker panels, the rear wheel wells if you don't have the liners, and that should cover it!
  15. Chevyguy85, you nailed it on the price. IIRC it was a $3400--$4000 option, and based on Sierra Dan's experiences NOT worth the trouble. Did you have issues with yours Sierra Dan? LOL the hybrid GMT900s made me laugh. All that pain in the butt for such relatively small gains. Little more than virtue signalling by GM

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